Day 827 day 3 of Covid round 2, lots of sleep and word puzzles 🙈🤣

12 hours sleep last night, out for the count.

Rangers were playing Sunderland last night and I couldn’t be bothered watching the game… (just as well I didn’t as it stopped after half time after transmission and lighting issues!). I went through to the bedroom and started to read.

Next thing I remember was Craig coming to bed to try and get me under the covers… (not in that way…😆) and it was dark outside…. straight back to sleep and woke after 8am!! Wow. Musta needed it 🙈🤣

I was really foggy this morning when I got up but I’ve been out in the fresh air today… albeit still in my jammies. Classy.

It’s been so beautiful. Definitely the hottest day in Scotland this year.

I’m still bunged up, I’m really tired but can’t sleep, weak and dizzy and I’ve done nothing all day….. the magazines from yesterday have been a godsend.

I don’t have a lot of concentration so a bunch of short stories hit the mark! I have actually done a few word searches and crosswords today. It’s helped focus my head, passing the time and keeping me away from scrolling through Facebook all day.

Craig went for more magazines and he has literally waited on me hand and foot! Breakfast, lunch and 🛎🛎🛎 still waiting on dinner. 😆 #jokes….I have been very lucky. He’s way better at cooking than I am. I’m very lazy in that department. I’d happily eat a bag of crisps or chocolate buttons for most meals especially when I feel rotten.

I’m hoping he stays covid-free so I don’t have to return the favour. Toasties all round Craigie. 🤣

Had a lovely call from Mum and Dad from their holiday. They called just as I was served my Korean Chicken Noodle lunch…. 🙊

Had to send Dad a photo….

We’ve had a giggle today, mostly at my expense, but it’s been nice. The dogs are apparently talking about how I’m putting it all on… that I’m just lazy. 🙈😆

It would also appear that Craig is way better at crosswords than I am… who knew?!? My new found lack of interest in all things news worthy means I pretty much know nothing of current affairs 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤣. We’ve had a laugh at how little I know…. 🤷🏻‍♀️

Claire from next door has just appeared over the fence with a book from her holiday and two ice lollies.

These are Morrison’s The Best Valencia Orange lollies…. So lovely and helped my throat. I really do have the best neighbours… and husband…. Now where’s dinner?!?

Here’s my current view 🙈🤣

I’ve allowed myself to rest today and I’ve felt none of the agitation I felt yesterday. I listened to my body and my mind shut up for a change. It’s so lovely when it does that. Peace.


Stay safe everyone 🛎🛎🛎