Day 187 sunshine, dog walks, Dads birthday lunch in the pub! We might not eat again until Tuesday… 🤣

Our ivy is at the stunning colour stage as we head into autumn 🍂

Another beautiful day here but boy it’s freezing….. I say that but I’m sitting at the sun room door with a T-shirt on so yes there’s a nip in the air.

I didn’t have the best night. Was awake with a racing mind for what felt like forever but then again I am prone to exaggeration 🙄😬

The dogs had free run of the house last night so I was a bit of a punchbag on and off but on the whole they were pretty good. It is nice to get a cuddle…. not so nice to yawn athe same time as Bhru wants to lick your face. Those that have been close enough to Bhru will be well aware of this little act of love. 🤮

This is us yesterday… that’s a big tongue 😝
I do… 💯 %
I’ve said before but this is one thing that I have believed from the start of my journey. I know that everything’s going to be good, I know it will work out

Brené Brown says on one podcast that you shouldn’t feel you have to keep explaining your life or life choices to everyone. You are allowed to just be with your decisions as they are right for you. Yes…. I chose to write about it to understand in my own head but I learning that I no longer need to justify anything to anyone. It’s my life, my direction and I’ve been brought up to do the right things in life so it can’t go wrong. Brené says the more you try to justify it to others the more you start to doubt it.

I did one of Suzanne Robichaud’s hypnotherapy sessions yesterday. It’s about not reacting to triggers. Triggers are things that through time, trigger my anxiety. rather than a controlled approach which I have to work at al the time, a trigger is like a whoosh of anxiety the minute the trigger occurs. That unsettling doubt flows back over me and makes me question everything.

Her self hypnosis is designed to stop reaction to triggers. I did this lying in Grans chair, fully reclined which is a real luxury, while Craig was out with the dogs. I think I may have snoozed a couple of times as I seem to snort awake (classy huh 🤔) but think I caught most of it. I’d been feeling a lot of shoulder tension yesterday and it was pretty much gone after the session. I love the sound of Suzanne’s voice…. it’s so relaxing.

So I feel I’m rambling a bit now but I like a Sunday morning to regroup. It’s a beautiful day, I will wrap up to keep out the cold. I am very grateful for the day ahead!

Calaidh’s such a poser!
Freya chewing on the grass!
I’ve actually sat down on the dog walk today… defeating the purpose of walk but soaking up the rays and breathing in the fresh air.
Freya and Bhru are two small dots!
I just love all the colours in these pictures

Mum and dad came over to us today so we could have Dads birthday lunch in the Pub next door. Was a lovely catch up though so strange that they are not allowed in the house and we’re not allowed to hug or kiss them. It actually feels really rude to meet them and say hi and to just say goodbye from a distance. It’s sad.

Craig polished this bad boy off!!! A Cajun chicken burger with onion rings! It looked even bigger in the flesh.

I had Hollys famous enchilada, mum had Steak Pie and Dad had Lasagne. None of us are going to eat until Tuesday now we reckon.

Mum is doing really well just taking one day at a time. So lovely to see her out and about.we showed them round the garden then gave them some potatoes and onions to take away with them. 🥔 🧅

So I’m back in the usual, Gran’s chair with my feet up, digesting that giant meal.

I plan only to move to the couch in the living room at some point. Then bed. 😆

Hope everyone is having a lovely Sunday.

I’m staying away from COVID news for now as my head is not the best and I think I need to work at the positives without reading any negatives. I did hear on the podcast today that lots of people are finding themselves in tears over what they perceive to be “nothing” and yet we must remember that we are grieving for the lives that we had. That life is never going to be the same again. The handshakes, the hugs, the air kisses… in order to heal we must first grieve.

Stay safe everyone ❤️💛🧡