Day 170 just chillin’ in Ravenglass 🏕 🔥

I think I was rolling down a hill sideways last night in the tent.. may have to reconfigure the set up.

Was out for the count until I realised that Craig and the dogs weren’t in the tent! The dogs needed out and returned all having done a wee which was good but I was now awake and trying to sleep flat while the mattress was lying at an angle. Then the mind starts to tick over. Yay, great time for overactive kind to kick in…. I’m sure I fell asleep again but I know I’ll be having a nap later!

I’m definitely not in the front row yet but I’ve made it to second I reckon!
Calaidh didn’t eat breakfast this morning so the gruesome twosome shared it between them
Due to COVID-19 all facilities are closed on this camp site
Just as well we have the Wolfwise toilet tent
🐺 ⛺️
The gang ready for our walk this morning
Lovely wooded lane heading towards the old Roman fort
The Ravenglass Roman Bath House ruins 🛀🏼 🏠
The tide is out and there’s no real sign of the sea! Just a river left in the estuary
Gone for a paddle
Frisbee wars
Having the best time! 🎾 🎾
Walking into Ravenglass. The main road comes right down onto the beach
Time for leads!
I got them to pose
Yeah no the brawest pic of me but check the sign… Rome?!?!
I bought myself this in the Railway shop…. two reasons… one to stop burning my hands on my coffee and because I loved the sentiment. Downside… did not detect heat of coffee and burnt my mouth 😳🤔😬

We’re sitting chilling today. It’s lovely to have nothing to do, except write the blog… the dogs are fast asleep!

A wee shelfie 💕

And then there was a nap…. the end of a movie followed by a 2 person, 3 dog nap. The best sleep ever. I wanted to get down to the village for high tide at 5pm but it was 5.55pm already. Best laid plans eh?!?

I think you can blink and miss the sea here!
The double act having fun!
Perfect timing! 🚂
The couple down on the beach we’re trying to take photos of the sky and Calaidh kept getting in her shot. She was laughing!!

Had a lovely FaceTime with mum and dad and they’ve been here before and they are stuck in the house just now. Walked back up to the campsite and now have the bbq on again.

I’m just getting my camping mojo back. We pretty much know where everything is finally. I’ve had no shoulder or neck pain at all and yet I’m lying sleeping on the ground every night. Shows me it’s all stress and tension….

Camping is the ultimate relaxation.

With the caveat… as long as it’s dry. And not to windy… and no midges. Amen.

Stay safe everyone 🔥🔥🔥