Day 873 a lovely first day of holiday paddle boarding with The Ayrshire Paddleboard Co 🏄🏻‍♀️

I’ve had THE best first day of holiday!

Like everything else I do just now this wasn’t planned and was soooo last minute but I’ve been wanting to try paddle boarding again since that first session we had when the Fit Body Farm introduced us to it.

Charlene at The Ayrshire Paddleboard Co was one of the instructors that trained us back then so I’ve followed her on FB since. Click the link above if you want to check her out!

So first things first…. I went to the Fit Body Farm at 6am, as I do!

It was dark when the alarm went off at 5am and he-who-has-been-driving-Abbie-the-camper-van in our one van family had used up all the fuel! I tried to stop at the Esso garage in Stewarton on the way there, but they had a tanker in refuelling 😱 I crossed my fingers and drove to the Farm!

It was a great session today. There weren’t many of us this morning as FBF are hosting a Hyrox event tomorrow so folk are resting in time for tomorrow. I’m not doing the Hyrox as I just didn’t feel fit enough this time but I had a great class this morning.

We were tyre flipping, mini assault coursing, weight plate pinching, pushing and pulling sleds. There were some photos taken this morning… here I am at the start of the mini assault course.

It was a good laugh but hard work out. You can see the size of the tyres in the background! They were huge and really heavy to lift. 🛞 We did each exercise for a minute before we moved around the circuit but it really sets you up for the day.

Home passed the petrol station where Kirstin, the girl I’d been working out with, was just finishing filling her car. I was stuck in a bit of a queue to get in and she shouted did I want a coffee?! How lovely, she got me a coffee just as I went in to pay!

So back home after enjoying my Costa Coffee latte all the way and ironically into the shower, despite having booked a paddle boarding beginners session for this morning . You have to shower after FBF!

So I’d seen yesterday that The Ayrshire Paddleboard Co had some cancellations for today so I messaged and booked in for the session today at 11am. I went on my own and it was lovely to see that the 3 other lovely women that joined me, were on their own too. It was a lovely wee group of like minded people.

It was a workout in itself getting in to the wetsuit but I’m so lucky I had the space in the van to stretch into it. I was knackered but glad I’d arrived half and hour early to get this done before I blew up the board 😂

Charlene supplies everything you will need. The paddle board, oar and wetsuit. The session started in the rain but hey it’s quite refreshing as you know you’re only going to get wetter.

She shows us how to inflate the board properly, another workout to get it to the correct inflation and then takes us over to the pond near the Booker Cash and Carry in Irvine.

While we’re still on dry land she shows us how to go from kneeling to standing as safely as possible and she talks us through all the potential dangers we could face.

Here we all are posing before we head out…. I’m far left. Should say these photos are all courtesy of Charlene!

The pond is an old landfill site that’s been flooded but the water is tested every year as it’s used for triathlons so they know that is good quality. I am very pleased to report I spent a lot more time ON the water than in it, this time!

Yet here we are getting acclimatised before we head out…. Theory is this makes falling in less of a shock.

The water really is pretty warm once you’re fully immersed in a wetsuit.

This next shot gives you an idea of the size of the boards.

Pretty soon we are out on the boards and getting used to paddling.

I actually managed to stay on my feet for a large part of the session today. I’m really chuffed as that was a big fear of mine the last time.

My legs were like jelly trying to balance, it gets easier the longer you stay up and then I got a wobble again, but on the whole I was a lot more stable than the last session.

The pond is beautiful as the breeze dies down and the water is flat calm at times.

I’m sure someone said let’s get our paddles up for a photo!

I went for it!!

Check me… standing AND chatting… 😂

The sky is dark and moody but soon clears to beautiful sunshine.

We even carefully paddled through some reeds at one point. I’m just out through them here.

And this… is my rear end, maybe the first and last time that will be in the blog. 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️😆

We were attempting a caterpillar to show how to help rescue someone if they had lost their oar or were unable to paddle back to safety for some reason. I’m trying to get the board behind me up on mine so the girl at the front can paddle off with us all attached!

The sun feels hot and the pond sparkles in the sun. It’s really a randomly beautiful location. I must go up there sometime and take some photos. My phone was locked away in the van!

In this next one I’m having a wee lie down as we get towed around in our caterpillar!

We stayed out for a bit longer than the 2 hour session and I had a wee float in the water at the end just because I could. As you do!

The van was lovely and warm in the sun when we got back and let the air out of the boards. Charlene even had some snacks for us, I mean come on…. That’s the icing on the cake!

I really had the best time. I’m so chuffed that I stood up for longer and really enjoyed our time on the water. I was buzzing by the time I left to drive home.

I had my second shower of the day and then had a 2 hour nap! I think I deserved it.

We’re having Chinese takeaway for dinner tonight with movies so all in all a great day.

I felt no anxiety or fear today and the coached sessions really help allay any fears you might have. Charlene is fully trained and has had to rescue some beginners in the pond who were there by themselves, over the last few months.

If you’re interested in paddle boarding I’d really recommend booking a session to learn about it before you just jump on in!

So here’s to a great weekend!

Stay safe everyone 🏄🏻‍♀️🏄🏻‍♀️🏄🏻‍♀️