Day 828 day 4 of COVID round 2 and finally negative 🥳🎉

Well that was a quick COVID round 2 but it knocked the stuffing out of me.

I say this writing on the couch with my feet up, exhausted and yet planning to go back to work tomorrow… how much of that is caused by having done nothing all weekend?

Oh really, that’s good then?!? Surely if I was infectious I’d be positive?!? 😆

It’s that limbo between feeling better but not sure if you are better enough… only one way to find out. I’m hoping that work helps me wake back up again.

To be fair, I wouldn’t be going if I didn’t think I could. There’s some spark of positivity there!

The guidelines are such that implies I stay home another day but I’m negative and everyone else is running about out there not testing anymore so I don’t suppose I’m causing any issue. 🙈🙊🤣

The magazines honestly have been a godsend. I’ve done more crosswords today… badly as Craig’s been at work! I’ve slowly started to climb the walls so that’s how I know I’m ready….

Strangely my negative resulted coincided with Craig needing picked up from the garage. That was a complete fluke but of course I drove to pick him up. Everything moves past you pretty fast when you’ve moved at a snails pace since Thursday!

So I have nothing else to report today. Found loads of things to share so will get on with that!

So I do want to talk a bit about the next one….

This next photo of me was taken less than 3 months before I fell apart…..

This was the side of me I chose to share with everyone yet inside I was a terrified mess. I was falling apart at the seams and I couldn’t keep it together.

It was the thinnest I’d been in a while, I loved me a Rosé wine, loved people to see me in the sun enjoying my vino. Needed the wine to take the stress out of the day job, out of the life I’d created by putting everyone before myself. I was starting to drop all the juggling balls one by one.

And this is the me I share today….

Tested negative less than an hour ago outside the front door, still in the same jammie bottoms as yesterday. 🙈 ok funny weird grin but if you had to pick you’d say the top photo was the happy one. That’s the fake smile, hide everything smile and I wore that like a badge for most of my life.

Now I wear my heart on my sleeve and share it all. Even the dirty hair 🙈


Stay safe everyone 🌻🌻🌻