Day 62 lockdown – random woman witterings 😆

First of all thanks to the Western European Director of Overland Bound for today’s title! He hit the nail on the head yesterday… a blog an excuse for women to do their favourite thing…. talk!!!! (As an aside bloody Bhruic just knocked my Becks Blue over 😤😤😤 cleaned… now calmed down!!)

So very quiet and lazy day today, but a good day. I’ve sorted through paperwork, made to do lists for Craig, (🤫😉) and read some old historical Beith books that a neighbour had given me.

We moved to Gateside near Beith in October 2015 and since I spent most of the time driving out of it for work, I know very little about the area. Was great to read the original minutes of the night the Memorial Hall was opened in the late 1890’s. It was a tribute to a 19 year old local girl who died. She seems to have been so highly thought of but in all of the history I can’t find why she died. She was sorely missed. The hall was used as a local gathering place for the group Scottish Girls. Think some of us present day Scottish Girls should bring that idea back!

One book is dedicated to the old news stories of Beith was fascinating! There’s been rail accidents, mill accidents, it told when the first electricity was switched on…. still going through it but really interesting to take the time to read up on the history. I had questions so messaged our friend Fiona most of the morning!! She gave us some new walks to do and Claire next door and I are already planning our Thursday morning legal socially distanced walk to some local falls! The new phase of lockdown allows it!

I also did the suicide awareness course that I recommended in yesterday’s blog… wow, very powerful stuff… yet so obvious that we should look out for each other.

The three points we need to remember.
See – look for the signs that someone might not be feeling right
Say – open discussion with them to determine their state of mind. Check their response for signs of feeling worthless, feeling a burden to others. Ask directly if they have considered suicide
Signpost – have planned details on help that can be given to them based on their answers.


You may never know it but you could save a life as a result


We tidied the big shed today and found Bhru hiding under the bench for some reason! She doesn’t like tidying??
Had an over the fence up the ladder cheeky cuppa with Claire after the storm with no name but before the sun came out! Wee Rachel next door ran up and gave me a Becks Blue from the pub!
Check the clouds behind Claire!
Then the sun returns! We’ve been down the back of the garden trying to decide how to finish off the area next to the decking.
This is the last real bit of the garden to tidy up
The decking still to be finished – will get this cleared when we next get a dry day!
Forgot about these… still need to sell the old Jeep tyres – someone says we can just sell them, it’s that easy… that’s why they are still in the garden. It’s an improvement… they used to be in the house!!!!!!!! 😤 yeah that was fun!
This is now my new favourite bush… stop it……. 😳😬🤣
The rockery is coming on great after the rain… yeah most of it is probably weeds but I love pretty weeds! We have a HUGE difference of opinion over flowering weeds….. HUGE!! (I’m right….. just sayin’)
The tree at the clothes line is blooming just now
Great shade for the pups, I have millions of pics of them under this tree 😆 check Freya with her wee paw on her Antler! You ain’t getting it…
The best dog chew ever…. always have to make sure we have 3 🐶🐶🐶

We heard some great news that our neighbour Michelle’s uncle has survived COVID-19 after being on a ventilator for 14 days! He’s never missed a day of work as a delivery driver in 30 years until now. Michelle posted a vid of his return home on FB with all the neighbours out clapping him. What an amazing outcome for a great guy!

He warns that we should still try to stay home as much as possible though. He knew how serious his illness had become and didn’t think he’d make it to hospital. He said the paramedic called to his house kept saying he “needed that ambulance now”. Most of us don’t know anyone affected personally by this so I have to use Michelle’s Uncle Tam as our reminder not to relax the rules too much. Coronavirus can be deadly and you just never know when. Stay safe everyone ❤️❤️❤️