Day 836 a record breaking HOT day in the UK

That’s some statement isn’t it….. hotter than 98.8% of the planet. Thankfully we had nowhere near that but poor mum and dad (along with millions of others obviously!) we’re stuck right in the thick of it.

It started late morning… the weather in England hit a record breaking high.

And the highs just continued to come throughout the day.

And finally….


I reckon we only had a big of 25°C today at work but it was still super hot so can’t begin to imagine what 40.3°C felt like.

It was all everyone spoke about when I was calling suppliers in England. Their fans were just blowing hot air around their offices! Ours was too but boss man bought us a Walls Calippo about 2.15pm today that was so good! Sooooo cold!

So really sadly there are huge fires in London today.

I actually cried when I saw this on tv tonight. There’s footage of guys out in their back garden hosing down houses next door that are on fire… desperately trying to stop the fire from reaching their own property.

Also the firefighters dealing with this unprecedented event and having to work in 40°heat. My heart breaks for everyone who has lost their home today and been involved in some way. A tragic end to a record breaking day. 💔

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️