Day 876 how can I wax lyrical today?

Afraid it had to be a quickie tonight. Despite being off work, I have totally run out of day! I have Kinesiology starting in 4 minutes!

It’s that butterfly again!

I’ve felt a bit better again today thankfully but of course, after the self created drama of the last 3 days, I am exhausted.

It looks like Craig’s car is stuck in the garage now getting the part fixed yet so I’m spending my holiday at home and I must remember how lucky I am to actually have a holiday and stop stropping about how it’s not going my way!

I took a wee trip down to Prestwick today. As Craig’s job cancelled last minute this afternoon. Had a wander round the charity shops and then down to the beach. There was nothing particular picturesque about it today.

I then drove homeward bound through Troon. It was a weeeee bit better…. only because the sun came out!

Very dark clouds….. but no rain today. Metaphorically too!

This was about as sunny as it got today.

So true!

So I was lucky enough to be invited next door for my dinner tonight, Holly was making a lovely Indian spread and it was soooo good but I had to dash home for Kinesiology at 7.30pm.

That’s me just finished just now. Lots of great stuff to process. As usual I go in like a tornado and come out like a meandering river. I won’t even try to explain it as it’s all just processing. I love Heath Kinesiology, it is impossible to explain but it sure as hell works for me!!

It’s nearly 10pm (I certainly get my moneys worth!!) and I’m ready for a great sleep. I’m calm and relaxed. Pretty zonked actually. Long may that continue.

I love this!

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

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