Day 58 up like a lark and 7.4k steps before 8.30am… 🤦🏻‍♀️😳 what time will I crash??! (Was about 11.30am!)

All these days where I say I wish I’d got up early… Craig said he would wake me today if I really wanted. I did… until he woke me. In these endless days of pretty much nothing we don’t really need to add any extra hours into it but I’m “busy” today. I have Kinesiology online at 10.15 and am running my food bank deliveries at 12. Wee Rachel next door has a virtual school sports day at 5 and she’s doing a village assault course. So that is busy in the new world!!

So team RH fitness recommend walkie talkie where you walk and listen to someone talking which passes the time. This morning Auntie Jac and I did walkie talkie! Well she’s super fit and a wee bit crazy so she’s already done 8k steps by the time I got up!!!!!!! 🤦🏻‍♀️😱🤣 so I did walkie talkie while she had her coffee then she realised she should start walking again.

As much as I love the early morning exercise and chat I said to her I just couldn’t wait for Craig to get up so it could all be over and I can sit down with a coffee!!

Not gonna lie I said “awwwww thank f*** here comes Calaidh!!” when this happened then had to apologise to Auntie Jac as that sounds awfy rude… I just needed a rest honest! Check my breathing on this vid… jeezo man!

I’ve tried to explain kinesiology before and it’s very hard to do. It’s a wonderful way to clear out old mindsets that are no longer serving you. Today we focused on how I feel carrying my past with me and how I feel when I give myself to others. (Not literally boys….) my past weighs me down. I have regrets that I live with on a daily basis. Things I can’t ever change but I constantly beat myself up for. I approach everyone with caution these days, like I’m not worthy of their time. I don’t have the confidence that I might show in this blog. I seem to always be expecting rejection and that’s my kryptonite.

So Kinesiology today has recognised all that and cleared the cells that were blocked by the gunky stuff…. (just grin and move on lads…) we then dealt with the stresses I feel when I think of being “liberated” and the stresses I feel of “not being liberated”. One day I have to step out into the big real world and that’s scary. What will it be for? What will I do? Who will I be? How will I cope? On the other hand I can’t be the blob that sits at home forever analysing and reanalysing my every waking thought and regret. Realise some of you will be very interested in this kind of thing while others see it as fairy dust and magic beans. It’s been a huge part of my healing process and Shelagh is so lovely and proud to be a part of your journey….. that’s the key to being able to open up and discuss everything. She’s so supportive of everything. Of course I did show her Lucky Ted… 😆🤦🏻‍♀️🤣
I made my choice
I saw this yesterday and didn’t realise how relevant it was until today. I carry the old me about like a huge weight

Volunteering at 12 today and only have 3 houses to go to now. Another lady cancelled. You’ll be pleased to know that I applied the handbrake at the first job… see I learn from my mistakes! I had a good wee chat with the folk I went to and I told the last lady not to be cancelling on me as I’ll get upset! No pressure eh?!

One man and his dog! back on the decking.. Bhru never wants to be too far away from the action.
Freya’s turn to check it out!
Bhru found a comfy spot… 🤣
Taken from my resting on hammock position… it’s all about the angle of the pic obviously…. it was an early start to the day remember!!
Run out of boards but looking good so far
Chilling on ma hammock and Bhru found me dammit
Bhru taking a selfie!

Had a WhatsApp video call with Mum and dad as they are celebrating their 48th wedding anniversary today! of course my card and present haven’t arrived but that’s more my fault than Royal Mail’s… I tried to make them a card but it was a bit of a disaster so had to order one at the last minute…. too late!

Wee Rachel next door had her virtual school sports day so we all came outside to watch her complete an assault course round the village. God love her she did so well and was bright red in the face when she was finished. Some pics of the social distanced sports day!
Claire and Graeme looking good!
Craig set up two hurdles for her – there she goes with Louise supervising.
Jim Reid the village photographer…. hugging the chicane! He looked like a speed camera! The standing joke is that we never see the pics Jim takes but we need to get him to download everything sometime as there’ll be years worth of photos!!

It’s been a good day today and we’re still sitting outside in the sun.

Stay safe everyone ❤️❤️❤️