Day 825… that’s Friday feeling?! Nope it’s just COVID again…. 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🦠

Between you and I…. I’ve been a bit worried about my low mood these last few days. From bouncing all weekend after Tough Mudder to deeply lethargic these last few days. I was worried I was having a bit of a slump.

I started sneezing on Wednesday but assumed it was hay fever and yesterday I hugged the tub of Vicks VapoRub at my desk.

Last night I felt exhausted… really wiped out. I wanted to walk the dogs after work but just felt I didn’t have the energy. I felt tearful that I’d come off such a high and splatted back down to earth….

This morning I suspected more….

15 weeks and 5 days since COVID #1…. But honestly, it’s almost a relief as I know why I feel so rotten.

It makes me laugh that it says… it’s likely you were infectious when the test was done.


No shit, Sherlock. 🤭🤣

I said to Craig that I was almost glad as I’d been worried about “ma mood”….. he quips back with “is that your Asian friend?”…. It might get lost in the writing but it was really funny at the time!

So how do I feel? What was the giveaway this time? I am honestly wiped out, I feel like a lead brick. My head is sore, I’m really dizzy, my nose is fizzy and I feel like I need to sneeze all of the time, my right nostril is totally blocked and my throat feels funny but not sore. I’m so glad that I can allow myself to rest now. I’d have felt so guilty lounging the day away… but I have no energy for anything else.

I’m through in Gran’s chair just so relieved that I’m still in control of my mental health. Anxiety does that to you…. What if you’re heading back into depression, how would you manage, why can’t you cope, why can’t you just be “normal”…. I need to remember that this is just life. There is nothing I feel now that everyone else feels on a daily basis. We are just human and some days are better than others.

I’ve not moved much all day, went to bed this afternoon for a few hours.

We got lunch in from the pub next door about 3pm so my appetite is ok and taste buds are still working!

How lovely that Holly suggested sending in her weekend special of chicken and bacon Club sandwich. It tasted soooo good. It’s actually all I’ve eaten today but I don’t think I’ll need anything else.

Except Cadbury’s Chocolate Buttons… they would be nice… oh but wait… we don’t have any of them. Or some Maoam chews…. Or crisps or peanuts…. Nope none of them either. 🙈🤣

At least the lack of it will save me feeding my Covid. Silver lining and all that.

Well hope you all have a great weekend, I’ll mostly be here. Just chillin’ 😆

And getting looked after by the puppers.

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️