Day 185 changing clothes every 5 mins due to changing temperatures… it must be autumn☀️

It’s a cold but sunny morning…. I start off in leggings and a jumper.

I am loving listening to Brené Brown’s podcasts Unlocking Us on Spotify.

I still can’t stop thinking that I am happy being grateful for my ordinary whole others are still off searching for the extraordinary.

That does not belittle where I am in life. In fact the opposite. I am so grateful for where I am now and even during these COVID-19 times, I am grateful for everything.

Ok… I’ll take that!

I’ve tried to listen to her before but just wasn’t ready. Now I am…. I can listen, I can hear it and I can take it all in. Most of all I can fully relate to it.

I’ve had a good day today. I was awake before 7, wasted time on social media and got up at 8. I had a list today and I worked through it like a list Queen!!

👸🏻 👑

My neighbour Rachel who in blog world will forever be known as “Rachel two doors down” 😆 and god love her, in the village, as big Rachel (even though she is super thin due to all her working out!) because there is a wee Rachel next door who is still referred to as baby Rachel. She’s nearly 11….. 😆

Anyway this blog is not about Rachel’s of the village. I digress. She’s been appointed Treasurer of the Village Hall Committee and I am Assistant Treasurer so we got together in the garden sunshine to fill out the bank paperwork to make it all official. (The outgoing Treasurer will read this with much shaking of heads and I forgot all about the bank paperwork until now….. 😬)

It turned pretty hot

So leggings and a vest stop by this point. It was super lovely and I figured I might not move for the rest of the day… when Rachel left I put on shorts…. The weather saw this and the sun went in. So the jumper went on with the shorts… the sun comes back out. 😤

Jumper off, clouds over… very quickly too I might add.

So as I said, I had a list. I sent a wee film of the Beetle to a lady who is thinking of coming to see it tomorrow. I ticked items off on the list. I made Pawsitive Solutions calls. I’ve only booked 2 jobs in this week which is not many but we’re so busy that I guess people are waiting. I took my jumper on and off like a loony!

When Craig and Calaidh came back from work he did say I was allowed in the house and I realised that sitting outside was getting a bit ridiculous! Back to leggings and the jumper!

Freya and I set off for a walk under a mean and moody sky 🌌
Spending some one on one time training with her and she was really good
We had a lovely run about in the woods… well of course it goes without saying that she ran and I walked!
The limekilns in the background
I came back home to get Bhru and take her out and the sun came back out…. jumper off…

Check that big cloud though….

It never came to anything though spots of rain were forecast
The sun went back in … jumper back on
Good girl Bhru off the lead. So, so, so, so much easier when you walk the dogs on their own!

So I’m now in Grans chair, feet up. We have pizza coming for dinner tonight from La Dolce Vita in Lochwinnoch so really looking forward to that. Just gonna have a lovely lazy evening, I will read some of my book and we’re having a movie night tonight. There will be a fire in the fireplace (where else) and candles and blankets…. I will be super cosy.


Stay safe everyone…. and warm… stay warm 🔥🔥🔥