Day 56 more rain, walking, cleaning and SHOPPIN’ ☔️🚶🏽‍♀️🐾🐾🐾🛒🛍

It’s 5.36pm and I haven’t typed a thing today…… not like me but it’s been a full on busy day. I’ve sat down now, before dinner and realise that I might never get up again… I’m on 15,393 steps and STILL didn’t remember to let go of the trolley in Asda so only got a few hundred for my whole food shopping…. that’s so not fair… damn Fitbit 😆 it does look pretty daft walking about pushing a trolley with one hand though!

So we did a wee bit of Spanish again this morning… really must do it everyday to keep it going as we’d lost our flow, that’s been about a week!

A wee status update from the Duolingo app. We’re gonna do it everyday Craig says…. I’d have been doing it everyday up until now if it was up to me but hey…. jus’ saying… so every day from now on (you heard it here!!)
Me and the girls off again!

The poor dogs never got a minutes peace on the walk today as mumma was on it….. determined to walk as far as we could in 35 mins before turning round. There was no checking pee-mail… they were wheeched off every blade of grass they tried to wee on. I was way more forgiving on the way back.

I’ve never said on here but I have some people that I see on my walks on a daily basis either driving or walking but one sticks in my mind. She drives past me in a wee black car and is true smiliest lady ever. She grins every time she sees it and does a proper wave as if she’s genuinely pleased to see us! So today’s 35 min in one direction took me down a new road. Turning right at Tanderhill Farm and up through Threeport.

GUESS WHO WALKED OUT OF ONE OF THE HOUSES WITH 2 DOGS?!??? YES, SMILEY LADY!!! We had a lovely chat and she said she drives to visit her elderly mum which is why we see her so often. I told her that she makes me smile when she drives past as she’s always so smiley!! She seemed really chuffed by that. I’m so pleased I got the chance to tell her she was having an impact on my day just by her smile and wave. 😁🖐🏼😁 it doesn’t take anything to be kind and it might make someone’s day.

Passed these lovely bluebell woods – this is where they burned the trees and undergrowth and it’s growing back but looks lovely against the black of the burned trees.
And yes more cows but these guys came bounding over to us when they realised the dogs were running in the field opposite! Check the wee one with the mottled face! Sooo cute!
Another overcrowded cow field through a wee gap

It’s mental health awareness week this week so I’ve signed up to volunteer with the mental health volunteer team. After the call with my friend yesterday, I know I can help but I’m not naive enough to know that I’ll need to be careful. I can’t allow it to have an effect on my own mental health. I just want to make sure that people have someone to talk to and someone to have a little laugh with to share their burdens. I look forward to hearing about what this entails.

The mainstream media don’t seem to be reporting on the coronavirus stats anymore. It’s like it doesn’t matter anymore, doesn’t count? I went up to Asda today and think the adherence to social distancing is slackening. So many people don’t seem to care. So many people don’t seem to follow the one way system in the shop. Everyone can make a mistake, I did… but I’m talking people pushing in front of you when they’re coming the wrong way and you’re in the right.

So I’m gonna say it…. I’m scared of life going back to normal, whatever normal is. I’ve been hiding in my wee bubble since Sept 2018 and it could be that I genuinely just don’t like crowds of people anymore. Think I’ll be setting up an online shop for the next few weeks or going ridiculously early.