Day 188 disappeared… it’s 8.06pm already 😆

Wow. Time flies when you’re having fun. I faffed about until 11 and have been making calls for Pawsitive Solutions on and off since then. I had 14 enquiries to call back and have managed 12 and booked 4!

I had a lovely sunset dog walk with Claire, Bhruic and Freya as Calaidh was out at work with Craig.

Sunset pups
Sunset trees

Claire is not a huge fan of cows having been chased by a herd in the past. We walk past a field that is kept for birthing calves. A wee black calf had just been born on our way out… on the way back the cow was eating the afterbirth…. wheeching it about the field as it tried to chew it.

The calf is the wee black shape in the left – it was gorgeous!
This is a great one…. cow wheeching afterbirth 🤮

Country life eh?!? I was laughing so hard at Claire as I think that was a cow step too far. To be fair she handled it well…. think we guffawed through it.

So sorry it’s short today. I’ve been a bit low today but focussing on the work needing done. Tomorrow is a new day… again… and it will be better 😍

Stay safe everyone 🐮🐮🐮