Day 184 a mini adventure in the sun ☀️ 🚐☀️🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

I had a lie in until 7.30am as gym boy didn’t wake up me up fully at 4.30am… not that he does it deliberately anyway but I managed to get back to sleep.

All I knew today was that I was going to walk the dogs and make Pawsitive Solutions calls and that was all…. nice after a busy few days.

It’s another beautiful morning ☀️
The same tree at sunset but loved the clouds
Janky tree but I love it…. this is one that features heavily in my blog.

While I was here my neighbour messaged to asked for a lift to the supermarket as her car was in the garage.

Having fun in the freshly cut field but the clouds are amazing too
The cops are checking us out and we’re checking them out!!
My other fav trees
Heading back into the village

By the time I walked back their car was ready for collection so I dropped her at the garage and then did a wee detour.

There is a road called the Fairlie Moor Road that I stumbled upon once and it’s absolutely stunning. I actually drove there today purely so that I could stop and take photos for today’s blog in the beautiful sunshine. It obviously helps my mental health but gives me something to write about too!

The road less travelled
The first sign of the view down to the Isle of Cumbrae (Millport) on the way down to the coast
Just love the peaceful road
The second stop with Abbie the campervan posing
Zoomed in on Goat Fell
New road!! it’s been freshly tarmac’d
So of course I ended up in Largs

A quick visit to a wee gift shop that is actually closing down and then the Pound Basket for some wool!

I had a Costa and a toastie sat by the sea. Was lovely. Much quieter than the weekend as the kids are all back at school.

The famous Nardini’s ice cream parlour 🍦

So I’m home now, feet up but do have calls to make. Think I need a nap and then I’m going to Silverburn shopping centre tonight to meet my friend Lea!

I had the best hours nap…. on Grans chair with the sun on me but covered in a blanket too for extra warmth…. so good. Alarm off at 3.3” and had 3 calls to make. Someone sent me a message and said could I call back at 8.30pm.

Let’s be very clear here… the old me would have done that in a heartbeat…. the new me…. sorry I don’t work that late are you free tomorrow? Yes off work all day! Check me. It’s the little things that make the difference.

So just arrived at Silverburn and listened to Brené Brown on the way here. I’m really trying to listen to podcasts when driving or walking the dogs.

Someone asked her what her best life moment was. She said… taking time to step back, relax and feel gratitude for the ordinary while everyone else is off out hunting for the extraordinary.

Wow. read that again and let that sink in…

Lea and I waiting for our Starbucks
Socially distanced Starbucks

Will write a wee bit more tomorrow about my first trip to a shopping centre but I’ve got some shops to explore!

Stay safe everyone 🛍🛍🛍