Day 324 another a Monday in Scottish COVID-19 lockdown 🦠💉

Just could not think of a better title for the blog today…. just another Monday in lockdown.

When we are back to normality or as close as it gets….. and I complain about being tired or needing a rest… or a holiday…. will someone please remind me that having all the time off in the world is hard too?!?!?!

Not gonna lie…. when I opened my eyes this morning I thought…… pfffffft…. again…. another day to fill…… what’s the point in getting up, what will I do with another day off….

Oh my god woman….. you spent the last 14 years getting up at 5.30am and getting home anytime after 6pm (usually later) having been stressed out your box all day…. being shouted at, screamed at, moaned at, bitched at…. all day, every day…. and now you don’t have to do A THING…. not one single thing and you’re still not happy?!?! 🤷🏻‍♀️😆 GET A GRIP.

And then I smile. I am so glad I am out of that. I am so grateful that I can do what I want, when I want and that freedom is so much better when I’ve lived with such little freedom in my past working life. Be content with being free. Relax onto that freedom. Love it. Love it and enjoy every minute of it. Regardless of what you do or do not do.

This sloth be loving life ♥️ or else!!!

So I bounded out of bed…. at the rate any normal 48 year old would….. let the dogs out and stood in the garden with a T-shirt on and realised that our temperature has risen from -3C yesterday to 7C today. It get positively tropical outside. There was no rain, no wind, just calm. It was lovely to be outside. So what did I do?!? A post snow poop scoop. Naturally….

The toys the dogs got for Christmas were filled with white stuffing so I started with that and picked it all up. Then onto the not so nice. But it’s done and the garden (now in the pouring rain) looks so much tidier. I noticed some bulbs that I planted are now coming through. The birds are chirping away. Our resident pigeons are back and seem to be starting work on their usual nest in our tree. One of them terrified the living daylights out of Freya mid poo…… it swooped down while she was mid business and she ran off down the bottom of the garden. She’s really skittish these days. It felt like a very early spring.

Now it looks miserable again but hey… it’s washing down the grass and helping the bulbs grow.

I’ve been structured today. Spent 10am- 2ish working on dog behaviour calls. I do love a wee bit structure in my day. It’s nice to chat to people too.

Then we carried on the next few modules of the School of Canine Science puppy training.

It’s just as well that I write all of this down as is otherwise be saying I’d done nothing and had a wasted day! Thats the trick to all this. To realise what you have done and you are doing rather than focus on things you didn’t do.

So I’ll give you a laugh. I ordered some new T-shirt’s the other week. I’ve never been a T-shirt wearer but then again I’ve never been this size before so what didn’t suit before seems to suit now. I’m loving the Matalan slogan T-shirts and have a few that I wear all the time. So I thought I’d treat myself to some new ones.

I thought I’d ordered some but never heard anything from Matalan so assumed I’d never followed the order through. Never even thought to check, just assumed it hadn’t. Ordered some…

At least my taste is consistent…. I now have two of the same identical T-shirt!!! Both orders are now here. The Matalan emails have been falling into my junk email. Hmmmmm oh well. They won’t go wrong.

If you see me wearing these and think I never wash them then please remember I have 2 of each….. just saying!

I love this and have been so grateful for my many moons. (Don’t twist that…… I mean it in the nice way!!! You know who you are you twisty people 🤣)

I’m also crocheting like mad just now while watching movies, tv shows and puppy training. Not sure if I said before but I saw a lovely blanket on a camper van FB page and I want to make one similar.

I am on the case…. I love the plain squares and I’m really enjoying wheeching them up. They only take about half an hour each. The one on the left has 143 squares……

I have crocheted 12.5.

I may be busy for the foreseeable.

I feel like I have been today ♥️

Stay safe everyone 🧶🧶🧶