Day 336 spent like a huffy school kid but ending on a high!

Boy am I in a grump today?! I’m trying so hard not to be but I feel like a kid in a strop with a petted lip.

I didn’t wake up until 8.37am so my first thought was “usually done about 5K steps by now” rather than what a lovely sleep and a lovely long lie. Which it was.

And you don’t wanna be doing that?!? Of course I read this as “chins” and smiled. Another kick to myself there.

Saw this advertised…. how cool given that our business is Pawsitive Solutions?!? 🐾

So it was one of those days where nothing quite went right and yet good did come out of it. Craig decided to tidy, clean and pressure wash the patio today. He HATES those slabs with a vengeance but we have to make do with what we have for now.

We couldn’t find a hose connector that I can pretty much picture sitting on every shelf and in every cupboard in the house. Could we find it?! No….. and I’m grumpy anyway… end up pulling everything out the kitchen cupboards as it needs cleaned anyway….

That’s was just the half of it!!

I have again been “without Ruth” end thrown out so many things that we just weren’t using. So the plus point today is that all the lower cupboards having been gutted. My head says to tell you it was only one side of the kitchen as I didn’t manage to do the whole lower kitchen. Another self kick…

I decided at one point to head up to B&M stores to pick up some large plastic baskets to make the cupboards more organised. Put the van in reverse and turned to pull out the car park and heard a sickening crack…. some neighbours came over but it would appear the big wheels on the van have taken out some of the wheel arch.

Now…… I’ve known since I got them that they were a bit too big. I can’t get full lock… I knew that. I was ignoring that in the hope it would all get better. The size of wheels sold to me are meant to fit my van.

Came back into the house and called the wheel company. Obviously there is nothing that they are really going to do given that they are down south. They did reiterate that those wheels and tyres should fit my van. They suggested it had been lowered….. now I don’t think it has but I now need to get a garage to check. They also recommended trying a good camper van conversion company as they would help. Shame my conversion company aren’t answering me right now…… still waiting on the reversing camera to be booked in for investigation and repair or replacement. Not happy. Petted lip. Mini tantrum.

So I have been on my feet and knees all day (stop it….) and have done a mere 1,575 steps so I’m also annoyed at that.

It’s now 3.15pm and only just ate about half an hour ago. Think I was “hangrey”. I’ve sat down to write the to calm myself down.

Oooooh I find this hard on the days where my “in-love-with-life-lah-de-dah-ness” disappears
On another plus side, the patio area looks amazing!

I dragged myself out a walk with Bhruic. We went up to the site of the old Treane House which is sadly now a landfill site but there’s still a decent walk round about it.

Yeah not that way Bhru 😱 she is actually on the edge of a cliff?!?
Throw the stone for me!!
The gorse is starting to come through
Even the moss was super lush up here
View over to the village

So now I am having a nap. I have actually come through to bed. This nap is serious.

I did not sleep….. never mind. I rested.

Craig put the fire pit on!
Ready for food!

To be fair I’m cooking cheese toasties and apple jaffles not quite cordon bleu…. most importantly Claire is here for the evening banishing Craig back indoors!!

It’s like an actual night out!

So very, very true.

Stay safe everyone 🔥🔥🔥

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