Day 60 Craig says this storm is just called “wind” 🤣

The forecast’s no the best for the next few days

This is when lockdown takes a turn as we’re pretty much into a routine when the weather’s nice. It feels like being off sick when it’s miserable. It’s not that there aren’t a million jobs needing done in the house… there are but none of them seem that appealing.

So, feeling a wee bit more alert today which is good… up for coffee and watched the Overland Bound daily lockdown film which was about creating traditions for your travels to make them special. Will try sharing it so you can see what Overland Bound is all about – I’m sure there must be a better way of attaching links to pages but blogging novice here will look into it!

And we’re off in the wind and rain… as usual it’s not as bad as it seems once you’re out in it.
This was another let them sniff day… more about the dogs than me getting steps!
Shady wummin 😬🤣
We all want it over with
Had no idea Craig was this tall…. this must be what everything looks like from his height!!!

Think this has got to be a lazy day…. it’s wet, windy, miserable and I’m tired. Hoovered the downstairs so at least it looks nice for lazing around! We’re years behind but we’re watching The Newsroom just now, half way through the second series. It’s really good so guessing this might be a binge watch day.

Girls- Remember when we’re kids and we used to pleat our hair when it’s wet? did that last night slept on it and have crimped curly locks…. not that anyone will see them and lockdown means hair up all the time!

Read a lovely story that the National Trust for Scotland are urgently looking for 32,000 homes to take unwanted Easter eggs. They usually run an Easter egg hunt and obviously this years was cancelled. Apparently they are only dated until July so need eaten! Eh hullo………….. wonder if there’s a volunteer group for this???!?! 🙄😬

The UK is now up at 36,402 deaths with another 351 deaths in the last 24 hours. The UK will now have a 14 days travel quarantine for anyone who comes into the UK. There will be fines and spot checks for anyone not adhering to this. These quarantine plans are being heavily criticised by the aviation industry… understandably so. You’re only going to travel if it’s absolutely 100% necessary.

It’s hard to think that any form of normal will be possible anytime soon.

Binge watching in front of the fire!

Stay safe everyone ❤️❤️❤️