Day 71 Craig went out to work 😱 for the first time in forever!

As a result of the above… we were in bed and asleep before 9pm last night. He announced at half 7 we’d watch another Westworld then he wanted an early night. That just made my day!!! Actually woke up before 8am this morning, by myself with no dog barking or husband sneaking around… result. It’s a new day…. the breeze is up… it’s been raining and it’s much cooler but it’s still nice when the sun shines.

Was sent this today and it’s been a huge part of my journey to learn that no one else can fix anything… only me. That doesn’t mean I’m alone but that I’m responsible for what my own future holds. Think this will e my new mantra for a bit. ❤️
Came out to check the garden and the stones look nice after a good pour of rain. Just need the next 850kg I’m and it will be finished.

So Craig’s off out to work today for the first time in over 10 weeks. He is ok to meet with clients now as long as they are outside with 2m of physical distance. He had to drive to Hillington which was a novelty. Well I thought it was but he probably didn’t…..

So off we went out for a walk/run
The fields up on the Barrmill road have all been cut for silage so great to get a good run before they are sprayed with stinky muck!!!
A whole flat field to walk around
It was gloriously sunny but the clouds are dark
Bhru and Calaidh found a muddy burn through the fence
Looks like rain but it’s still sunny?!?
Found a wee tunnel under the Barrmill Road but it’s fenced off which was just as well as the water looked disgusting!
Love that they still wait and watch for me coming even when they have all this space to play in
Really enjoyed the walk today exploring fields that you can’t normally get in to. Will only go in if the gates open.
Check out my 49p hoodie from ebay… it matches the grass…. total bed head too!
Mean and moody sky
Heading back home think we got the best of the sun
We met up with Rosie on the way back. Here she is off lead trying to be one of the gang! Check Freya trying to get her and Bhru as far away as possible 😆

Got home and had a shower and washed my hair ready to go out.on the food bank deliveries. Can I just recommend to all women that if you usually get your eyebrows done… don’t do what I did and look at what’s on your face right now… oh my actual god. I’ve not noticed them up until now but now I can’t unsee what I saw!!! Put jeans and a T-shirt on to look respectable and volunteering went well. No handbrake incidents this week. Think lockdown has played havoc with my short term memory though as I was meant to stop at a neighbours and pick up some bags for the Beith Trust… I drove straight past her house while wondering who the lady was on the other side of the street…. then thought I’d pop back between drop off 1 and 2… nope drove straight past the road end and finally remembered 3rd time lucky….. honestly?!?!

Stopped and took some pics on the lovely country lanes I drove through
Everything is so overgrown just now that it looks lovely!

Home and had lunch and helped Craig plant some ridiculously hot chillis he’s ordered! Serrano, Cayenne, Golden Cayenne and Bulgarian Carrot….. 🌶🌶🌶🌶 think they are all pretty hot. Other than that I’ve just been lazing in Grans chair in the sun room, writing this, oh met Claire for a coffee up the ladder over the fence for 10 mins.

Sky news are reporting a further 359 deaths in the last 24 hours taking our total to 39,728. I guess by tomorrow we’ll be over the 40k mark…. that’s 40,000 people that were living a life before this virus hit us. It’s quite a sobering thought. There are demonstrations going on all over the world about the death of George Floyd in America, the news is dominated by that today rather than Coronavirus. Black Lives Matter protests are taking place in lots of major cities across the world. Sadly the protests seem to be huge groups of people all congregating together. The reports doesn’t show much distance between anyone… it’s a really sad time.

Th is is pretty common in our house where Bhru and Freya steal Calaidh’s ball and don’t let her get to it… love the look on Bhru’s face…. s’mine…… 😈
Calaidh jumped up for cuddles!

Another quiet night in for us and we might go to bed late…. like 10pm?!?

Stay safe everyone 🧡🧡🧡

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