Day 847 a productive day that ended with a seat out in lovely sunshine ☀️

I woke at 6.15am….. by 8.30am we had both done all of the housework and sat down to a coffee.

Check….. Us….. ✅

It’s been a few weeks since I gutted everything so it badly needed doing and Craigie was quite happy to start cleaning at 7am…. God love him…. 🫶🏼 I guess he knows it will keep me from moaning for the rest of the day!!

About 10am I took the dogs out for a walk and spotted these 3 wee guys on the top of this gate. They didn’t move until we were almost past them.

Bhru started having a munch of the grass so I clicked at will trying to see if I’d get a funny shot of her.

How good is that!!!!

It looks like she’s photobombed a shot but shame it’s only grass in the background. Made me chuckle!

There was lots of lovely grass being sniffed and munched on today.

By this time I’ve already done two loads of washing and hung it out to dry. It’s overcast but warm enough.

Clean bed tonight!

We’ve burnt some wood and garden rubbish, done another washing, oh and I had a coffee with Claire in the garden. She brought these lovely hydrangeas from her garden.

Beautiful flowers!

Then we went into the pub about 2ish for a toastie and I’ve been sitting in the sun reading ever since. It’s been a lovely late afternoon. I feel calm but have no notion to do anything else. I’m really tired but it’s too late for a nap. Just an early night in clean bed I think… woo hoo.

So nothing exiting to report today… a doing day.

It’s been a great weekend. A real break. I feel like I’ve had a holiday!

Here’s to a great week ahead for us all.

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️