Day 174 “back to auld claes and porridge” but the sun in shining☀️ which always helps….

My grandad used to say “back to auld claes and porridge” after a holiday… so carrying on the tradition!

Needless to say while a return from holiday is nowhere near as traumatic in my new non corporate life my mind was very much still “on” overnight last night. Seemed to be up and down to the loo like a yo-yo 🪀!!

That’s said it’s been a good day and I have ticked loads off my list…

The plumber was in at 9 and has lifted the bathroom floor and put gyprock on the dry wall but the wet wall is currently being heated to try to dry it out. I can see my redundancy going on electricity today!!

Felt a real spring in my step when I was out with the dogs. An energy that I haven’t felt for a while and it felt good.

Bhru and Freya out while Calaidh was at work. It’s really close today..

I had to look up the definition of close weather as I write things as I speak it makes me wonder if it’s unique to Scotland or general language.

Had 7 calls for Pawsitive Solutions today so started them.

Then Claire and I went over to the Memorial Hall Gateside to check the oil to see if we needed more and had a whole palaver trying to get the lid open to take test the fill level. Had to go and get Robert Marshall to show us what to do…. we are now fully trained in the art of oil level measuring. Started a wee spreadsheet when I came home to keep a track of oil orders…. of course I did… love a wee spreadsheet me.

Claire then came in for a cuppa and we sat outside which is lovely to do as reckon this is going to be the last spell of warm weather this week…. the pups were so pleased to see her!

Then I sent a email to Tartan Campers asking them to confirm when Abbie the campervan will get her renovation and asking a few questions about additional work. This has been bugging me for about a month now. Took my half an hour at most to do it… bugged me for way longer than that!!

Then I sorted insurance for the Beetle….

Yes… the Beetle that is up for sale (still) and yet still needs insurance. That’s ok. It’s done now and to be fair Craig is using it more than I have done in the last few years until Jeepey’s clutch is fixed. (Booked in Wednesday but no sign of actual clutch yet so may have to cancel….)

Hmmm then I decided in my wisdom that the camping stuff should be unpacked to get it all cleaned ready for the winter storage.

The tent at the back door

The air bed is out airing… (I chuckled 🤭 at that!) and the groundsheet is on the line drying though I think it oils do with a good hose down.

All afternoon I was toying with doing a food shop… would I, won’t I? Finally came to the conclusion that my head wasn’t ready for a food shop if I could decide whether to go or not. Just as well I never as my father-in-law was coming at 4.30 to pick up the washing!! Lucky I didn’t go out.

I’ve had a lovely FaceTime with mum.

All the while being driven insane by Bhruic who obviously thinks there is a visitor or visitors in our garden that need to be aware that she is here to protect us. Honestly she has barked on and off at it/them all afternoon. Thankfully my meds still leave me with enough of a “meh” attitude as I do feel I should currently be freaking out about what she is barking at. But I’m not.

Oh I got a lovely gift all the way from my primary one best bud who now lives in Canada 🇨🇦 …. we’ve only been back in touch in the last few years through FB which is a wonderful thing… being in touch that is… not FB. Well it’s not bad but you know what I mean!

Isn’t that lovely!! A wee “hame-knitted” coin purse 👛 made with love and to make me smile. She wishes me prosperity, love and happiness!!!
I can honestly say that I believe this now.

I’m tired now…. have got work to finish off so better get on with that, then put the bin out for uplift at ridiculous o’clock tomorrow morning. Then I might relax. A productive day!

Stay safe everyone 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🇨🇦🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿