Day 49 we went exploring! ⛰🌳🌲🌴🏔 and the Government have confused England!

It was meant to be freezing overnight and that north wind is still really chilly but it’s a beautiful pure blue sky day.

Sneaky looming Jeep pic as we went out after greenhouse check to see if the auxiliary battery was charging. It looks like it lost some power overnight with nothing attached to it so not looking good.
Last nights Boris Johnson announcement hadn’t gone down well. In Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales we’ve been told to stay at home but England need some clarity.
This kind of sums it up
If you need more clarity then this might help??
The jokes are coming thick and fast

So we decided to go exploring on our dog walk today. I wanted to take Craig to the limekilns I’d walked round the other day. I warn you now there are hundreds of photos but it was fascinating! There were huge almost double garage type limekilns down there!!

Wee map and the pub marks the spot
These can be seen from the road behind San-mar. Full of very old rubbish. Looks like folk used to sit here on old car seats and have a wee drink or two!
Craig was taking a photo of this all blocked up, either a chimney or a link to the one next to it?
This is the one next to it… it’s been built up at the front with rock falls and garden waste dumping. There loads of rubbish down here, it’s really sad, even a fridge covered in moss!
It’s all so overgrown but it’s fascinating!
This is the bit I spotted the other day from high up and didn’t want to go down on my own.
Walking in, this has obviously collapsed from the roof over time which we were very aware of.. they are HUGE slabs!
There’s another one inside it
The big one actually leads into this one
Calaidh went in to investigate
Nope no fun!
Check the giant crack in the stone in the roof 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️😱
From the inside looking out to get the idea of the depth
Cave man?
Could be forgiven for thinking it’s a giant toad?? Just the water dripping on the ground!
Back out the front.
The way back up. Check Freya
Bhru saying hurry up!
So we carried on and went up the road again toward Baremailing and headed into the field at the top. Across the field diagonally to the afternoon and across the barbed wire fence which is low enough for me to cross… 🤣
We found this!!! Wow… just so beautiful and honestly had no idea there was water up here. I walked around in these woods yesterday and never came across this… cue another hundred photos!
Calaidh having a paddle
Freya posing
Bhru chilling with Craig
Bhru found a stone as usual!
So stunning. What a find without anyone telling us it was there.
Came home to wash the dogs down just in case some of the water had been stagnant at the old quarry
They love it!
Crocodile Calaidh!
Craig made lunch!

So it’s 15.30 I’ve had an across the fence up the ladder coffee with Claire and am actually loading these hundreds of photos while I read a book. The coronavirus news is still going crazy so I snapshot a few headlines!

She reads this less than 5 mins after opening a delivered parcel…. 🤦🏻‍♀️😬
The government have said for England to respect the Stay at Home advice still in place in all other UK countries so as not to come here and break our rules

This is terrifying… here comes the second wave….
Definitely ❤️❤️❤️