Day 868 a lovely morning, drive home, van all cleaned out and a long nap!

After the noise of the wind yesterday, it was lovely and calm last night.

The sky was lovely after the sun went down.

There were loads of midgies around last night. We had to light our Smokin Midge last night.

This is really good! Super basic but seems to do the job. It’s just a wee tin with holes in it and Clava cones which you light up and smoke the wee b’s out!!! I just ordered some more cones for the next time we are away.

I see questions on lots of Scottish travel pages asking what the midges are like.

Lots of folk get really terrified of them but we have been really lucky and rarely get bothered by them.

So this little baby slept with me last night. I had to move her to get into bed!

I woke up to this…. It’s so calm and just truly beautiful.

The dogs leads hanging from the wing mirror look really pretty. They are very rarely fanned out like that and usually in a total tangle 😆

A lovely set up!

How funny that I should see this today…. That wind was really talking to me yesterday and winding me up something chronic!

I loved the silence after the noise of the wind…… and this next one….. I’ve seen so much since I stopped working my ass off and I started looking around.

I really am learning to live for the moment, in the moment and appreciate everything for what it is. This moment… right now… is life.

It’s not the stuff we buy, the clothes we wear….


It’s not the job we hold or the amount of money we have.

It’s how we choose to live our lives and the memories that we make.

It’s the memories that we take with us.

We only get one shot at this so…. do you. Do what works for you. Do what makes you happy and think outside the rat race. Think outside of stuff.

I never had any boundaries and now I have so many I’ve almost built walls around me…. But that’s what works for me. It’s what keeps me happy.

We were home by 11.30am, lucky that beautiful campsite is so close to home.

Abbie is all hoovered and cleaned out. I love that bit too and will be all chuffed when I got out to the Farm at 5.30am tomorrow and she’s all tidy and smelling lovely.

And then I showered and then collapsed in a heap on the couch for a few hours and had the best nap. It’s been a while but I musta needed it!

Here’s to having a lovely week and appreciating every minute of every day.

The pups have been great this weekend but they are very happy to be home.

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

4 thoughts on “Day 868 a lovely morning, drive home, van all cleaned out and a long nap!

    1. Oh yeah I know we are so lucky it’s still beautifully green. I’ve seen so many photos down south now that look like they are abroad to me…. I hope you get some rain soon, I hope we get slightly less if I’m honest 😬😂😘 xx

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