Day 834 20°C and I did precious little all day!

I woke at 4.30am…. Wide awake in my big empty double bed. I blame the lovely Gro Coffee yesterday as I forgot to ask for decaf…. Again 🤦🏻‍♀️🤣

I read for a bit and fell back to sleep until 8.15am when I thought I better rescue Bhruic and Freya from their ivory tower….. they hadn’t made a sound all night. I went upstairs to bring them down and they’d had the big light on in their room. 💡😱

I felt so bad…. Trying to sleep in bright light must have been torture.

How lovely is this?

To be fair, they’ve been fine all day so it obviously didn’t deprive them of sleep.

I let them out and then we lay in bed for a while and read… ok I lay in bed while the pestered the life out of me to get up!

They lay outside while I had my coffee and watched this pigeon walk around the garden like it owned the place. They never moved until it flapped and flew away which caused great excitement.

We went for a walk with Holly, Leo and Nacho. Team Cockapoo vs Team Border Collie!

It’s really close today. The sun wasn’t out but it was T-shirt weather for the dog walk.

The crazy heat is still coming.

What we are expecting in Ayrshire is nothing compared to down south of England where Mum and Dad are.

41° and 42°C in there (up to 107°F for my Fahrenheit friends!!)

It seems Australia are also having recorded breaking cold spells…..

The blog has turned into a forecast again eh?!?

So apart from the dog walk today… I have done nothing else! I’ve sat in the hazy sun and read a whole book.

Craig and Calaidh were home by 12pm and have had a great time but missed me sooooo much I heard them say. 🙄

I’ve been working on some meditation this weekend. Convincing my body that it does not need all the sweet sugary things it’s been craving.

I’ve downloaded The Gabriel Method – the revolutionary diet free way to totally transform your body. (How’s that for a sales pitch?!?)

I know I’m easily impressionable these days but after 4 nights listening to the 10 minute free meditation, I really find it helping my food choices already. It’s taken away the crazy, crazy urge for sugar which has got to help.

Actually that’s very unfair of me to say…. Easily impressionable…. Belittling myself….I mean that I am proudly in tune with my energies so I’m able to fully believe that this is possible. Just have to make the meditation part of my daily routine and stick with it.

I’ve taken a lot on board this week about me causing my own anxiety and I’m trying to turn things around by manifesting the good stuff rather than constantly bringing the bad.

I’d you don’t change anything then nothing ever changes.

Dinner miraculously appeared from Holly in the pub tonight…. So lovely and almost like she knew I never had much in. I ate the steak, mushroom and onion in red wine gravy with the turnip mash. A few days ago I’d have scoffed the lot them been looking for dessert… long may this continue.

So Sunday night already. I’ve had a lovely “empty” weekend but it’s been lovely to have them back. The gang are all back together again.


Here’s to a beautiful week of sunshine for us Scots and some scary heat for my lovely friends and family in England.

Stay cool and hydrated.

If you want to change one thing this weekend then practise daily gratitude…. Every night before you go to bed… just 3 things to be grateful for. Even if they seem silly at the time and make you smile at their ridiculousness….. if that’s even a word. It’s good to go to bed only something positive.

Stay safe everyone 🔥🔥🔥