Day 47 we’ve been food shopping 🛒🛍 and I’m stepping crazy 🚶🏽‍♀️👣👣👣

Finally sat down, it’s 4.19pm and I’m already on 15,595 steps, you soooo know I’m gonna crash tomorrow…..

So we were up at the crack of dawn to get to Asda before the queues and I did 3,700 steps kinda jogging about to the house to “Baking El” on the Team RH fitness page. Craig drove up to Asda so he could charge his auxiliary battery again but it turns out that short drive isn’t doing much for it!

Koi I coped slightly better in Asda this week with the Scan and Go app on my phone. Open your bags in your trolley, scan your shopping then download your phone at the till and pay for it. Magic!! Least I didn’t feel the need to pick up a handheld scanner too.. check me almost a scan & go pro 😬 I still talk to myself all the way round the shop, I have NO IDEA where that’s coming from?!

Now for my rant….. how bloody stupid are some people? The guy who cut in on me for a pack of cold meat… I was very close to shouting “eh 2m mate!!” 🤬 then the two women in the towel aisle (I must stress that I was only there following the one way system through the shop…) who were walking side by side towards me… GOING THE WRONG WAY… discussing the softness of the towels. I stopped as they got right in front of me as one of them would have to pull in behind the other but no…. they didn’t seem to see me at all and just kept walking. Surprised that 3 trolleys fitted width ways across the aisle but I just don’t think they saw me at all.

The worst part of the whole trip was my bloody bladder…… I had to negotiate the one way system TWICE…. that’s two whole time’s… just to get to the loo. So I really did the whole shop 3 time’s. Far too much coffee and water before I went in. I’m guessing public loos in a global pandemic where you can catch a virus are THE worst places to be????! so that freaked me out! Of course the second time I used the same cubicle and same sink to try and limit my exposure, lathered on antibacterial stuff after each trip. The second time in a split second I forgot all my fears and sat down 😳😱😱😱 I mean who ever does that?? We hover… that’s what we do in a public looo but my head must think I’m at home so boom sitting down before I had to jump up in horror. Wow talk about stress. Then there’s scan and go… show phone to till… scans shopping… pay and go. Done.

In the meantime Craig has gone to B&M stores for soil for the meadow garden and then to join some 8 mile queue at B&Queue for decking screws.

My shopping chauffeur

Incidentally it would appear I did a mere 700 steps around Asda which is soooooo not true. I think you need to remember your Fitbit arm is pretty stationary through the whole shop resting on the trolley. Not to self must wave arms while shopping in future. So home and dog walks to make up some steps! Q

Lovely walk with Bhru and Freya
More cows, there’s actually some serious cow overcrowding in this field!
Many coos 🐮🐮🐮🐮🐮
Last coo pic promise!
We found a new walk in the limekilns woods (it probably has a real name so for locals it behind San-Mar?
The old limekilns… sadly lots of rubbish dumped out of shot but this was pretty
Old limekilns wall
Here we come!!
Back home then back out with Cal up past Andy’s farm
Lovin’ the gate and the clouds
While I’m up the hill I wanted to point out the Gateside Plant Centre. They’ve taken this lock down in their stride. Set up an online shop and now deliver to your door! We’re waiting on some plants to arrive tonight #supportlocalbusisness
We walked up to Tom Marshall’s bench which has the most amazing view over Garnock Valley and right down to the sea! So lovely to see the sea even if miles away! Tom’s nephew Robert and his wife Jane are refurbing it as a seat strut broke. They are planning to paint it too!
The views from the bench!
Calaidh and I at the bench!
Snapped some wildflowers on the way down
Got home and planted Kenny & Holly’s tomato plants in the greenhouse
A certain someone is very upset that the pigeons seem to be nesting in our tree again. She can’t take her eyes off it and the occasional woo woo woo……. and that’s Bhru not the pigeon!!

346 deaths taking us to 31,527 and police are furious as hundreds of people have beer, wine and pizza in parks and on beaches due to 26deg temperatures down south. Definitely feel that everyone is more blasé now. Rule breakers are putting emergency workers at risk…

Air passengers will now be subject to a 2 week quarantine on arriving in the UK. Not sure why we haven’t been doing this since the start???!

Off out to sit in the sun tonight and if it’s nice might join the Overland Bound campfire chat again as we’ve not done that in ages… oh that reminds me we got out dinner from the pub tonight with no idea it was coming!!!

Mac n’cheese and a salad!!! Was soooo lovely and no need to cook now. We really do have the best neighbours on both sides!!
Out in the garden drinking merlot grape juice, Craig’s on the beers… could this lot get any more cute??! ❤️❤️❤️