Day 51 volunteering and dog walks 😷🐶🐶🐶 and there’s actual snow on Goatfell 🏔😳

So we had a Chinese takeaway last night, apparently I slept right through the what’s for dinner discussion so Craig decided for us! He did no bad.

Wide awake at 4.24am this morning but out for the count again until a truck appeared at the front window about 8.20am which turned out to be the decking board we ordered.

I asked him if he took any photos of the guy unloading from the crane. He said awww no… he may be sacked as my number 2 blog photographer. I mean come on… rookie error 🤦🏻‍♀️😆 got it delivered up the back of the pub so glad I don’t have to help handball it from the front door!
At this time of the morning they follow my every waking move… pestered to death until we take them out!
Getting in the way of the new decking area!
So I’m off out with Bhruic and Freya

Met 3 separate people for a wee chat. One lady I’ve meant every day for the last 3 days and I haven’t seen her in ages. We got on to the subject of work and me being off sick and she told me her son had died at 20 years old from cancer and how hard that was to deal with. Then her husband 10 years ago and her sister. She says the dogs have helped her through it all and given her a reason to get up and go out every day. It’s lovely to take the time to get to know people where I used to be so wrapped up in stress at work. We are lucky to have that chance to be able to learn about the surrounding area and the people who grew up here. I’m starting to realise she is a font of all local knowledge and I will start picking her brains about things!!

We noticed that Goatfell actually has snow on it today. I’ve never thought May was cold enough for snow but the winds from the north just now as really bitter out of the sun. Craig always laughs when I come out with “its cold in the shade” or “it’s warm in the sun”… stating the obvious! 🤷🏻‍♀️😬😆

There looks more snow that the iPhone shows! 🏔
So yes we might have said hi to a cow in the very busy cow field!
Got back and Craig had already laid the back foundation for the decking!
He found this under the soil… it’s actually quite small, kept my hand in the photo to show the scale. Wonder where it came from?!

So it’s Wednesday and that means new volunteering day so I headed out for 12. Drove past a neighbour to pick up some food and bags she wanted dropping off. Then picked up my food deliveries for today and headed out. Only 4 houses today as one has now cancelled. So wee Rachel next door had drawn pictures for them so everyone got their food parcels and their wee picture.

The food varies each week and is always packaged differently so you get a we run down at collection then when you get to the first house you have to remember what they said at collection. The first house also gets 2 of everything so I park up, wave from the car, put my face mask on, look for my box of gloves and have the sensation of moving… yip I’m rolling backwards away from the house as the one thing I forgot was how to drive!!! Forgot to put the handbrake on! By this time a farmer had noticed me and I wave to him to say all under control… as I jump out he said “your cars for sale so you don’t want to be bashing that up…” erm yip… so he watched it all! 😱😬

All others after that we’re fine. One lady seemed a bit down so I had a longer chat with her. She does a lot for the community and I guess is feeling a bit helpless as she can’t get out. I hope my wee chat brightened her day. I walked into her door handle as I couldn’t see as the mask was catching on my eyelashes… I must look like a walking comedy sketch at times!

Either that or a burglar?!
Don’t know if any of you have tried these but they are my new obsession since giving up the booze! The mint one is new and it’s amazing… like a low fat After Eight flavoured Milky Way!!
Decking coming along nicely. Boy job done well! Need a wee bit more wood to finish the structure.

I just want to say a quick thank you to everyone who is reading this and PM’ing or calling me to say how much they enjoy it. It means so much to me. I don’t get a lot of likes or comments on fb but I’ve been doing it for what I actually get out of it. I’m not sure what that is but it feels right for me to do this just now. So thanks so much again, you have no idea how much it means to me to hear you’ve enjoyed it.

Steps still required so out with next door Leo and Calaidh this time!
They played in the field and the burn. Leo is great on the lead and great with recall. He walks up to folk and just growls! I think it’s his way of saying hi but one woman said “it’s ok I don’t like him either…” but harsh 😆🤣
So I was watching a cow mount a bull in the opposite field and Calaidh’s having a good nose!
Heading back down Reek Street

Got my feet up in the sun room but in the sun as it’s finally warm enough to sit in. Coronavirus deaths are another 494 taking the UK to 33,186. English news shows packed buses and trains as people went back to work. They are all going to start spreading it around again. They say all the African continents have confirmed cases now…. if we actually stop and think about what we are all going through right now it’s just crazy. 51 days ago our world, as we knew it, just stopped….

A wee funny to end this. Seriously though our key workers are amazing and saving so many lives.. helping our new world keep turning