Day 59 battling my inner sloth 🦦 and fighting with Kevin the teenager

Jeezo I’m zonked today… even opening my eyes felt like an effort. Finally dragged myself out of bed after 10 and decided to wake up with the Low Impact Cardio live on Team RH at 10.30. Every part of me was screaming that I couldn’t do it, actually brings out my inner Kevin the teenager from Harry Enfield… remember that?!?!

I am the grown up talking….. 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️

But….. yeah I know, never start a sentence with but…. but… I did it. I fought through every negative thought, every Kevin strop when she changed an exercise…. Every muscle that didn’t want to move… 3,600 steps done. Now I’m going to walk my lovely doggy darlings before I allow inner sloth to win!

There was a lot of pee-mail checking going on and coz I’m tired I let them! 🦥
You’re getting the gist of this walk now eh?!
They sky was weird today!
They had a run in the field so I could stand still 😆
A wee drink… more standing around for me!
On the way back we passed Wylie’s farm, Broadstone, and I realised they were waiting for me to walk back past before they let the cows up the road….. soooooo glad they didn’t let them out so I was in the middle with 3 dogs. Think it would have been every dog for herself!
I was nothing today but slow….. 😆🦥
A few pics of last night out on the new deck, we gained another hours worth of sun in the garden by moving down the back!
It was a lovely evening
I can assure you I is no looking this happy the day likesy
Our new sunset!
Man happy on his deck no wanting to come in house!
Big news for Scotland from 28th May. ( think this is the 21st…. lose track!)
Not certain any of this really affects us apart from going out for walks with people from other households. We’re still being asked not to travel too far and not to go in anyone else’s house… just as well as the cleaning’s been on a back burner.

It’s hard to imagine how life can ever go back to what it was. We all used to meet and hug, even with people we hardly knew and now we will be encouraged to stay away from each other. I thought before that people had become very distanced from each other. You only need to watch the 4 girls out for a pub lunch sitting on their phones messaging other folk. The couples sitting not talking but ontheir phones. The companionship of other people outside your family unit was a lovely part of friendship.

I have my feet up in Grans chair now, not moving until pub food deliveries later. I am listening to my inner sloth and shutting up Kevin the teenager by doing exactly what I need to do. Healing. 💜

Stay safe everyone ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜☪️