Day 55 it’s the fine rain that soaks you (what other kind of rain is there? I know….) ☔️☔️☔️

We both had horrific nightmares last night for some reason… nothing to do with watching John Wick 3 before bed I’m sure… I was chopping up folk in my sleep. Nice.

Didn’t wake up until 9 this morning and the birds were tweeting away but they did not mean it was a lovely day as it was raining… have forgotten how lovely the smell of wet dog is 😳🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾 yes that many wet paws…. 🤦🏻‍♀️

Had a lovely WhatsApp chat with a friend who lives abroad years ago this morning and it was so lovely to talk to her. We’d been messaging and my spidey sense told me she could use a chat. You know the way when someone who is usually so bubbly sounds flatter than she usually does. It reminded me of how bad I felt at my worst and can’t imagine how you deal with that when you are told to stay home and work on your own without any company.

I hope I left here feeling a bit brighter. It’s easy to think that you’re worthless when you feel down. You think you are moaning all the time and making everyone else feel sad too. You want to say “you’re fine” just because you think that’s what others expect to hear.

The most important thing I learned while off sick was that I matter. I need to put myself first and give myself a break. We all talk to ourselves in a way we would never talk to someone else. We put ourselves down before anyone else can.

I have learned that life is for living and it’s what we make it. Things can come and go but it’s how we react to them that change the outcomes for us.

You have to keep taking what life throws at you and move on

I’m unemployed now so I don’t have to answer to anyone and that is a wonderful feeling. Whether it will be when the money runs out, remains to be seen 🙄 The world is my oyster…. I have no real idea what I will do with my life, but that’s ok as I know it will be so much better than it was before. I will no longer put up with a toxic working environment as I know I am better than that. There was a time for me when work was my life. It really was all that I did. You think that people that you work with are a huge part of your life. If you go off on long term sick you soon realise that the business goes on without you and most people don’t keep in touch. That’s ok but it shows you that you are dispensable. It can hurt if you’re no strong enough but it’s a valuable lesson when you are.

Pouring rain today… check the grimace on that face! Obvs think I have to shut my teeth to stop the rain getting it. We got soaked!!
Got a wee fright as these guys aren’t normally in this field… #cowwatch 🤦🏻‍♀️🤣
Was just about to let them off into the burn when I spotted this wee guy totally on his own… no mum and his hoof looked like it was bleeding a bit. I stayed and talked to him to ages…. and then I had to go.
They were all watching in… dogs probably annoyed he was near their burn 😆 so they couldn’t play. It’s not like the needed to get more wet!
Heading home last the trees
She made us put our goonies on 😳 Freya’s eyes say it all….. goonie AND another photo…..
A happy life is a zonked out pup….. x 3!!
Craig came up with a new set up for the tv shelves… sorry there no before for comparison as he obvs isn’t trained up as blog photographer #2 properly 🤦🏻‍♀️ love it. He was happy in the shed when we got back from dog walk hammering away!

So I’ve been up in the spare room this afternoon going thru all the stuff up there and have segregated the stuff for charity, chucking and possibly selling. I forgot to take pictures anyway(yeah I know but I’m the boss I’m allowed to forget!!! Let’s see if he sees this bit?!?) but some of you might remember how bad it was from a previous blog. It’s still a mess but an “organised mess” even got wee notes on each bag to remind me what to do with it 😆 my house will be spotless when I can get half the stuff out of it!!

I’ve not had a coronavirus update for a few days now but sky news shows another 170 deaths in the last 24 hours. That’s the lowest since it all started. The government live address tonight was delayed as Zoom crashed! They are using Zoom for all their social distancing meetings and it’s not the most stable of platforms! They’re talking about England trying to get kids back to school and how they are going to go about that. Keeping kids apart while trying to teach them is going to be virtually impossible I would have thought. In Scotland were still Stay Home so our new “normal”service here!

Love this 😆