Day 829 a very busy day for 1st day back!

It’s 7.11pm and I’ve not sat down yet… this will have to be a quickie. 🙊

Of course I lay awake for hours waiting on work and I was fine! so much for taking it easy though…. 🙊🤣

Home for 4.30pm and into the village pub for 5pm celebrating 15 years of our lovely friends owning it!

Craig said yesterday that I keep talking about neighbours and of course our neighbours are actually very good friends now…. He has a very good point!

This photo shows our own private view of the pub from our garden.

It’s 7.15 now and I’ve just spent a few lovely hours in the beer garden catching up with everyone. It was really lovely and unexpected on a Tuesday night. I’ve no photos as I was too busy eating 🙈 poor Craig is working and missed it!

It’s a lovely evening. It’s still warm and it was nice to put something a bit smarter on than the jammies I’ve been living in the last few days.

It’s so lovely to feel better. ♥️

The roses look beautiful in the sunshine

Now I have online Kinesiology at 7.30 so I’m sitting outside writing like fury as I throw balls for el doggos! They need a good run around before I shut them in the house again.

Better dash, got 2 minutes till my zoom meeting starts.

Stay safe everyone ☀️☀️☀️