Days 818 the 1st July 2022 and a lazy day before Tough Mudder 😱

I cannot believe it’s July already…. Our weather this year has been pretty poor though we were lucky with our Tiree trip!

I say lazy…. I’ve done two dog walks, filled the dishwasher, done a washing and hung it out and weeded some more but the thought of being lazy is there.

We had a lie in this morning as no Fit Body Farm to conserve energy for tomorrow. Of course I woke at 5.01pm which is my usual for a Friday….. 🥺🥴 I tossed and turned for a bit but fell back to sleep until just before 8am.

I took Calaidh a walk with my neighbour Holly at 8.40 and had a good catch up then back down the road to take Freya and a Bhruic out.

It’s a warmer than I thought, but a cloudy day and the sun is shining but there are some really dark clouds. It makes for some dramatic skies.

Love the wee flowers beside this gate. They don’t stand out much but they were really vibrant in the sunlight against the dark sky.
And they’re off lead… bombing it up the hill
Spot the Border Collies!!!
The wee thistles are starting to bloom

Then the sky gets darker….

So I’m now trying to crochet as my lovely crochet friends have been looking out for wool for me so I really need to get on with the blanket!

Maybe I could just have a nap underneath it?!?

Nope…. Bhruic has other ideas. This is how we relax in our house 🤦🏻‍♀️🤣

It really isn’t warm enough to be out here and I feel like I’m persevering for the lovely few warm minutes I get…

No show without Punch… cuddles from Calaidh now!

I’ve been trying to persevere in the fresh air but it is cooler now and I really need a nap to preserve energy for tomorrow. From outside in shorts to bed with electric blanket in leggings!!

2 hours I was out for….. lovely!!

Had to go to the Co-op to get supplies for Tough Mudder tomorrow then into the pub to get our T-shirts!

Obviously I’m awright Jack as I’m on the alcohol free 🤣🤣 but we’re home now to carb load.

Black pudding and haggis pasta!!

So I say here… stay safe everyone and I mean that as much for us tomorrow as anyone else!!

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

2 thoughts on “Days 818 the 1st July 2022 and a lazy day before Tough Mudder 😱

    1. Oooh is he?!? It was very lovely but a bit too mushy… maybe should have fried it hotter to keep the pieces…. Thanks re tmro! Nervous!! Xx

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