Day 837 Craig’s birthday!

I’ll make this quick today… I’m just waiting on Craig to get home from work.

It’s his 47th birthday today and I’ve been sending him a WhatsApp message every hour today since 6am talking through our life together with photos.

It got a bit stressful when I was too busy at work to manage the 3 and 4pm ones but to be fair I am there to work!!

I had the messages all ready to go in the Notes app on my phone. Just had to copy and paste and send.

We knew we would be together after the first week and the rest is history.

You all know it wouldn’t be a marriage if he didn’t drive me up the wall at times and of course, I, him….. we’ve had our tough times but also some amazing memories made over the years. I’ll just share a few photos to show the changing face of my hubby over the years.

We took my cousin Linda, from Australia, on a tour of Stirling Castle… the guide pointed to him standing against the wall and said “you don’t get more Scottish that this guy here!!”

Happy birthday Craigie! Love you more ♥️

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

7 thoughts on “Day 837 Craig’s birthday!

    1. WordPress didn’t read any of the photos last night so I contacted them to find out what had gone wrong and they’d said it was a known issue. Craig says thanks!! How are things your end? Xx

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