Day 844 when you wear shorts to work and get torrential rain 🤦🏻‍♀️😆

I didn’t post last night as I had a really low day yesterday.

I felt very tearful when I first woke up, so much so that I decided to try and get a Kinesiology appointment to help sort out the extreme thoughts in my head.

I was lucky enough to get one for 5pm.

It was meant to be.

I didn’t want to write another post about feeling bad. There’s always the fear that I’ll “slip back” into depression and that fear probably makes me feel worse.

Anyway. Last night’s session focused on self forgiveness and gave me the following affirmation to say every day.

“I am clear, I am defined and I am on my path”.

I’ve felt so out of sorts recently with the burning desire to travel and a million reasons why it can’t be done. I felt trapped by the reality.

I see all these things saying life is short and yet I spend weekends doing nothing and going nowhere.

Hence the self forgiveness….

As usual…. The session does the trick. I am exhausted but I feel so much more calm than I did when I went in.

I get myself into such a state at times. I was about to say… for no reason… but that actually not true. These days my mind screams at me when it doesn’t like something….. I used to go about my day pleasing everyone else in the world, apart from myself…. Yet these days something goes “uh oh, no way, not this again, stop right there, something’s not right, here we go again…” and the chatter is incessant.

The minute I figure out what’s actually causing it….. calm.

So yeah, a much better mindset today.

I’m still really tired but no wonder as I’ve overthought so much there must have been 6 weeks worth of thinking in this one week.

I’ve got a wee half hour massage booked at Harmony in Beith tonight….and I need it. I’ve built up so much tension and worked hard at the Fit Body Farm.

Not gonna lie. It’s over as fast as I can type that sentence. 🤷🏻‍♀️🤣

It was amazing and I think I must have almost drifted off…. Need to do that more often. Norma works wonders. 💜

We’ve had a good week at work. I’ve just been battling negative thoughts and that’s made it so much harder.

Yeah shorts today, not my smartest move…. It’s not been that warm and the heavens opened about 3.30pm and I got soaked when I left work and had to take parcels to the Post Office.

Funny though after Tough Mudder…. None of that actually matters. 😆

And it’s now my weekend!

I’m ready for a rest.

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️