Day 52 focus on the positive when you wake up a total grump 🤯

Toyed with titling this – beware of bin bags that go bump in the night – or – lets give the dogs the run of the house, they never all try to sleep on the bed all at once – or – I slept like a log that got trampled by 3 dogs in the night or finally just wham – stay out of the way of a woman at her time of the month!!! 🤭🤫😉

Instead I turned it around and will explain the above but first the positive.

What a beautiful morning!

So this all starts last night. Craig had a online call with a client and I decided to clear out all the food cupboards while making a chicken and chickpea curry for dinner. I have a great time chucking out everything that is out of date and clearing space! I put it all into a large black bag… so you can see where this is going can’t you?!

If Carlsberg did food cupboards 😬🤷🏻‍♀️😆

So he finishes the call we have dinner, I read while he listens to music and then it’s time to let the dogs out and “up to bed”. Our cottage has small attic rooms so we converted a room into the dog room!

Calaidh did those puppy dog eyes and we gave in and decided to let them stay in the living room, kitchen and sunroom overnight instead of upstairs to bed…. I know that we have a bin bag surfer in Bhruic so I lift the bag off the floor, one step ahead of the puppers….. check me ✅ At 1.40am there’s a crescendo of horrific barking. There we have it…. the bin bag has fallen (lets give Bhru the benefit of the doubt and assume it fell rather than she was trying to get into it) and a old jar of mouldy strawberry jam has shattered and splattered everywhere. Craig clears it up and ends up with glass in his foot, so tweezer, scissors and a torch later the glass is out and the dogs are now in the bedroom. Joy….. so much fun to be had… 🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾

If our wee cat Baby Rogue was alive she’d have been in there too!!

So 7am after lots of bounding around (by the dogs!!) I shout ffs, through the covers back and storm out of bed then fall over trying to get my leggings on in a fit of very grumpy giggles. Poor Craig is in lockdown with this grump monster 🤦🏻‍♀️🙄🥴

So from now on… positive, positive, positive, grrrrr oops positive 😇 it’s a beautiful day. What can possibly go wrong??

As an aside I did always say this was the one day a month that I just couldn’t handle work at all. For some reason the hormones reduced me to tears for the whole day and nothing seemed to stop them. Then of course the tears came all the time that led to me finally going off sick. Just wanted to add that as us gals need to be kind to ourselves when we feel like this as we are less in control that we usually are and you guys know that’s by the tip of our fingertips at the best of times. Anyway… nuff said.

Freya has old Speirs School field all to herself – look at the sky tho
Bombing it through the bluebells!
Yer so slow mum…. yeah that’s coz you wee b’s kept me awake half the night!!!! 🥱😬😉
So much fun!
Wee drink and play in the burn!
In the meantime Craigie hair monster has created a hose set up for the Jeep. He posted a vid on Overland and Borders to show how it works.
Back off out with Calaidh
Beautiful Calaidh posing by the road.
On a sad note a whole carpet dumped at the side of the same road… the dumps are still not open but there’s no excuse for this…. if anyone’s getting any work done just now maybe ask how they are disposing of it…
Calaidh checking out the coos… no funny business going on today!! Yes I did mean a cow mounting a bull yesterday… 🥴🤣 apparently it happens?!?
Hardly surprising that it’s 2pm and we’re all out for the count…. nothing getting done today! Check Bhru on the couch…. honestly 🤷🏻‍♀️ so wise man say let’s not have the dogs in the bedroom tonight…. yeah like no shit Sherlock. 🙄😜

Unsurprisingly it’s now 4pm…. we were out for the count. Well Craig’s been found in the office but 4 of us were out for the count.

Just did an over the fence trade with Claire coz that’s how we roll these days! She’s out of sugar while I’m out of rice. She’s lucky that we had two extra bags for some reason so can give her a whole one. We laugh at this new form of trading but it’s great as there’s never something we both don’t have. Saves us going out for one offs.

I’m just gonna get ready and head to my Thursday pub delivery job! The covid numbers aren’t out yet as far as I can see…. there is a headline to say that a quarter of those who died had diabetes though so sure there’ll be more investigation into that. Goo big to publish now as WiFi has been dreadful after 5pm…. first world problems huh? Stay safe everyone ❤️❤️❤️