Day 320 a little lack of motivation today methinks… 🤦🏻‍♀️😴

Actually that’s not fair… I made Pawsitive Solutions calls this morning and into the early afternoon. I have been working….

Someone was watching me…

That reminds me that I’ve not said that poor Calaidh is suffering from a phantom pregnancy just now. It’s quite common but she is carrying a toy around with her and trying to nest with it. On Tuesday night she howled 4 times with the most heart wrenching sound…. looking for her puppies. It will pass, it’s just very sad to see her now around.

I should add too there is not a gate in sight today….. 🤷🏻‍♀️🤣 and to be honest that’s only because I’ve not actually been out. I’ve not quite known what to do with myself today as I feel a bit flat….

And then I ate soup for lunch. 2 day old lentil soup… well actually made on Tuesday night. Not been in the fridge….

I made it until 4.15pm before I was sick. I knew something was wrong about a half hour before that.

I’m looking for new tyres for the camper van as it’s much heavier than I’m used to driving and I’m finding that it sinks into any soft verge I have to drive on to. I want the confidence of an all terrain tyre to pull away even in the mud. Maybe an afternoon looking at tyres made me sick. Makes more sense than my homemade soup???! 😬😆

It’s 4.37pm now and I’ve my feet up in Grans chair in the sunroom with Bhruic lying on me….. snoring…. 🤣

Thank goodness she settled down as the last thing I needed was a 20kg pupper bouncing around on my stomach
Precious little tonight I reckon…. won’t do me any harm

I’m gonna make this a short one today and have a wee nap and see if I can sleep this off.

Stay away from my lentil soup.

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️