Day 176 first day Volunteering after hols & Crochet Hookers anniversary!! 🧶

Weakened by the gym alarm at 5.30 but managed to get back to sleep until 7.15am.

We had to have Jeepey McJeepface at the garage for 8am for the clutch replacement.

All sad at the garage again but we might finally have it working in the next few days!!

I was out for 9.30 this morning so I could get on with volunteering and be home sharp. 2pm Before I was finished and home!! Everyone was ready for a great chat since I’d been away last week. Was lovely to catch up but I’m done talking now for ages…. we’ll at least until tonight with the Crochet Hookers 🧶 🧶 🧶

Volunteering is taking up a large part of my day now but it’s because I chat and am interested in what people have to say. I learn so much from them about their lives and the local area.

I’ve felt ok today as I know that I won’t have time to do much else but things are still rumbling round in my head. I think I’ll make a list for Friday and get it all done then. Why is it you don’t worry about anything when it’s on a list?!? Takes all the pressure out. Going to see my mum tomorrow for the first time since her op so that will be good.

Now I still have to work at this….

I still can’t be truly honest about things that make get to me as I still don’t want to hurt other people. My triggered reaction is to say things are fine. Rather than… well actually blah blah blah. What I say and what I do are in harmony but sometimes what I think is not. that’s the next thing to be more aware of.

This is really important and I’ve talked about this a lot. I try to do this all the time.
Absolutely. I feel I have a whole new outlook on life now that I’m “unemployed”… not sure why I felt the need to put that in inverted commas but I did. Life is so much simpler now, less complicated. Straight forward.
Forgot to post a pic of these the other day. Hydrangeas from Claire’s garden. So lovely!

So tonight is the anniversary of the Crochet Hookers group! 🧶

I joined a crochet class last year as my neighbour Anne said she was going and it would get me out and about. I’d always wanted to crochet as Gran made me a blanket when I was young and I’ve used it ever since, in every house I’ve lived in.

Grans crochet work!

It took me a good few months to master but soon after that I realised how much I loved it!!

My blanket!
A baby blanket for a girl who loved orange 🍊
A horse blanket I was asked to make! 🐴
And finally Craig’s blanket…. down on the ground, straightened up and Calaidh lies down with the ball 🎾!!!!!

Just have to finish Craig’s blanket off now and edge it and then it’s done.

Crochet has been a huge part of my mental health journey as it allowed me to focus on something creative and calm my mind. I used to sit and crochet for hours on end. The Crochet Hookers are a lovely bunch who have been so instrumental in my healing. They are always so supportive and have made me smile on some of my worst days.

This is so very true. We should embrace each new day and don’t carry anything from today
The bathroom is plastered… another step done.
These are some motivational plaques I have up in the kitchen
I don’t always look at them as they are always there
But I did today and thought they were worth sharing

Stay safe everyone 🧡🧡🧡