Day 63 started with a poop scoop 💩💩💩

You know you’ve arrived in the world when your first thought in the morning is that you really need to do a poop scoop… it’s a lovely morning and that’s the first thought in my mind. Poop needs scooped before I can relax. That’s not a euphemism 🤣….. 🐶💩🐶💩🐶💩… now the garden is acceptable for a sunny day!

So coffee and paperwork this morning. Updated my budget spreadsheet…… ooooooh check me….. trying to figure out how long my redundancy will last! Still don’t have the answer 😆 quite proud of myself sitting on the laptop working away…. it’s been a while. Craig made scrambled eggs with smoked salmon for breakkie which was awfy good. But I’m really emotional today…. the tears are not far away. We watched the last episode of The Newsroom last night and I had tears in my eyes most of the way through. My diet and exercise have been shocking these last few days. I feel sad and exhausted and the simplest thing could send me over the edge. It’s maybe that Coronacoaster we’re all on??

I’m overwhelmed by the response to my blog. Everyone has been so kind. I got a lovely surprise delivery at my door last night. I got into bed and checked the phone before I switched off and had a message to say go look at the front door!

Isn’t this beautiful! She made it by herself, I am so touched that she wanted me to have it… 💜 should have taken a photo of it in the sun earlier, the colours in the dark bits are stunning! Such kindness 💜

So speaking of doors… I decided that today was the day the front door was getting painted. It’s been a state for a while and living right on the main road means it’s filthy all the time. To be fair it was white….

Sad wee front door
All sanded down.

I’m one of those people that wants to paint the door and just want to paint the door… so I had to unscrew the surround and sand the door. Craig shouts that would be much faster with the drill screwdriver…. hmmm I just keep going with my wee Phillips screwdriver so I can stay angry at the faffing…. women eh?!? So finally it’s ready to paint!! It’s not a fun job as it’s that glossy dragging feeling and the brush creates streak marks in the paint but it’s done by 2pm. Definitely needing a second coat but the result is that I can’t do that for a minimum of 16 hours. Ya dancer!! 🎉🎊🎏🎀🎊🎈thats the most I’ve smiled all day, it’s lifted my mood though.

Check that beautiful car STILL for sale over the road 🤷🏻‍♀️😆
From across the road it looks very different but we’re pretty chuffed with it. 🚪😍 the white round the windows is just the masking tape.

There’s a real north/south divide with Coronvirus news at the moment. Sky News are not reporting any death figures today but heavily feature the amount of people on the beaches….

Southend beach today sparking fears that this will start the second wave of the virus (pun not intended)

England will be opening all non essential retail shops from 15th June and they are urging everyone to use common sense. Not much common sense on that beach?!?

Scotland are still “stay at home” and on Thursday we can meet up with another household outside keeping 2m physical distance. I realise that it’s likely that we all have to catch it at some time. Yet they say immunity only last 6 months as well….

I remember back to the Italian and Spanish footage of their early infection. They were about 2 weeks in front of us and the true horror was all over our screens. Watching their emergency wards was one of the most harrowing things I’ve seen. Maybe it’s just me but the UK have a higher death rate than Italy and yet this horror doesn’t seem to have been reported. I feel like we’ve sailed through 36k+ deaths with a stiff upper British lip… no news reports of us struggling, of our exhaustion battling the virus. Nothing like the coverage we saw from Italy. Just my thoughts….

I feel a bit brighter this evening. I’ve done virtually zero steps the last few days and Craig made me chips and cheese for dinner while he had steak. I was just in the mood for junk…. then our neighbour delivered toffee cream meringues!! I will never be thin living next door to the pub chef!!

Stay safe everyone! 💜💜💜