Day 321 Osteopath & a coffee by the sea 🌊 ☕️ ❄️⛅️

I feel so much better today. Whatever caused yesterday’s barfism has left the building. Only lasted about 4-5 hours but I honestly thought I was gonna retch my eyeballs out my head…. Pretty sure no one else typed those words out today……. 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤣

So up with the alarm at 7.30am for Osteopath this morning and was conscious the van might need defrosting. Opened the front door and switched the diesel heater on so it was quite toasty but the time is had my shower and was ready to leave. It’s a beautiful sky.

Mr Osteopath squeezed in a few manipulations today… he did work on both my knee and my shoulder so all good. I stopped doing the exercises when he told me things were coming along well…. of course I did. He says the walking is still very good for my knee though so keep that up (no walks for two days but hey I’ll get back to it tomorrow.)

So I decided to treat myself to a drive home along the coast and was out for about 3 hours!

Portencross…. moody and cloudy!
The Isle of Arran looks stunning in the snow
I love the shape of the rocks on Scotland’s west coast
The rock poles are all frozen
The sun is coming through

I had coffee with me to drink before the Osteopath but I’d been a wee bit nervous of drinking it all given yesterday’s sickness…. I poured the cold coffee into a pan and heated it in the van… clever thinking!

More frozen solid rock pools
This is the best frozen rock pool ever!!!! Check the ship on the horizon ⛴

Was speaking to mum and dad and shouted have to go there’s a ship passing Arran…. as you do…..

They were on their way into Edinburgh for dad to get his COVID-19 vaccination. Dad got the Oxford/Astra Zeneca today. Mum got Pfizer yesterday. It’s all happening!


On the way home I stopped just outside West Kilbride.

Arty shot!!
Arran from further down the coast
Have sooo missed the beach
Lovely clouds over to Arran
Nearly got wet feet! This was a big bit of seaweed
And breathe
It was THAT cold!!
Next stop Fairlie

Then drove up over the Fairlie Moor road which has the most stunning views… not sure any photos will do it justice.

Fishery with the sea in the distance
Zoom in on the dry stane dyke
View over the Fishery out to Arran
What a rear view in the mirror
Snow up on the moors
This is such a stunning road
The reservoir is frozen over

It was such a lovely drive. It’s been so lovely to see something different for a change.

I’ve spent the afternoon looking at tyres and alloys for the van again. Not so much fun. The tyres fitted are really car tyres so while it looks nice I’m not getting the grip on single track road verges. It will give me peace of mind. I’ll sell the ones that are on it.

So we have Gateside Inn takeaway coming tonight which is soooo good. I am starving!!!

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️