Day 877 a lovely sunny day’s holiday with a wee bit of unsettlement thrown in

Is unsettlement even a word? It seems a bit cumbersome to me…. Anyway, I’m using it as it describes how I feel today.

So yeah, another day’s holiday, another day where Craig’s car doesn’t come out of the garage and another day where I feel ridiculously ungrateful for having a lovely holiday from work AND it’s sunny and not truly appreciating it because it’s not the way I expected it to be.

I am super antsy. Nervous even. My stomach is churning a fair bit today. Now that could be the Indian meal last night but I know it’s not that. I feel uncertain. At a loose end. Bored, yet unable to fill the time with anything useful. I seem to get pleasure in the uncomfortableness. Jeez I’m just making up words now!!

I’m not quite sure what to do with myself. Remind me that next week when I’m back at work and would kill for some time off. Some people are just never happy eh?!?

Kinesiology was good last night and I thought it would make me feel calmer today but I’m not sure if it has. Normally I see instant changes but I think this time it’s more subtle. We covered some new stuff…. My life balance over the last 6 weeks has been at 71%. To be fair I think that is pretty good. That covers spiritual, emotional, mental and physical well-being. I need to look at lifting this by 20% over the next 4 weeks with some mental stimulation.

Don’t know if you remember but I LOVED the puzzles in the magazines I was given when I had COVID that’s second time. So I’ve homework to spend 10 minutes a day for the next 6 weeks doing some puzzles. I’ve don’t it today and I enjoyed it. Use it or lose it as they say!

My general immune system was 7/10, my energy immunity was only 6/10 which means I allow intrusive energies to change how I feel in a day. I do that…. I pick up on so many energies around me and I inhale them right in. My physiological age was 54 (too old!) and my emotional stress index was 51%.

Now I don’t really know what all of that means but the most important thing was my emotional stress index went back up to 88% as a result of the work that we did last night. Oh, that and my physiological age went down to 51. Now there’s still a LONG way to go to get my physiological age to my real age….. ok, like a WHOLE two years… 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️😆 that’s gotta take some work? Right?! 🥴😂

So all in all it’s a positive to work on your mental health. No bad can come of it.

I decided I was going to go to Arran on the ferry today yet when I woke up, I knew I wasn’t in the mood. I figured a lazy day would be just the ticket.

My neighbour Holly asked me out for breakfast and we went to Mocha Jaks (sorry you missed it Mum!). I had Avocado smashed toast with tattie scones.

We took Calaidh and Leo with us. They had doggy sausages!

We had a lovely wee breakfast and bumped into 2 other neighbours, Anne and Brian. Had a lovely wee chat!

We came home and I took Bhruic and Freya out for a good run in the fields. I appreciate how green this is when much of southern England is burnt from the relentless summer sun this year.

This little monkey got stuck in a field and took her ages to figure out she could get through this gap!

The changing faces of Bhruic as she munches on grass!

Then I spotted some more lovely butterflies again.

She who used to be terrified of bees and wasps spent ages trying to get a decent shot of this bee!

Actually I’ve just realised that I’m the most relaxed I’ve been as I sit here and write this as I have some purpose. Honestly I could scream at how difficult I make everything.

This next one is the story of my life….

I have actually done a lot today. As I sit here I’m angry that I’ve not achieved much but I have started a lot. I’ve tried to look into a logo for The Rambling Sloth. Didn’t get very far but it’s a start. I’ve tried to load more photos onto Shutterstock this time. Over half of them wouldn’t load as they weren’t the correct size and now the other half are sitting waiting on tags to allow people to find them in a search.

I’ve tried to start copying the blog over into word with a view to writing it up as a book to sell on Amazon Kindle Digital Printing. It was hard going, I managed 4 days but none of the photos copied over so I might need to rethink that. Take the positives rather than seeing what didn’t go right.

It’s all a start.

And then I get a text….. my Health Kinesiologist has been on a training course today and has been “using” me as a surrogate. She wants to speak to me as she has some updates from where we left it last night…. I have a half hour call with her and everything calms right down and I suddenly feel SOOOO MUCH BETTER.

I know you might think this sounds crazy but it works for me and I trust it. What a relief. I’ll sleep tonight.

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

Day 876 how can I wax lyrical today?

Afraid it had to be a quickie tonight. Despite being off work, I have totally run out of day! I have Kinesiology starting in 4 minutes!

It’s that butterfly again!

I’ve felt a bit better again today thankfully but of course, after the self created drama of the last 3 days, I am exhausted.

It looks like Craig’s car is stuck in the garage now getting the part fixed yet so I’m spending my holiday at home and I must remember how lucky I am to actually have a holiday and stop stropping about how it’s not going my way!

I took a wee trip down to Prestwick today. As Craig’s job cancelled last minute this afternoon. Had a wander round the charity shops and then down to the beach. There was nothing particular picturesque about it today.

I then drove homeward bound through Troon. It was a weeeee bit better…. only because the sun came out!

Very dark clouds….. but no rain today. Metaphorically too!

This was about as sunny as it got today.

So true!

So I was lucky enough to be invited next door for my dinner tonight, Holly was making a lovely Indian spread and it was soooo good but I had to dash home for Kinesiology at 7.30pm.

That’s me just finished just now. Lots of great stuff to process. As usual I go in like a tornado and come out like a meandering river. I won’t even try to explain it as it’s all just processing. I love Heath Kinesiology, it is impossible to explain but it sure as hell works for me!!

It’s nearly 10pm (I certainly get my moneys worth!!) and I’m ready for a great sleep. I’m calm and relaxed. Pretty zonked actually. Long may that continue.

I love this!

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

Day 875 a bad start to the day but with a visit from Mum and a lovely trip to Largs

I didn’t write a blog yesterday. I was not in the right frame of mind at all.

When I feel like this it’s catastrophic. At least that’s how I perceive it to be.

There’s a toddler inside my head throwing the biggest tantrum because things are not as perfect as I want them to be.

It feels like everything is the end of the world. Rather than letting the small things go my head blows them up into huge, monsterous, catastrophic events as if the end of days is nigh.

My lip curled upwards very slightly at that analogy so I know I’ve explained it correctly. But I will not allow a smile. I am far too grumpy to crack a smile. Unless it’s s fake one. Here’s todays face vs my genuinely beaming face from the other day.

Todays face versus last weeks genuinely smiley face

I feel truly miserable. The tears keep burning in my eyes. The worst I have felt in a while. Like a tornado of noise and anger and frustration and negativity raging through my mind. I can’t shake it. It weighs me down.

I’m on holiday for gods sake…. I watch every flight that flies over me and there are a lot and wonder how they can afford to be on a plane. Where are they off to? Why can’t I be up there?

We knew that when I left my old job that we would be ok and get by. I don’t seem to be handling this “getting by” very well. I can’t make peace with it. Why is that? I have way more than most.

Why all of a sudden, when it’s bad, do I focus on loss and waste, mess and all the maintenance required. I’m so overwhelmed that I’m sinking into a pit of despair. I hate it here but just not enough to climb out by myself.

I took the dogs up the hill for a run and focussed on a beautiful butterfly while they ran around in the fields.

My friend Isy later posted lots of pictures of exactly the same butterfly and it’s meaning. How synchronised is that?!?

I was blown away by that.

My poor mum is on her way over for a wee day out. I’m sure that will be fun for her…. I just want to wallow in self pity.

All the work I have done, all the positivity I have created is swept aside by a few down days. I cast a spell of misery everywhere I go. (I actually laughed out loud at that… jeez how much credit do I give myself eh?!)

Mum just arrived as I burst into tears on her.

So as you can probably imagine we’ve had a lovely wee day after I dragged myself out of my wallowing.

It didn’t start well as we took a Calaidh to Mocha Jaks, a lovely coffee shop near us, and it was closed on a Monday. We were both hungry… and poor Calaidh missed out on her puppacino!

Back home for the car and headed to Auchengree Farm Shop for lunch. We sat there until about 2pm and then headed out to Largs.

We had a wander round all the charity shops and then had an ice cream from Nardinis, coconut chip and as we walked across the road to the shore, a HUGE seagull swooped down with feet either side of my head and actually touched me before I screamed and it flew off. The more I tell this story, the bigger the seagull gets. It’ll be a pterodactyl before long…. 😆

We sat in the sun for ages and took photos of the ferries and the sea. I’m calm by now. The sea always does that to me.

I’ve managed to arrange Kinesiology for tomorrow night. That always helps me figure things out.

I’ve read back what I wrote this morning and every part of me wants to delete it. I sound manic, so over the top, so ridiculous.

I’m not going to as that’s how I actually felt, as dramatic as it sounds…

Cringe. Here goes…

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

Day 874 a fairly rotten day in my head 😢

Jeez…. It’s 6.14pm and it’s safe to say I have not outdone my first day of holiday. In fact I seem to have needed the day to recover from it.

I woke really early and couldn’t get back to sleep and I felt that really tired, grumpy way this morning.

It was really misty first thing but with a promise of sunshine. The mist cleared to a beautiful day. I had no plans but wasn’t willing to allow myself a day of nothing.

I actually lay down on the bed at one point this morning thinking I’d just go back to sleep to try to brighten my mood. I know that boredom breeds creativity and I am very bored. Instead of sleeping, I had a brainwave that I’d go upstairs and I opened the big window right out so that I felt like I was outside and look for positive things to do up there. It started well but ended badly.

I get totally overwhelmed with the stuff that we have amassed over the years. I feel like the house is full of things we’ve bought and no longer used. Things that I just move around the house and don’t actually get any pleasure from any more. I was also aware of windows that need replaced, decorating needing done, all the bad stuff jumped out and whapped me between the eyes.

The cost of living has sky rocketed. I’m earning a third of what I did before I went off sick. I can’t do everything I might have wanted to do before. We would have away on holiday for this week, instead I’m wandering around the house feeling angry and sad. The tears have started as I write this. It all feels so unfair. My head is thumping. I guess that time of the month is somewhere around the corner as this self pity and lethargy is not me anymore.

I’ve had a great few weeks. Been focussing on the positives and really felt properly happy and content in the present moment. Of course I’m beating myself up as I’m not sure where the negativity came from today.

I spoke to mum earlier and she said “oh dear, what’s not going your way?” And I realised that she’d hit the nail on the head. I feel like a huffy child who wasn’t getting her way.

I had gone upstairs to look at new ways of making money. I’m looking into trying to sell some of my photos and also looking at self publishing some of the blog into a book. I say that and my inner critic laughs at my ridiculous optimism.

I’ve spent a bit of time over the last few weeks, looking at getting photos onto some selling websites. I feel demoralised by the length of time that it takes to load them up and think how to allow them to come up on a search function. I feel the quality of my photos diminish with each passing minute. Who do I think I am? Why do I even remotely think they are good enough?

So instead of doing the thing that sparked excitement in me this morning, I start clearing out and moving stuff around the house again…. And get angrier by the minute. I’m avoiding the hard work because I’m scared whatever I do won’t be good enough.

I went next door to have a cuppa with Claire and I even sat in a physical slump when I was there. The sunshine annoyed me and that never happens to me! It usually brightens me from the lowest of moods.

So this afternoon I went to bed. I was in there from 2.30 to 5.30 and I reckon I slept for about 2 hours of that. I woke with a headache and the tears haven’t been far since.

I have to write this down as a bad day and take as many positives as I can from it. I have to learn from this pain. I can’t drown it with wine anymore, I have to sit with it and listen to what it’s telling me.

Thanks to Anne for sending me this. Today was the bad. Tomorrow I hope there will be more good in the bad.

And use what I learn to move on from it.

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

Day 873 a lovely first day of holiday paddle boarding with The Ayrshire Paddleboard Co 🏄🏻‍♀️

I’ve had THE best first day of holiday!

Like everything else I do just now this wasn’t planned and was soooo last minute but I’ve been wanting to try paddle boarding again since that first session we had when the Fit Body Farm introduced us to it.

Charlene at The Ayrshire Paddleboard Co was one of the instructors that trained us back then so I’ve followed her on FB since. Click the link above if you want to check her out!

So first things first…. I went to the Fit Body Farm at 6am, as I do!

It was dark when the alarm went off at 5am and he-who-has-been-driving-Abbie-the-camper-van in our one van family had used up all the fuel! I tried to stop at the Esso garage in Stewarton on the way there, but they had a tanker in refuelling 😱 I crossed my fingers and drove to the Farm!

It was a great session today. There weren’t many of us this morning as FBF are hosting a Hyrox event tomorrow so folk are resting in time for tomorrow. I’m not doing the Hyrox as I just didn’t feel fit enough this time but I had a great class this morning.

We were tyre flipping, mini assault coursing, weight plate pinching, pushing and pulling sleds. There were some photos taken this morning… here I am at the start of the mini assault course.

It was a good laugh but hard work out. You can see the size of the tyres in the background! They were huge and really heavy to lift. 🛞 We did each exercise for a minute before we moved around the circuit but it really sets you up for the day.

Home passed the petrol station where Kirstin, the girl I’d been working out with, was just finishing filling her car. I was stuck in a bit of a queue to get in and she shouted did I want a coffee?! How lovely, she got me a coffee just as I went in to pay!

So back home after enjoying my Costa Coffee latte all the way and ironically into the shower, despite having booked a paddle boarding beginners session for this morning . You have to shower after FBF!

So I’d seen yesterday that The Ayrshire Paddleboard Co had some cancellations for today so I messaged and booked in for the session today at 11am. I went on my own and it was lovely to see that the 3 other lovely women that joined me, were on their own too. It was a lovely wee group of like minded people.

It was a workout in itself getting in to the wetsuit but I’m so lucky I had the space in the van to stretch into it. I was knackered but glad I’d arrived half and hour early to get this done before I blew up the board 😂

Charlene supplies everything you will need. The paddle board, oar and wetsuit. The session started in the rain but hey it’s quite refreshing as you know you’re only going to get wetter.

She shows us how to inflate the board properly, another workout to get it to the correct inflation and then takes us over to the pond near the Booker Cash and Carry in Irvine.

While we’re still on dry land she shows us how to go from kneeling to standing as safely as possible and she talks us through all the potential dangers we could face.

Here we all are posing before we head out…. I’m far left. Should say these photos are all courtesy of Charlene!

The pond is an old landfill site that’s been flooded but the water is tested every year as it’s used for triathlons so they know that is good quality. I am very pleased to report I spent a lot more time ON the water than in it, this time!

Yet here we are getting acclimatised before we head out…. Theory is this makes falling in less of a shock.

The water really is pretty warm once you’re fully immersed in a wetsuit.

This next shot gives you an idea of the size of the boards.

Pretty soon we are out on the boards and getting used to paddling.

I actually managed to stay on my feet for a large part of the session today. I’m really chuffed as that was a big fear of mine the last time.

My legs were like jelly trying to balance, it gets easier the longer you stay up and then I got a wobble again, but on the whole I was a lot more stable than the last session.

The pond is beautiful as the breeze dies down and the water is flat calm at times.

I’m sure someone said let’s get our paddles up for a photo!

I went for it!!

Check me… standing AND chatting… 😂

The sky is dark and moody but soon clears to beautiful sunshine.

We even carefully paddled through some reeds at one point. I’m just out through them here.

And this… is my rear end, maybe the first and last time that will be in the blog. 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️😆

We were attempting a caterpillar to show how to help rescue someone if they had lost their oar or were unable to paddle back to safety for some reason. I’m trying to get the board behind me up on mine so the girl at the front can paddle off with us all attached!

The sun feels hot and the pond sparkles in the sun. It’s really a randomly beautiful location. I must go up there sometime and take some photos. My phone was locked away in the van!

In this next one I’m having a wee lie down as we get towed around in our caterpillar!

We stayed out for a bit longer than the 2 hour session and I had a wee float in the water at the end just because I could. As you do!

The van was lovely and warm in the sun when we got back and let the air out of the boards. Charlene even had some snacks for us, I mean come on…. That’s the icing on the cake!

I really had the best time. I’m so chuffed that I stood up for longer and really enjoyed our time on the water. I was buzzing by the time I left to drive home.

I had my second shower of the day and then had a 2 hour nap! I think I deserved it.

We’re having Chinese takeaway for dinner tonight with movies so all in all a great day.

I felt no anxiety or fear today and the coached sessions really help allay any fears you might have. Charlene is fully trained and has had to rescue some beginners in the pond who were there by themselves, over the last few months.

If you’re interested in paddle boarding I’d really recommend booking a session to learn about it before you just jump on in!

So here’s to a great weekend!

Stay safe everyone 🏄🏻‍♀️🏄🏻‍♀️🏄🏻‍♀️

Day 872 out of the office until Monday 5th September!! 🏝🌊🚐

Well that’s come as much of a surprise to me as it has to you! Who knew I would have this much time off?!?

I wanted a break end August, start of September, as we’ve not been off since June and I’d booked Monday and Tuesday.

At the start of the week I decided to add Wednesday just because the weather forecast was looking good…. Then someone pointed out I was only working Thursday next week and that seemed daft so I thought I’d just book that off too. So here I am, 10 days off work without even planning it! Surprise!

As Craig said that’s long enough to go abroad but hey, I have zero plans so far. Craig’s only off for the next 3 days and his car is accumulating a huge bill in the garage so we’ll be staying home this weekend.


Maybe this would be a good idea during my holiday!…. Get my S.H.I.T. together…. 😂

I feel like I got everything organised before I left but I know there will be loads that I missed. I made a few stupid mistakes again today. I’ve been much more tired today strangely, for no reason. At least I fixed the mistakes, one of them about 5 minutes after I made it 😂🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️😆

So Craig had to come and pick me up in Abbie the camper van tonight and I had a lovely 1/2 hour massage at Harmony in Beith . Norma worked her wonders! I could sleep for Scotland now, it was so relaxing. Although a half hour is way too short.

So who knows what the next week will bring but I’m hoping for some sunshine and a continued optimism. Just living in the moment, taking each day as it comes and enjoying it to the max.

Stay safe everyone ♥️🥰♥️

Day 871 a good day if a little bit cookie at times 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️😂

Awwwww bless!

We had a workout in the rain at the Fit Body Farm this morning! It was POURING!!

We did barbell weight training inside and running around the garden in the rain in between. It’s actually lovely running around in the rain once you get going… I know, I hear myself?!? What has actually happened to me??!

Craig had to wait until I’d had my shower to drop me off at Tartan HQ so that he had Abbie the camper van for work today. I drove Ailsa the Tartan Camper home tonight and Craig will pick me up from work tomorrow night. All very technical being this one van family malarkey.

I had a good day at work today. I felt happy, I felt calm and I feel like I am living in the moment. I’m not worried about what is going to happen next and I’m not worrying about what’s just happened. Just thinking about what I am doing here and now. This is what I’ve dreamed of.

The days seem to go on for ever, in a good way. I don’t feel rushed, I feel like I have plenty of time for everything. I’ve done a lot this week that I don’t usually do but that’s ok. I have the time.

I’m not sure how this has clicked with me but I’m very pleased that it has…. For now anyway.

Now don’t get me wrong, I made mistakes today, said a few stupid things, cut calls off by mistake and was genuinely a little bit cookie or crazy but I did laugh it off and try to rectify it all as quickly as I could. I also didn’t beat myself up for my mistakes like I used to do.

I did have a giggle this morning, I got a lovely message from Aileen about last night…. I wouldn’t normally share a personal message but you’ll see why….

It was soooooooooo good to see you too!!! The lasagna was fab. You were the perfect hostess. The puppers were cuddly. Your house is gorgeous. AND you look amazing!! You might not feel it all the time Jules but you look really chilled and happy – and it’s so good to see. Love to you & Craig xx

Isn’t that lovely of her. The part that made me laugh was it’s as if she knew exactly how I was feeling inside. She reads the blog to be fair, so she probably does…. 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️😆

Oh jeez is the lasagne going to be hot enough, did I dry it out when I heated it back up, should I have bought more garlic bread? That wasn’t really enough. What do I offer them to drink? Jeez I forgot to see if they needed a top up, am I talking too much, I feel like it’s all about me. Wish Freya would stop trying to herd everyone, the dogs are in the way, I’d better shut them in the kitchen so they don’t bother anyone. The house is a mess, that wall needs repainted, I should have dusted more, I wish I’d cleaned the fireplace, did I clean the sink in the bathroom? Why did I only put a tshirt on? Aileen looks amazing in her lovely top, I should have made more of an effort…. And I really did just ribbit away all night like a chatterbox, why did I say all that?!?!

I think it’s safe to say she knew fine well that all of that was going on in my head. It was sooooo lovely to see her and to get that message this morning. ♥️

Also found this photo of myself from 2 years ago when I was still off sick with anxiety and depression.

Versus me today.

It’s nice to appreciate my progress. I’m still nowhere near my old size 12 but hey… I’m way more content with my body image now than I have been for a long, long time.

So I’ve been to one of my neighbours tonight to submit the village hall accounts to the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator. we weren’t able to do that tonight but the accounts are all officially signed off so we’re good to organise a AGM.

Now I’m getting ready for crochet and a good natter with the Crochet Hookers.

Another good day!

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

Day 870 a wee tinge of anxiety when things don’t go my way…. but a super lovely evening to end the day! ♥️

I’ve got loads of very thoughtful and positive memes to share today.

We’ve just had one of those days where plans had to be rearranged at the last minute as things didn’t go quite as planned…. But I’ll get to that.

A funny thought to start with…. I drive through a wee village called Drybridge to get to work. It has a humped back bridge that goes over the railway and despite having a large river run into it, there’s no need for a bridge over the river as it’s a huge u shape… hence the name Drybridge. Jeez that was a long, dull story!!

So this morning when I approach the traffic lights on the bridge I saw a brush sticking up over the other side. It made me smile… as it seemed pretty random…. simple things eh?!? Tonight when I left… heading the other way… the same, or another brush stuck up on the back of a truck. What are the chances?!?

Anyway…. I’ve had a good day at work, busy, focussed…. But Craig’s car is in the garage for an ABS fault and the part has to be sent away to be reconditioned. It might take 5 days!! So we’re back to a one van family for the short term! I had to dash home from work to let Craig get out to work. I had to rearrange my plans to meet my friend tonight. We had finally arranged to meet in Gro Coffee in Irvine for the first time in ages….

So now…. Aileen is winging her way to my house instead, with her daughter Kirsty, and Craig has rustled up a vegan lasagne, (K is vegan) he’s a good lad!

I’ve had to run round like a maddie since I got home to try and bring the house up to presentable.

I definitely stressed at all of that and yet sitting here now, I’m as cool as a cucumber.

It took a couple of hours but I got there!

Oh in between all that I realised the home insurance was due up tonight and renewal was extortionate so we had to sort that between us before Craig left. He cancelled the old one while I found a new one. Been meaning to do that for AGES….. obviously!

I’m also not an entertainer…. I have realised this on my journey through life…. It brings a level of anxiety as I have to be on my game. I rarely feel in control enough to be on my game. I can write this because Aileen will totally understand. She’s one of my oldest friends… in years… not age 😆😘🥰 we don’t see much of each other these days but I always know that she’s there and I hope that she knows that about me too. We always enjoy each other’s company so much and will say after this that we should do it way more often. Yet life catches up with us.

So we deserve a round of applause for getting our shit together enough to organise tonight!! Craig deserves a HUGE round of applause for coming to the rescue with vegan lasagne!

It’s 9.30pm and I have had the loveliest evening.

The lasagne was great! We had vegan desserts from the Co-op and Nosecco.

It was so good to see them both and have a good catch up. Kirsty heads off to Australia next week for a year and I’m so pleased that she’s doing that. It’s such an amazing experience and one that she will remember for the rest of her life.

It just shows you that you don’t need to see people often to know that they are there and appreciate them being a part of your life.

I managed to smash my lovely engraved “Julie” Nosecco glass (its a champagne flute style but it feels wrong for me to call it that….😆) while I was tidying up but hey… that’s just life keeping me grounded. Dammit.

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

Day 869 a good run of the mill day!

So nothing new here today….. the Fit Body Farm at 6am was a team challenge but involved a whole lot of running! It was actually ok…. Which always surprises me.

We collect points for every 250m run round the garden and for every basketball basket we throw. We have to stop every minute and do a bunch of exercises! All before 7am.

Work was quick today, lots of customers in which always keeps me busy.

So yeah… I’m still feeling good. I feel calm and in control. I’m appreciating every moment for what it is.

I’ll be honest that I’ve had waves of anxiety for various different things but I’ve managed to think beyond it. Almost chuckling to myself slightly for being aware of how ridiculous my thoughts can be.

So long may this continue. As long as the wind doesn’t pick up I should be ok 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️😂😘

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

Day 868 a lovely morning, drive home, van all cleaned out and a long nap!

After the noise of the wind yesterday, it was lovely and calm last night.

The sky was lovely after the sun went down.

There were loads of midgies around last night. We had to light our Smokin Midge last night.

This is really good! Super basic but seems to do the job. It’s just a wee tin with holes in it and Clava cones which you light up and smoke the wee b’s out!!! I just ordered some more cones for the next time we are away.

I see questions on lots of Scottish travel pages asking what the midges are like.

Lots of folk get really terrified of them but we have been really lucky and rarely get bothered by them.

So this little baby slept with me last night. I had to move her to get into bed!

I woke up to this…. It’s so calm and just truly beautiful.

The dogs leads hanging from the wing mirror look really pretty. They are very rarely fanned out like that and usually in a total tangle 😆

A lovely set up!

How funny that I should see this today…. That wind was really talking to me yesterday and winding me up something chronic!

I loved the silence after the noise of the wind…… and this next one….. I’ve seen so much since I stopped working my ass off and I started looking around.

I really am learning to live for the moment, in the moment and appreciate everything for what it is. This moment… right now… is life.

It’s not the stuff we buy, the clothes we wear….


It’s not the job we hold or the amount of money we have.

It’s how we choose to live our lives and the memories that we make.

It’s the memories that we take with us.

We only get one shot at this so…. do you. Do what works for you. Do what makes you happy and think outside the rat race. Think outside of stuff.

I never had any boundaries and now I have so many I’ve almost built walls around me…. But that’s what works for me. It’s what keeps me happy.

We were home by 11.30am, lucky that beautiful campsite is so close to home.

Abbie is all hoovered and cleaned out. I love that bit too and will be all chuffed when I got out to the Farm at 5.30am tomorrow and she’s all tidy and smelling lovely.

And then I showered and then collapsed in a heap on the couch for a few hours and had the best nap. It’s been a while but I musta needed it!

Here’s to having a lovely week and appreciating every minute of every day.

The pups have been great this weekend but they are very happy to be home.

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

Day 867 a beautiful day by the Loch after a very wet night! ☀️🚣🏽‍♀️

The rain was torrential overnight last night. We were forecast to get 15mm and considering I’m already parked in a puddle, I did go to bed a wee bit anxious 😬

Thankfully my body didn’t listen to my head and I was out for the count until 8am. I heard the rain on and off but managed to keep falling back to sleep. Was super comfy!

I only stayed up until 10pm as I couldn’t stop yawning after a busy day of doing precious little!

Visiting my neighbour Craigie last night 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️😆

We had croissants and coffee for breakfast.

Then headed across to Milarrochy Bay for a dog walk. It’s a beautiful morning and the forecast is for sun all day. Its really windy though!

I was going for a photo of the stones with the mountains when it was dive bombed by a passing Freya! I caught it perfectly.

The burns are all swollen from last nights rain.

The famous tree I got at sunset the other night.

Loved this next shot though they are all a bit far away. This was a beautiful beach and we spent some time letting them play around here.

Here come the girls….

The Loch is so inviting. I’d love to do cold water swimming sometime. Just not enough to actually get in the water and get cold! I’m sure it will be my next thing though!

There’s a lovely heat to the sun.

The dogs had a blast. Freya never actually goes in the water, just runs around like a maddie while the others do!

Leave no trace! It’s sad to see the amount of bottles that are left lying around after someone’s night out. Would have cleared it up if I’d had bags with us. This next pic shows where we were and now gone!

The walk back to the campsite.

Love the rock formation heading into the water.

There are loads of trees with exposed roots around here.

So I am now sitting here writing this. I wish I could say it was peaceful but the wind is blawin’ a hoolie.

The noise is raising my anxiety levels. Calaidh keeps barking and trying to get down to the water, she keeps tangling round my seat. Then she got hold of a bramble branch, covered in thorns and proceeded to chew it cutting her gums and then wouldn’t let it go… for me, that is… truth be told my anxiety takes over and I don’t even think that a small piece of food would change her focus. Only get carried away by the drama of her cutting the inside of her mouth…. I’m not going inside the van as Craig is watching the football and the noise of that has the same effect as the wind at times. I’ve been so calm this time and yet I feel myself getting properly wound up. By noise. Go figure.

I know it sounds ridiculous but I swear it’s a thing.

I’ve actually just put my hood up and that has helped a wee bit. I also put Calaidh and Freya in the tent for a bit to have a sleep. I know I need to calm down.

I almost had a nap with my hood up, it really did help. Thankfully the wind has died down to a gentle breeze and I’m back down to earth again.

I am usually very stressed camping with the 3 dogs and worry about every eventuality. I’ve not felt like that this time as I have done some work on it through Health Kinesiology. I’m not sitting here with dread that the worst case scenario might happen and that feels really good. Yet with every small gain something else rears it’s head that needs some working on. I still don’t like not being fully in control of everything I do. When I’m on my own I can control that. When you have 3 wet, muddy dogs, things aren’t always as perfect as I might want them to be. I know that dirty things will clean but the noise of the wind just blew it all out of proportion for me.

This makes me smile though…. Craig’s away to the toilet block. They have not moved since he left.

I like this waiting game we are playing.

I am crocheting.

I am calm.

Just created a few hours of drama to get to this stage.

Happy Saturday!

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

Day 866 still by yon bonnie banks 😆

It’s 11.30am and I’m sitting right here, right now, writing this.

I didn’t have the best sleep but then I left the 5am alarm switched on so I’ve been up since then. It’s different having a dog with me. I have to be a little less selfish and a bit more responsible.

Last night I got a notification on my phone that Aurora Borealis was on Red Alert 🚨 at 20.53…. I was already in bed and actually hummed and hawed but had to get out of bed to check. Wasn’t lucky enough to see anything but it’s the closest I’ve been to somewhere without light pollution when there was a red alert!

So this morning, We lay and read… well one of us did, until 6.30 then I got ready to take her out. The heavens opened…. But only for a minute. Think we woke the ducks! Just wait till Calaidh and Freya get here!!

We managed a lovely walk along a stretch of the West Highland Way, turning left out of the campsite instead of turning right down ti Milarrochy Bay.

It’s sad that since COVID, signs like this are necessary to stop people “wild camping” wherever they feel like it.

Scotland introduced the “right to roam” back in 2003 and the way things are going I fear this could be taken away from us.

So many people quote “freedom of access” but everyone and their auntie are trying to camp everywhere just now. Locals are up in arms at hoards of camper-vans outside their houses at local beauty spots… there are people pitching tents along our beaches and think it’s wild camping.

Now as you know, she who cannot upset anyone intentionally gets very bent out of shape at this. I can’t believe where some people stop and park their van, get their awning out and think it’s ok.

There were 2 vans in Portpatrick last Saturday that were parked right next to the no overnight parking sign! I just couldn’t!

They were both at great access paths to the sea and I sooooo wanted to walk into their “pitch” and head down to the sea right in front of them. If they can stop where they like then I can walk where I like.

Ooooooh now where did all that come from?!?!? I’m envious of their lack of concern where my mind would work beyond overtime on that. It’s exactly that. I am way too considerate of others, maybe at the detriment of myself?

Anyway, back to our walk!

I spotted some flowering Scottish Heather for the first time in ages. Just this one tiny patch.

Loved this old bridge. Bhru stopped to have a play in the water!

Then back into the campsite with Abbie the Campervan in the distance!

So we’ve had a very lazy morning since we got back. I’ve read some more, had a nap, it rained on and off and then the sun came out so we’re out at the side of the Loch soaking up the atmosphere.

I did my first voiceover Instagram post today. I rambled all over the beauty and sounds of the water lapping at my feet. I may do a few more, who knows.

Ok so some early afternoon drama. Was sitting reading wondering why so many caravans seem to be driving out of the site at midday up to one o’clock. Wondered if they had late check out?! Is that even a thing? It would appear not….. so I watched a guy drive out of the site and turn left earlier on…. Seemed strange as left takes you up to Rowardennan and a dead end. I wouldn’t want to be driving a caravan up there….

Then I watched another one turn up left to Rowardennan but he didn’t take the corner wide enough and I heard a sickening crack as he scraped along the gate post to the the left hand side of the entrance.

My anxiety goes into full overdrive…. I feel a gulp of emotion welling up inside me. I struggle to swallow it down. I am almost in tears for them. My mind races around every scenario…. How can I possibly get them out of their predicament. The man is angry. He is raging when he sees what he has done and shouts out loud.

I sit for a bit and then think I’ll go and offer some morale support. Let them see they’re not alone… I would like someone to do that for me in that situation.

Instead I find a couple very angry at the campsite!!!! For turning them away as it’s not 1pm yet… “I don’t know what this campsite is coming to….. it’s been going downhill for the last 3 years… not like it used to be…. Rules keep changing and no-one tells us”…. Like wow mate…. You drove out of here angry because they wouldn’t let you on site…. you’re here before 1pm. You didn’t take the turning properly and that’s all the campsites’ fault?!?

I ran to reception to get someone to help and he got it both barrels.

I heard myself say… “I’m sorry but that’s not fair, the boy just works here and follows the rules as they are laid out, he came straight away when I asked for help”…. I stopped short of saying you drove away angry and caused all of this yourself.

They both then started on about how they were turned away at reception and quite frankly, I can understand why they may have been met with a frosty reception the way they were speaking. It was so entitled.

So I guess the moral of my story is…. That couple are going to go away mouthing about the campsite and how it’s gone down hill… blah blah and making up a huge dramatic story to cover up the fact that he drove away angry and didn’t take the corner properly. End of.

It’s left a horrible taste in my mouth. I only went to help. The poor lad says they get that all the time from people. What a shame eh?

The ducks here are not shy at all… they don’t even disappear when the dogs are around!

Mid afternoon Craigie arrived so he’s all set up now and it’s lovely to have some company…. Other than Bhruic and ducks…

While he was setting up it’s started pouring again…. it made for a lovely pic in the rain!

The colours are amazing!

So I’ve done very little today…. Lots of reading and moving inside and outside the van weather dependent. We’re sitting outside now in the evening sun and just had fish fajitas for dinner.

The rain is to be pretty epic early doors tomorrow but hoping for a bright day from about 10am. We might be swimming by then but hey… the joys of Scottish camping!

Happy Friday night!

Stay safe everyone 🚐☀️🌧

Day 865 “by yon bonnie banks” 🎶🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

So work today as usual then headed straight up to Loch Lomond as quickly as I could!

Don’t panic, Craig is joining me this time but I’ve come away tonight as he had a meeting tomorrow that he can’t miss. I only got here at 6.30pm as I popped home to pick up a pupper.

Check Lady Bhruic acting as if butter wouldn’t melt!

We have an Overland and Borders Instagram account hence the logo on the seats. Prior to COVID we managed to get away a lot and used to post our adventures on the @overlandandborders Insta page. These days it’s fallen by the wayside and we really should get back to it. For those early blog followers you may remember the blog started out as Overland and Borders but it didn’t really feel right to me and after much musing and rumination, The Rambling Sloth was born! I do have an insta for that too but it’s mostly video clips of the places I go! Feel free to follow! @theramblingsloth

Anyway I digress!

So I got here at 6.30pm and the heavens opened as soon as I parked up and had a quick wander round.

This…. Is Loch Lomond and it’s about 30 steps away from Abbie the camper van!


It was torrential! Stotting down!

I made dinner for myself and Bhru while it rained and as soon as it stopped we were off out for a big walk along Milarrochy Bay.

Love this wee lane (when we came back that puddle had gone!)
Reflections in a big puddle
Very dark rainy skies
Finally the sun!
One of the famous Milarrochy Bay trees…. Bhru says “keek!”
The sun makes the mountains look all moody
Very heavy clouds
Lovely rock formation
Pretty view
Suns almost setting

Was so lucky to get the sunset! I’d have missed it if I’d been 10 minutes later! I have always wanted to get a shot like this.

The famous Milarrochy Bay sunset pic!
More giant rocks!

I love this next photo as the clouds look like they are following the shape of the beach.

Heavy sunset clouds

Back at the van. We have a prime spot on the water front right next to the pier. Wish we had paddle boards with us as it would be amazing for that! Ok so we don’t have paddle boards but that’s a minor issue….

I’ve had another really good day. I’ve been calm and in control. I only got a real fear when I had to climb a 10% incline hill in the van just outside Balmaha.

I hate that hill…. Hate is a strong word but I have to go down to first gear to get up it…. It just gives me the fear. 😱😆

Craig will be up after his meeting tomorrow with Calaidh and Freya. The forecast is not great but we’ll be outside the minute the sun shines… making hay…. 🤦🏻‍♀️😂

Bhru and I are going to settle down early for the night!

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

Day 864 I ran like the wind this morning! 🏃🏻‍♀️🏃🏻‍♀️🏃🏻‍♀️ ok not quite but it felt like I did!

I bloody loved the Fit Body Farm this morning.

Some days I feel like a lead brick and when we do the 5 minute warm up run and yet today I settled into it quite easily. 🏃🏻‍♀️

We did some more barbell weights which I really enjoyed. Then we run for 3 minutes in between each weights session and I really loved the running. Every time!! That’s so not like me! It felt really good. ♥️

So I’ve had another good day. I’ve been really focussed and got loads done.

When I came home I met my neighbour Jane outside the house. She was heading off for a walk so I popped into the house to get Calaidh and went for a walk with her. I knew if I came into the house I’d have slumped down on the couch and not moved.

It was good to get moving and blow off some cobwebs after a busy day and Calaidh loved it!

My evening visualisation says that I have to imagine I’m out walking along a beach and I start to run…. And soon I’m running like the wind… just because I can. It just felt so good today to run without being absolutely exhausted.

Nothing is more important to me than living in peace.

I’m meeting the Crochet Hookers tonight so there won’t be much peace tonight 😆 but it’s great to catch up on the news…. And maybe manage to get another couple of granny squares under my belt!

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

Day 863 a really good day for no real reason 🥰

I must start by saying I did not have a meeting in the village hall last night…. Everyone who is more grown up than me and actually keeps a diary, knew it was Monday 5th September. She who just can’t seem to do that really needs to take a leaf out of their book. 🤦🏻‍♀️😂

I knew the minute I issued the blog…. But hey…

So I use Google Calendar for reminders but it was so cluttered with info that I couldn’t see what was actually in it! I can see Craig’s work calendar and I also had my work logged in it… like I didn’t know I was meant to be there 4 days a week from 8-4 🤦🏻‍♀️😂

I’ve cleared it all out and just left the things I need to see.

So who knows if it will make a difference but I already know I’ve two things after work next week…. I mean check me, that’s progress 😆

So back to my day…. I should start by saying I’ve been a bit bored by the mundane recently. I must say that this is in no way a slight on anyone or anything in my life but I don’t drink so there’s no “ahhhhh that’s better moments” and I’m not stuffing my face full of sweets anymore so I don’t get any excitement from that… I’ve just been a bit meh with the day to day.

I wasn’t looking forward to my day today and so did a meditation before work and I tried really hard to focus on the positives and things to be grateful for and found myself with a spring in my step.

I found lots of great positive things on FB today too. I feel like I’m manifesting lots of good thoughts if that’s possible?

This time 4 years ago my world was unravelling.

I was pretty much in tears all day at work back then. My careful spinning of a million plates was coming to an end. My incessant people pleasing was finally taking its toll. In a few weeks time I would head into work on that Monday morning, 3rd September 2018 and start to cry and never be able to stop. I would drive home around midday unable to see the road in front of me and that was the start of my sick leave.

When I think back to that time I remember just how afraid I was… of absolutely everything.

I was living my life on the edge, I was exhausted, I felt like I was failing everyone around me…. Oooh that brought the tears….

It’s painful but important for me to see how far I have come. I felt I was letting everyone down, I could no longer be everything to everyone. I couldn’t keep anyone happy anymore and it felt like my whole life was falling apart before my eyes.

I was slowly slipping into the most terrifying phase of my life so far.

And look at me now (never start a sentence with “and”…. let alone a paragraph!!) I might be at the other extreme where I put myself before everything else. There may need to be some happy medium. 😆

I have learned how important it is for me to relax, to take time out and to make decisions that protect my mental health. I have to stay away from drama at all costs!!

So yeah, it’s been a lovely day. Chatted to lots of lovely customers at work, enjoyed the other work that I did and feel really grateful for such a good day.

This is a perfect example of my manifesting things today…. I was listening to an old “Julie” mix on Spotify and every song really hit me in the gut. The swell of emotion with each turn, the memories stirred, my life flashed before my eyes in that one playlist…. And then I see this!

I have always envied people who could listen to music all the time…. I can’t always take the emotions that music stirs up for me.

So who knows what’s next in my journey…. Jeez, I’m very philosophical tonight.

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

Day 862 IT’S RAINING!!!! ☔️☔️☔️

It was so difficult to get out of bed this morning….. will we go? should we go? are we going? All these thoughts ringing around my head. But we got out of bed and we went to the Fit Body Farm. I was really chuffed I did it.

We were also lucky to get a dry session at the farm this morning. It was 19°C when we left the house which is positively roasting. There were apparently loud thunder storms overnight but I didn’t hear any of them. Don’t know if it hit us or not but the temperature has dropped a fair few degrees through the day.

And since about 7.45am it has not stopped raining. It’s good for the grass and half of England is crying out for rain, we should be very grateful. I’m not sure I am that much, if I’m really honest 🤦🏻‍♀️🤣😆

I made some lovely fajitas for dinner and we have a meeting in the village hall tonight at 7pm about speeding traffic through our village. We’re meeting a local councillor to voice our concerns.

It’s been a quiet, calm day and long may that continue.

Stay safe everyone ☔️☔️☔️

Day 861 a day spent in the garden… another beautiful day! ☀️🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿☀️

Ok so this is definitely Scottish summer…. All plans go out the window as we rush outside in case it’s the last sunshine we see this year. It’s been 25°C here which doesn’t happen very often.

And yes I have been known to do an ironing in the back garden before… just because it was sunny!! 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️😂

So we’ve been out in the garden since about 8am. We started by tackling the weeds that have taken over the world this year. I guess it means that we haven’t stayed on top of them as we should.

I also moved some plants… maybe not the best move but hey we couldn’t see them where they were anyway!

I then spent most of the day pressure washing the grass….. we are very lucky not to have the quagmire that we used to have when we had real grass but now have to wash the artificial grass. With three dogs, winter played havoc without beautiful lawn and the dogs were trawling mud through the house ever time it rained. This shows how bad out grass got….

And today before cleaning….

And after!!

It’s like we hoovered the garden and it feels great. So many weeds in the bin and so much garden rubbish tidied up.

By 2pm we were both pretty narky and in need of food but it was a job well done.

This weekend has been wonderful. The hot weather has made it feel like a real holiday and a break from work. When you stop waiting for the next best thing to come and start appreciating every day for what it is, then life feels so much better.

The girls have been warned…. No mess on my clean grass!!!

I did knock one of my lovely roses off the rose bush… such a shame but it looks beautiful in this bud vase.

Oh and the bed is stripped and washed and another two washing loads done! You know you’re getting older when a sunny day means a good washing day.

So here’s to a great week. Let’s try and break the cycle of thinking Monday to Wednesday are the drudge and appreciate them for what they are… I might need to remind myself of that 😂😂

Stay safe everyone ☀️🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿☀️

Day 860 a lazy morning by the sea, lovely drive home then lounging in the garden, hard life eh?? ☀️🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿☀️

Wow I slept like a log last night, almost 12 hours! Out for the count. I think I racked up about 15k steps yesterday so musta needed it!

She who never breaks the rules is actually willingly rule breaking today…. Check me. 😂 I say that and you’ll realise it’s like hardly the biggest rule in the world to be broken…. We’re meant to be off the campsite by 10am. It’s 12.22pm and I’m still sitting here!!!

Now… to be fair, I did ask the man…. Love that my idea of breaking the rules is to ask if it’s ok to break it first 🤣

There’s a lovely breeze here taking off the worst of the heat and I’m right out on the edge of the grass banking looking over her sea as I crochet … I’m like some 80 year old in her element!

I had this strange desire to sit and watch the tide come right in. It’s not a very pretty beach here when the tide is out. Very rocky, stony and it look more like debris than anything else… however when the tide is in, it’s beautiful. I wanted to see how high up it actually came and watch it start going back out again. Where do these ideas come come?!?

This is what it looked like first thing over morning coffee.

Craig said it was overcast at home and he’s working this morning so where’s the rush?!?

This solitude is addictive. The more I grow in confidence the more I just want silence. I realise that’s not particularly healthy and need to strike a happy balance. I have spoken to Craig loads while I’ve been away so it’s not as if we’ve not been in touch.

I just got everything that I wanted from this trip.

I’m right next to the sea and there isn’t another soul anywhere near me. This is the quietest campsite ever. Lots of folk in their static vans seem to be indoors.

There’s no one else on the grass at all. It’s just perfect. The tide is up high and looking pretty!

There are some high level clouds today. It’s very hot but the cool breeze of the sea is just perfect.

I caught both the P&O and Stena Line ferries racing each other into Cairnryan. I had no idea how busy that port was having never been to Northern Ireland. Stena Line runs 5 ferries a day to Belfast, it takes 2 hours and 15 minutes and P&O run 6 to Larne which only takes 2 hours.

It’s on 10X zoom so not the best!

Every time I look round there’s another ferry driving or leaving, or so it seems!

I packed Abbie up and swept everything out, aired the bedding, it’s amazing what a difference sunshine can make. I literally just have to take the bags out when I get home.

The sun just went behind a cloud for the first time in days!

This is my wee spot for the morning and I sat here until 12.30 when the need for a wee gets me moving!

And this…… just hit the mark when my friend Carol-Ann shared this today!

I am so proud of how far I have come and how much I am able to enjoy life now. For anyone feeling really low temper that the good days will come back. You just have to take one day at a time, be present in the current moment and appreciate all that you have as simple as it may seem.

I may have gone a bit crazy with this lamppost….. 😂

Normal day time, once with sunset, after sunset and with sunrise in it! Obsessed much?! Maybe need to get back to gates??! 😂

So I left my little peace of heaven at 1pm and had a lovely drive with my newly found aircon working all the way home. Also love the fact I’ve had her since June 2020 and only now realise the aircon actually does work….. 🙄😆

Took 2 hours as there was a 5 car pile up on the A78. Looked really bad considering it was just before a roundabout when folk should have been slowing down.

Craig had bought some Forum Ice-cream from Kilmarnock yesterday! The Avery clan will all be jealous!! The Forum Café makes the best vanilla ice-cream, it tastes like condensed milk. I had a huge bowl of that and now I’m sitting outside in scorching hot 25°C heat without my lovely sea breeze…. It’s intense as we are sooooo not used to this.

It’s lovely to be home, (the dogs went crazy) and I’ve had the best weekend and it’s only Saturday afternoon!

The ducks don’t always line up like they did this weekend but everything went in my favour…. Even these swans…

Sometimes I think I’m funny…… 😂😂

Stay safe everyone ☀️🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿☀️

Day 859 continued! A lovely day in Portpatrick ⛵️🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿☀️🌊

Now I know fine well that you can love anywhere that the sun shines… it has a habit of making everything look so stunningly beautiful. I have a feeling that Portpatrick can do that whatever the weather.

I don’t feel awkward travelling alone anymore. I do wonder if they clock the wummin in orange dungaree shorts going here, there and everywhere but I guess that all visitors do that!

After a walk round the town I head up the steps of the cliff to the aptly named Portpatrick Hotel. It’s huge!

The steps take you right up onto the cliff beside it. It’s actually part of the Southern Upland Way.

Even the steps are beautiful with the wild flowers against the deep blue of the sky and the sea. There are stunning views from the top of the cliff.

Showing Portpatrick in all its glory.

There’s a diversion in the path due to corrosion around a disused radio station and then you come to North Witch Rock. The coastline is really dramatic with steep cliffs and lots of stacks like this.

I carried on towards Sandeel Beach Bay. I stopped when I could see it rather than when I got to it! It was very hot for a big walk!

It’s a beautiful day and once again I’m fully present in the moment. I’m not worrying about anything, overthinking anything, regretting anything. It’s a welcome relief from the bad anxiety days.

I head back down to earth 🤣 and potter about for a bit.

I head back to the van and get some breakfast. It’s still only 11am. I sit for a while out on the rocks but have to move sadly due to the overwhelming smell of urine…. It’s a perfect place for people to jump over and have a quick pee without anyone looking. It’s sadly disgusting and spoils a beautiful spot. I guess everyone who does that will not realise they are not the first and won’t be the last.

Fed and watered and with Claire’s directions I set off up the other cliff to explore Dunskey Castle ruins. She called this killer hill in her text… I can see why!!

But look at the view…

In the distance I spot the ruined Dunskey Castle, it’s pretty dramatic up on the edge of the cliff.

There’s a sign saying private property and a gate across the entrance. There are fences at either side to stop you getting around it but they’re all torn down and there’s a family in the castle up at one of the windows, half hanging out posing for photos!

Nothing will allow me to go in there. Another one of my rules… but it seems everyone passing is torn too. As we watch the adults scramble round the broken fence and the kids climb through a hole in the gate I hear a lady say… that’s some example to set your kids. Any thoughts I may have had about heading in are blown away again…. 😂

Another random dandelion doing it’s bit for Scottish tourism. It’s was such a vibrant yellow against the blue sea.

So heading back down the way I came I decided to find some lunch. The Crown had been recommended but it was heaving so I popped into the Boardwalk Cafe… only to find if only did pizza and kebabs etc… I wanted to be healthier than that. I headed into a wee village shop which had a very limited selection so I picked up some morning rolls and some corned beef. I should have been better prepared than that but it did the job and on a budget too!

I sat here and ate lunch.

By this time I’m pretty knackered so I spend the rest of my time in Portpatrick wondering around and stopping for a seat when I needed it. I got a a Mint Magnum from the Boardwalk Café… soooo good but ended up dropping the last of it down my front 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️😂

I wanted to go to some other places today but honestly staying right there felt right. It’s too hot to be driving too much.

Some reflections in the van!

I headed home through Stranraer to Lidl and now have some more supplies. I’m currently sitting here….

Despite my factor 50 I may be burning a bit in the wind. The tide is heading back out again so I’m gonna sit here and read a book or crochet.

Life in my lane doesn’t get much faster than this!

Happy weekend to you all!

Stay safe everyone ☀️🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿☀️

Day 859 a lovely sunset last night a day in Portpatrick a lovely little village by the sea! ⛵️🌊

I am having the most amazing time!

Last nights sunset was amazing and I took a trillion photos. My favourite was catching the setting sun in the old fashioned lamp on the campsite.

I was really chuffed with that.

I took my deckchair down to the water and soaked up every minute of the quiet setting sun. I didn’t even read my book, there was too much to see!

Check the wee birdie flying too a close to the sun!

I met a lovely lady who loved the campsite so much that her and her husband sold up and moved into a static van. She told me that there were Alpacas and baby goats on the campsite too…. Why wouldn’t there be so I took a dusk walk to have a nosey around the site and find them.

Some of the static vans look a bit shanty town like but the majority are beautifully kept. I found a whole menagerie of animals including the cutest black cat!

The sunset continued to wow.

And then the last super moon of 2022 started to rise.

Have to say that I didn’t sleep that well…. There’s a lot of traffic noise from the road and I was a bit cold from 3am so I got the blankets out, ear plugs in and slept until 7.20am. It’s another beautiful day.

The view from my bed!
I sat here and had some breakfast

I headed up to the shower block which aren’t the best but did the job… then hit the road to Portpatrick.

This is my neighbour, Claire’s, favourite place ever and it did not disappoint.

It’s a beautiful harbour village. It was a lovely drive to get here too.

I’m sitting here writing this just now.

I took a lovely walk through the village. The breeze is lovely and cool and when it stops it’s pretty damn hot for Scotland!

WordPress is struggling so I guess I’m making the blog too big too fast so I’ll write a second blog for the rest of the day. 🤦🏻‍♀️♥️😂

Stay safe everyone ☀️🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿☀️