Day 846 wake up in a van in Largs then have a lovely family day in Edinburgh!

It was a lovely day in Largs yesterday!

I had a lovely chill out back at the van after our late lunch. I went for a walk.

Found this lovely old bridge.

I make a feta cheese and egg salad for dinner last night. It started to rain slightly about 6.30pm so I moved into the van and sat and read and crocheted.

The campsite was jumping when I turned in at 9.30. I couldn’t keep my eyes open which is just as well as there were loads of folk having a blast.

All cosy

This but might only make sense to the Scottish amongst you but the two Natalie’s next to me… or “twa Nahalies” were cackling like a witches coven…. If I heard the name “Nahalie” once I heard it a million times!

It rained a fair bit overnight but I slept like a log. I can confirm the twa Nats we’re still going strong at 1.40am. 😆

Good news is they’re off to find a pub in Largs today so the campsite might be a bit quieter 🤣🤣🤣

It was really misty and damp this morning.

I had a lovely coffee and egg and feta Warburton’s thin…. (Bit of an egg and feta theme here….) for breakfast. I lay and read until just before 10. May have had a nap too.

Took this photo as I was leaving.

Shows how busy it was.

I headed down into Largs for a fender and a takeaway coffee from Costa.

Much gloomier today.

Back home, showered and out for a trip over to Edinburgh.

Mum’s cousin David is over from Australia so we’re all getting together to see him while he’s home.

We have had the loveliest day! We’ve been in Duddingston in Edinburgh at mum’s cousin Joyce’s. (funny how I call her that!)

I do not have copyright to post a photo of Mum’s cousin Joyce 🤣🤣🤣🤣 I got an oh no no no no no….. So here’s a pic of me and my boy.

It’s been a beautiful afternoon, really hot and sunny at times and we’ve been outside all afternoon. Such a difference from this morning’s weather. Joyce laid on a lovely spread and we’ve all talked the hind legs off a donkey all afternoon (what does that saying even mean?!)

Here’s my Mum and my Auntie Marion. I haven’t asked them for copyright…. 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤣😘

Lots of chatter, lots of laughs, a really lovely day.

I feel like I’ve had a proper break this weekend. A great few days.

Happy Saturday night!

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️