Day 833 a lovely lunch out!

Let’s start with last night, I had a lovely dinner with Claire and Graeme.

We sat outside until 8ish and was getting much cooler by then.

I came home, jammies on and watched Persuasion on Netflix. A good girly movie for when you’re having a quiet night in! I didn’t get to bed until 11pm but CLEAN SHEETS…. Yay!!

Up this morning, made coffee and porridge and off out with the puppers. It’s much cooler today.

So many thistle like flowers are appearing now.

I threw a ball for them until they were knackered!

I came home, had my shower and got bags of clothes ready to take to the charity shop down in Irvine.

Now here’s a huge anxiety of mine….. Wait for it as it’s right out there with the crazy anxieties… I hate taking things to charity in case they don’t want it… yeah you heard that right. I assume they are gonna be annoyed with the amount that I take in and think that I shouldn’t take so much.

Loopy. 🫣

What if I can’t get parked close to the shop? What if it’s really busy on Saturday? What if I can’t park the van in the narrow space? What if I hit something? Should I take the stuff in first or check they are taking donations first? What if they are annoyed at me??? (Oh my god why on earth…. But it’s my fear…)

So. Guess what? I got parked pretty close, it wasn’t busy, they take donations, they were really lovely (as any other person would expect them to be) and I am 9 bags of clothes lighter.


Easy as that.

I’ve been meaning to do this for maybe about 6 months and every week does I say next weekend and then stress that I didn’t do it. 🤦🏻‍♀️

Surprisingly pretty damn proud of myself for finally facing it. 🥳🤣

I then went to meet my Auntie Marion and Gordon for lunch! They’d been over this way twice in the last few weeks… the first week I suspected I may have covid so cancelled. The second week I actually did have covid and I messaged and said shame they weren’t over this weekend as I was free…. And they came all the way over specially!!

We went to Gro Coffee in Irvine . If you haven’t been before click the link and check out their menu. I just love it there!

I had the breakfast taco 🌮

It was amazing. The flavours bursting with every bite.

We did not… repeat… not have any cakes. Check us!!

We went for a wander along the harbour after lunch, it was quite warm.

Now this is a large dandelion…. So random but looking lovely.

A guy behind us stopped to take a photo too! The most, if not only, photographed dandelion in Irvine.

The tide was right in which was lovely.

We sat right here for a wee while admiring the view.

The beach was pretty busy. When the tides right in it seems so small but there were loads of folk down there today and in the sea.

I came back up the road and sat and read for a bit and now I’m watched another Netflix movie… The Best of Me.

I’m so tired after all that sea air. Will be an early night tonight and Craig’s home tomorrow.

He’s having a great time.

He better not mess the house up with his camping gear when he comes home.

Just saying 🤭🤣😘

Have a lovely Saturday night.

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️