Day 44 iPhone ✅ volunteering ✅ sunshine ✅✅✅

Next door Claire is a lifesaver! I’m slowly getting every app downloaded on her phone…. it’s exactly the same as the one I had but starting the blog says I’ve only done one post 😱😱😱 eh naw… think that’s 36 days in a row now! Wow who’d a thunk it as Gran would say??!

Wide awake at 4.08am this morning…. tried not to let the mind kick in and woke up again at 7.43 with the biggest pain in my neck. Sorry, not Craig though he was there! Actual crick so I’d obviously been lying at a crazy angle.. so up, dogs careering our I got he back garden, sun room doors open, kettle on, it’s the most beautiful morning ☀️☀️☀️

Took the pups down to Spiers School again and Calaidh was helping herself to the wee bluebells – self selecting!
Lots of fun in the burn
Stunning day!
Freya waiting for some action!
Too deep to get the stick… waiting….
Still too deep!
Give in – we need some help!!
Then Bhru pinches it! Typical….
Huge bull!!! 🐮
Reek Street looking beautiful in the sun!
11.30am not a soul in the street which is so unusual
Looking towards the pub from the front door
On my volunteer trails

I am lucky enough to be volunteering with the Beith Trust in this lovely countryside. Got a call at 10 to ask if I could do the food bank deliveries today instead of Friday as they’re trying to get them all out on a Wednesday now instead of Wed and Friday. So I’ve got 5 houses to deliver to and it’s lovely to catch up with everyone again. They’re all keeping safe. One lady said when she got the call to say deliveries would be on a Wednesday she wondered if it would still be me? I thought that was sweet. Told them all we’d all be confused the rest of the week thinking today was Friday! My patters bowf as my grandad would say!!

More views from my delivery run
Last one I promise!
Craig filled the “meadow garden” with soil and we ordered butterfly 🦋 attracting meadow flowers. (Shhhhh but there is a chance they will attract bees 🐝 too but One neighbour will not be impressed, just hoping him she misses this bit!) 🤫
Sat out in the sun for the rest day working on our website. It might almost be ready to launch!! Still have to sort out my iPhone and iCloud photos which is still doing my head in!!

Another 649 deaths in the last 24 hours taking us to over 30k! New figures show that across Ayrshire, 45% of deaths took place on care homes and 45% in hospital and the remainder at home. (Kilmarnock Standard). The government are talking about a lockdown roadmap, easing some measures from as soon as Monday (writing this on Wed).

Just saying…… 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️