Day 50 in COVID-19 lockdown, can’t quite believe it! 15k steps ✅ shopping ✅ big nap ✅🥱

Day 50 eh? I can’t quite believe I’ve spent 50 days in the house in lockdown only going out for essentials. Speaking of which I filled my tank with diesel today for £47!!! Wow… think it was 102.9 per litre. So cheap and yet we’ve nowhere to go. Figures 🤷🏻‍♀️

Was WIDE AWAKE at 4.51am… it would appear I broke the hose the other day and I was trying to fix it in my head why I woke up. I mean, seriously, how can you break a hose just by unscrewing the nozzle off it? How is that actually possible? Felt myself getting irritated and angry so did some breathing techniques to try to calm the building anxiety down. 4.51am is not the time to be angry and stressed out about “apparently breaking the hose”. See how I have to put it in quotes? Means I still can’t bring myself to agree it’s broken…. sure I’ll spend more brain time on it. 🥴 so thankfully the breathing worked and I conked out again.

So I had a few bits and pieces I needed from B&M but they were hardly essential but I’d convinced myself I’d needed to go out to the shops again. So off I go but it’s never quite as exciting as you think it might be before you go. It’s kinda stressful.

Was 3rd in the queue as the two women in front me were together. They then walked about all over the first aisle as I tried to negotiate being behind them, beside them and getting in front of them while they were oblivious to me. 2m???? I was dancing about round them!

Got 6ft canes for my sweet peas and gardening wire. Highly essential stuff…. Popped into Home Bargains for the things I couldn’t get and it’s much quieter, never have to queue there and people seem to avoid each other. I think I feel really guilty if I’ve gone out and I know I shouldn’t have. It’s done now.

Big exploring dog walk today! From the house up past Low Bogside and Mid Bogside, last Margaret’s and our onto the golf course. Up the road to the reservoir and back down past Coldstream. Was a long walk!!!

Bhru is doing her Donald Trump impression!
The gorse is in full bloom
Big kisses!!
This one needs a haircut. It there’ll be no hairdressers open until at least July! 😆
Coming down to Coldstream, walked way further than we’d planned to!
Roadside drink before we headed out on to the main B777 to get back to Gateside. This was the tricky bit as a busy road and not ideal but the pups were great and did what they were told!
The dogs are as exhausted as us!!
So after cuddles with next door pup Leo, I went for the biggest nana nap! Could not keep my eyes open, think I slept for over 2 hours and only woke because it started to rain and we had cushions outside. Musta needed it!!

Phone connection has been shocking since we came back from our walk. I’ve had no connectivity for 2 hours. I think this blog is a wee bit too much for the phone….. was just about to say there was no blog today and then I moved back to WiFi and suddenly it’s the answer to all my prayers! It’s not usually… in COVID news another 627 deaths taking the UK total to 32,692. That’s a huge rise from the last 2 days which were under 300. The confusion goes on in England about what they are actually allowed to do. They can be on the common with lots of other people but are only allowed to know one of them??? They can meet one parent outside but not the other? No one seems to have a clue what’s going on. I’m so glad we are still in lockdown and when ours ends as least we’ll be more structured. Can’t be any worse than England have it just now….

Summer is cancelled! No holidays abroad this year…

I’ve not been in the best frame of mind today so I am posting this for myself and anyone else who needs it. Tomorrow is a new day. Stay safe everyone! ❤️🌈❤️