Day 310 a teensy bit of lockdown boredom creeping in?!

I think this might be the first day that I’ve genuinely not really had a clue what to do with myself…. not bad going since we’ve been in lockdown since 4th January if memory serves me right.

I got up to let the dogs out and went back to bed so it was about 10am before we surfaced and it’s only 16.20 now. How many hours are in this day?!?

There have been no random Border Collie turning up at our door today to even break the monotony. Just the usual 3!!

Craig noticed that “I wasn’t quite right this morning” and he was right. I like to keep my Sunday at least as a day off but I’ve had a lot of days off…. what on earth do I do today?!?

My boredom was bored!!

Thankfully Craig was walking the dogs and I decided to go with him. If I did nothing else at all at least I’d have done that!

It’s super cold and frosty
Cold, frosty, dark and murky!
Freya desperately trying to make the turn before Bhru!
Without the power lines this would be quite atmospheric
Cool cloud formations, looking across to Netherhill Cottage
Just over 6,5K steps done so better than nothing

When we got back that sense of nothing kicked in again….. thankfully Claire suggested a cuppa up the ladder!

I managed to shake coffee all over myself in the first selfie… doh!!

We had a good chat and out the world to rights and came to the conclusion that taking 1,200mgs a day of Ibuprofen was quite likely the the cause of my lethargy…. don’t know why I never thought of that before?!? I haven’t had a nap today but I could have….

I’m reading a book at the moment which kept me awake!

Hardly light reading but surprisingly interesting. The first two victims of Jack the Ripper seems to have been alcoholics. Women who came from good backgrounds who could not stop drinking due to issues in their earlier lives. They both lost good marriages and ended up trying to make enough money to drink and find a bed for the night, or end up sleeping in the streets. These women lost several children between them to alcohol related diseases, meningitis or other diseases of their time. One of them lost six siblings to early infant diseases. The hardships they endured were truly heartbreaking.

Here I am sitting feeling bored because of lockdown….. it really makes you realise how easy our lives are.

I stopped drinking because I didn’t like the loss of control and I didn’t seem able to stop when I started. That makes this book a wee bit of an uncomfortable read but at the same time, I’m so grateful that I don’t drink anymore.

The below really struck a chord with me…

I have enough anxiety of my own without the hangover anxiety. Not gonna lie that giving up drinking is one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. What if people think I’m boring? What if they try to make me drink…. what if… what if?!

Only 2 days drinking since Jan 2019

I’ve come to terms with it now and as I sip my glass of Nosecco there’s no question of me ever going back to it. It would appear it will also make me less likely to fall victim to Jack the Ripper. (Poor joke but trying to bring it full circle!!)

Dinner is on, the tv is on. God knows what we will watch tonight but sure another few movies will pass the time.

And we cannot wait…..

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

Day 309 when housework is all you have to talk about and Border Collie saves the day 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️😆

So I’ll leave that wee nugget to the end…. dogs eh?!?

Well the last few days have been nap centric. Another hour and a half yesterday after putting the blog out. Really out for the count. How can anyone need that much sleep?!?

Still sleeping all night too…. anyway we were up bright and breezy this morning and totally snuck up on the housework again…. in a pincer like movement. Craig was like a man possessed and between us we blitzed the place. Floors washed…. the full bhoona.

Craig then says right we should stop for lunch. Yip starving and it must be at least 2pm….. nope 11am!!! I ate my lunch at 11am without even realising. Life in Scottish covid lockdown 2.0. 🤷🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

We kept going after lunch and Craig disappeared for a while and he was out cleaning the windows…. I couldn’t find him anywhere and would never have guessed. It feels great to be sitting tonight once everything is clean!! But a day of housework doth not an exciting blog make….

I know there are people who would kill for a haircut right now!

Neither does having another nap. The third in 3 days.

So I’m out for the count when the doorbell goes. I’m expecting my Amazon parcels from yesterday….

It is not Amazon. It’s one of our lovely neighbours who’s been followed home by a Red Merle Border Collie…. and where does she come?!? Yeah the house of Border Collies.

We got shoes on, picked up a lead and found some treats to try and entice it….. walked outside, round the corner of the side of the pub only to watch a Border Collie jump from the balcony of the pub down onto the ground. The house is above the pub and it ran up the steps then was spooked so jumped from there. The equivalent of jumping from a first floor window 😱

She seemed to stumble a bit but carried on moving and looked like nothing was broken. It’s got to have hurt though….

Craig managed to get her to come for some treats and then looped the lead around her neck to stop her running out onto the road. She had no collar.

This is blurry but I put this on our local FB page to try and trace the owner

It was freezing outside, Craig took her round into the back garden and by this time she was was much calmer and looking for food. She was also wolfing the natural treats we took out.

Gimme more!
We fed her and she ate the whole pack

We got her into the office while the other dogs were in the sunroom. It was far too cold to be outside.

Managed to trace the owner from really close by and he came down to pick her up. She’s a farm dog and lives outside and he reckons it’s her first time off the farm. She’s 11 years old. Told him about her jump. There was blood on her lip which Craig was covered in but she seemed ok other than that. Her name is Keil.

He asked me on the phone if I wanted to keep her and said again when he came to pick her up. He breeds red Merles and has too many dogs just now. She sat down beside him and seemed more than happy to be heading home but it was lovely to be able to help her get home.

So that’s our excitement for the day. Another quiet one in front to the tv for us. So relieved that dog survived that jump. Hope to never see anything like that again. Ever.

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

Day 308 another productive Friday ☀️🚶🏽‍♀️🐕‍🦺🦮🦮👩🏻‍💻🛋

What is it with me and Fridays?!? Most people are winding down and I seem to buzz into action. Now I’ve not done a lot of exciting, “let’s blog about it”, kind of stuff so don’t get too excited!

After I published day 307 I fell asleep from 4.30pm to 7pm last night. Out for the count. Bet you are thinking what everyone said….. you must have needed it! 😆 That’s the stock phrase when you have a good nap in the day.

I still managed to go to bed at 11pm and sleep right through. Can’t get enough sleep some days.

Did a bit of COVID research this morning before I got up….. there’s a fourth vaccine almost ready to launch. Read about this on Sky News.

Found another interesting report from Sky News……

The start of COVID-19 in the UK….. one year on.

Can you reply believe we’ve had this for a year?! I know we were aware of it this time last year but kept saying it was just a bad flu…. little did we know. 😱

Yet Scotland are only in our second lockdown so far. I found that really interesting to look back on as I had no idea how it first came to the UK. I remember the poor guy dubbed the super spreader. Yet he had no idea he had it….

I don’t think we ever guessed just how hard life can be?

Our daily life has changed almost beyond recognition. You see footage of events in the past and forget that we used to move around in crowds and never batted and eyelid at it. Now we don’t see anyone.

So up and showered this morning and off out with the dogs to let Craig have a wee lie in. (note good wife will expect same in return sometime soon!)

I did have a third dog on the lead. She just chose to stay well out of shot at the right hand side!

It’s a lovely morning despite such heavy rain overnight and first thing. Yes I took a lot of photos but it really does brighten my mood. I headed off out with lead weight in my steps and headed home with a wee spring!

So calm and peaceful yet the forecast is for strong winds
My trees
It didn’t seem this dark at the time
The sun was actually reflecting in the road
A wee stream from the road running into this field

I let the dogs run in this field while I walked round the outside. Great to give them a run but I don’t get muddy. They did…… so very muddy.

I am the big shadow!
Is that a duck?!?!? Bhru with her head down right in the burn!
Very unusual for Calaidh to go for a walk in a burn.

They got all clean here but had to run back over the fields again…. had to hose them all down when I got back.

The clouds were just amazing
Could this tree be any more spooky??!???!
A bashed gate!
This made me laugh… you saying I’m an old soul Mr Universe?!?

So I’ve done a lot of paperworky type things this afternoon and tidied up my to do lists but it feels good.

I’ve learned a lot of life lessons from past mistakes. This is key to moving on but a hard one to do…. you have to forgive yourself before you can truly move on

I’ve also done a wee bit of internet shopping….. some new slippers, a waterproof pack-a-Mac type jacket and some motivational wrist bands that a friend recommended. Was nice to have a wee covid style shopping trip!

I do

So we have a Gateside Inn takeaway to look forward to tonight. It’s 4.20 pm and my feet are up. There may be a small nap….. I’ve got Freya cuddling in so it’s more than likely.

Happy Friday night and weekend!

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

Day 307 the Osteopath says we are winning so I took the day off to celebrate 😆

Up at 7.15 this morning, shower and hair wash ready for my busy morning.

It has snowed overnight but it’s very wet slushy snow
Abbie the camper was also a bit snowed over

I had the guy coming to buy the VW T5 rear seats just after 9am 💺💺💺 so that’s them away. We all had masks on and he gave me the money in an envelope so all very COVID aware which was good. His parents were born on Barra which is our favourite island in the Outer Hebrides so was lovely to have a quick chat about that and show him Abbie. He offered us the chance to camp on his land if we ever needed as they own a Croft up there. Hmmmmm might just bear that in mind then?!?! (As we get the ferry planner out……)

Covid lifestyle
A very good reason for decluttering and selling things we no longer need

I then headed off to the Osteopath via the chemist to pick up my prescription for my shoulder pain. Ibuprofen and Omeprazole. The ibuprofen will reduce the tendon inflammation and the Omeprazole is to protect the stomach lining from the ibuprofen.

The Osteopath said this morning that we are winning!

My knee is doing well and the slight pain I feel is nothing compared to what it used to be. He did some work on it to ease a muscle that runs from the outside of the hip to the inside of the knee.

Then onto the shoulder and he was pleased the mobility is increasing and so doesn’t want to see me back for another fortnight. He did sneak two cheeky “manipulations” in there when I least expected it. I mean come on, tell someone we’re winning 5 mins before you crack something in their back and then in their neck. I thought we were done?!?!? I never saw that coming…..

This is so very true.

Thinking about the above I’d never have thought I’d still be battling with my emotions all these years after I first went off sick. Yet I have achieved so much. It’s not where I expected to be AT all but it’s actually quite a lovely place to be on the good days.

Some more homemade lentil soup for lunch and off out with the dogs. As my lovely Gran would have said “it’s that fine rain that soaks you!”

They were filthy after a run in the muddy woods
We were all dripping by this point!

I did one of those head bang movements here and the water just poured off my woolly hat. Sodden!!! (I re-read that…. a very random statement but also very true!)

A little bit of negativity in my otherwise positive post today but honestly…. in the middle of a pandemic…. why would our Prime Minister put so many people at risk to come to Scotland today? Such an utterly ridiculous and political act that is so unnecessary. I don’t believe for one second there is anyone up here who’s life is not complete because Boris Johnson has not visited. I suppose I stand to be corrected.

And here he is. There are a minimum of 7 people that he has put at risk just in this photo. (I assuming 2 pilots and one cabin crew and the 4 guys at the car). Stay at home, save lives, unless you are Boris Johnson. We can’t go anywhere yet he can come all the way to Glasgow?!?

I have to distance myself from politics and the news etc at times because it does get a bit overwhelming but I did promise to report on COVID.

My lovely wee 80 year old friend had her vaccine this morning and all is good. She was in and out in 6 minutes. Said she never felt a thing and she is still alive. she was actually really happy to have been able to get it and got all dressed up for the occasion!! Bless.

Funny how we do that now. Lots of people are making an effort when they have to go out for something as we don’t get a chance. My osteopath wouldn’t recognise me with the mop of messy hair that I walk about with all week….. He’s only ever seen it washed. It’s the only thing I go out for!

Thought important to share this….

I think battling with your own mind every day brings a deep seated exhaustion.

I am tired today. I have my feet up now and I’m gonna read my book and have a nap I reckon. That is ok.

I’ve had some amazing comments on my blog in the last few days and I just want you to know how much that means. Thank to everyone who read this far!

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

Day 306 a long dog walk and a last minute puppy call! 🚶🏽‍♀️🐕‍🦺🦮🦮

Not quite such a dynamic day today…. Well it has been very dynamic but I’m not sure I’m feeling it…. I feel a bit…. how shall I put it…. hmmmm arse for elbow?!? ‘Scuse the French.

My anxiety is telling me today that I am not enough. I feel a bit confused and that confusion only makes me more confused. Fully understand if you’ve read this far and thought you can’t bear to read on. 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️😬😆😆 I felt a bit like that typing it.

These are funny times eh?! If someone had told me to stay at home for weeks on end a few years back I’d have bitten your right arm off to do that. Now it’s just a bit meh, samey and blandsville. How do you stay motivated to do anything when you have millions of things that could be done and all the time in the world to do it but you really can’t be bothered doing any of it?!?

This makes me laugh!

I have been busy today. I took the dogs for a BIG walk earlier and did 4.6 miles AND we went to visit their Grampa at work! Doug is my father in law and works round the corner from us despite living about 45 minutes away. So good to see him and he even remembered to say happy new year! In true covid fashion we stayed over 2m apart and Doug wore his mask since he’s the North Ayrshire interloper. 😬

The distance between us was also necessary to that Doug didn’t get muddy paws all over him!
A fairly miserable day today, loved the colours in the clouds
Into Spier’s School grounds
Good girls!
Loved this twisty tree!
The attack of the pylons has begun!!!
We found a new field!!
The sun came out for a wee while and it was lovely to see
It’s misty and murky but really atmospheric
Actually love this photo!
Breathe in!!!!
Walking down the road! It’s so quiet round here it’s great
Where the hell is she taking us?!?
Think this is the first time we’ve walked through roadworks 🚧
Back into the field again on the way home
Are we going this way mum?!
3 seriously dirty pups!!!

I took them through the burn to wash their paws!! That helped a lot.

When I came home I made some lentil soup. That’s a huge thing for me…. it’s super tasty as I had some for a late lunch. I then went out to the shed to clean the VW seats that I’ve sold and will be collected tomorrow. A job well done.

I’ve sat at the desk for the afternoon and made calls but done it all in a bit of a random way. I felt like I was going round in circles rather than doing it as efficiently as I could. However it’s still done. I just did one feel comfortable doing it. I spoke to one girl about a puppy call and she asked me if I could it at 3.30pm!!!!!

Erm yeah actually I can……

Why not… I had 50 minutes notice but better that than having to wait for days.

I love this. It’s so true but hard to remember at times.
Now this is interesting. Think about this and as soon as I slowed down…. everything came out.

Well I think it’s fair to say I have that last one covered……. if only I could get to the beach. That would make it all ok.

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

Day 305 what a difference a days makes… (Sure I called a blog this before 🤷🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️😆)

Hi everyone… normal service is resumed. Jeez I have no idea what that was yesterday… it’s such a relief to feel the weight has lifted and I can think straight again. (Should say here that THE actual weight obviously is still there…. just in case you thought I’d gone from a size 16 to size 10 overnight… nope. I wish. )

Seems I wasn’t the only one.

Before I regale you with my ramblings from today so far there were a few funnies yesterday that I thought I would mention….

You know those times where you think something and you actually make it happen right before your very eyes?

I’d lost my 4.5mm crochet hook in the middle of some wool maybe a month or so ago. Could not find it anywhere…. knew it had to be there somewhere. The Gateside Hookers will remember me messaging out WhatsApp group distraught because I’d lost a 4.5mm before and this was me now losing my replacement one. To calm the stress at the time I moved onto a 5mm hook, the crochet didn’t look any different and I ordered a 4.5mm from Amazon. Panic over. Anxiety quashed.

I’ve had the replacement 4.5mm for weeks and never used it as I’ve been working with the 5mm. (Yeah go figure eh?!) Yesterday I decided to take it out it’s wee packet and add it into my crochet hook stash….. you sooooo know what’s coming. Less than 5 minutes later I put my hand on the “lost” hook. I actually laughed. How is that even possible?!? 🤷🏻‍♀️😆

The second thing is that we have a dodgy microwave just now. It’s started to go a wee bit rusty inside and I figured that was not a good thing. Just haven’t got round to replacing it as we hardly ever use it. Last night was Rabbie Burns Night so we had haggis…. fastest cooked in the microwave. Craig had real haggis and I had veggie. So I had a microwave carousel thing going as I put one in the other in, then potatoes etc…

Rabbit Burns COVID style

I thought to myself…. what would we do if we were relying on this for a meal and it stopped working. Craigs haggis cooked. Mine to go back in for 5 minutes. Nothing. Dead as a dodo. Wouldn’t switch on. I made that happen!!!! I actually laughed out loud at that. Despite my mood. Maybe it helped lift it?

I guess where I’m going with this is that these kind of things used to make me angry. Typical, can’t win, negative, negative….. Yesterday at my lowest ebb for a wee while, I saw the funny side and the fact that it was way too much of a coincidence. You get what you wish for. Your thoughts become things. I know that.

And breathe

Ever since I was made redundant as a result of my mental health I have tried to focus on the fact that money comes from lots of different places and it’s not just from a job. Yesterday evening I thought my usual “money comes from everywhere” and a guy contacted me about the VW camper seats that I have for sale…. he’s picking them up Thursday. Boom. 💷

Had a great sleep last night. We’ve been binge watching Schitts Creek recently and I feel like they are part of the family but thankfully I didn’t dream about them last night. Binge watching messes with reality at times!

Alarm set for 7.30am, up, dressed and out to Morrison’s for Click and Collect food shopping. You click on a text link when you arrive, tell them what Bay you are in and the last 3 letters of your reference plate and they arrive with your shopping. They leave you to load it yourself and then I just waved to say that was me away. They came back to get the trolley as I drove off. Pretty well organised.

Bless… this wee face just popped in to say hello!
Some schnozz you’ve got there Bhru!

I stopped at the Little Coffee Caravan on the way home for an Oat Latte as it would just be plain rude not to! Got Craig a bacon roll. Keep him sweet…. or shut him up. 🤦🏻‍♀️🤣 had a lovely wee chat with Donna and her mum who were working.

By 9am I was off out a walk with Bhruic and Freya.

It’s a bit of a meh day… hard to tell where water becomes ice and it got pretty slippy at times
Bhruic and Freya checking pee-mail

Back home and upstairs to make 4 Pawsitive Solutions calls. Spoke to some lovely people and then decided to call my lovely 80 year old friend and had a great wee chat with her. Says she’s missing me. ♥️💜 Told her I’ve started crocheting with wool she gave me ages ago so she was chuffed I’m making use of it.

Love these colours and it’s all one piece of wool so I can’t go using the wrong shades like I did last week 😬😆

I cannot tell you how much better I feel today than yesterday. It’s like night and day. I am focussed and able to face anything.

I then took Calaidh a walk in the pouring rain and even that didn’t put me off. It was VERY wet though…. but worth it to get me to 10,940 steps.

Dark and moody
This gate was so much prettier in the sun!
Love the Spiers Scool archway gates
Calaidh is off exploring
The Holly is dripping wet… as are we!
Check the size of the Ivy leaf… finger for reference!!
Walked through the trees for a change
This would make a great den!!

I got home at 1pm and it’s now 3pm and it is still pouring….

It’s now 4.40 and I’m not sure where the afternoon has gone… I’ve been writing this, coffee with Craig between jobs (he’s doing Zoom calls with clients now) a few more Pawsitive solutions calls… the afternoon just disappeared. It is actually dark already which sums up the weather today.

It’s still the nicest office I’ve ever worked in 😍

I’m very star stuck to say that I actually got a like from my comment on Glennon Doyle’s Twitter.

That made my day. We all have bad days. The important thing is how we pick ourselves up and keep moving forward one step at a time.

Oh and check Glennon Doyle out if you’ve never heard of her. Very motivational!

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

Day 304 sometimes you just need to sit and feel the sun 🔆

I reckon I should just have a sliding scale of moods so everyone knows what they are getting into when the read the blog. 😬

Today is just one of those days where I have to accept that nothing short of doing nothing is acceptable.

You will be pleased to know that my sleep was fairly calm and relaxed with no Mike Tyson fight going on next to me…. yet I have woken up in what I can only describe as a dwam….

I’m so glad there was a definition for this as feels very real

I have ZERO motivation, no energy, no positivity. Just exhaustion.

This kinda makes me smile. Just don’t unpack and live there…. 😬

I had put so much pressure on myself today… now when I say pressure, I can assure you this is NOTHING like the pressure I used to put on the old me…. the me that got up at 5.30am to drive to the office for 7.30am and to be fully in defensive mode only to leave after 6pm, getting home after 7pm and bed for just after 9pm most nights….. NOTHING like that. In fact as I type that I think for gods sake is this woman ever happy? She used to do all this and now she does virtually nothing and she’s still moaning?!?! 🤦🏻‍♀️

All weekend I’ve been think I was just a bit lazy, hey it’s the weekend… you can do it tomorrow. Yeah it would appear that was a big fat lie. I’ve done nothing today. I am half asleep inside my head and if anything does come out it’s either very sad or angry.

As I went to bed last night I saw a FB post about “if you think Trump was an idiot then check out this guy….. “ picture of Biden and something he was working on and I was livid, furious to the point of ridiculousness…. is that even a word?!? Everyone is entitled to their opinion but I find that I am throwing my toys out the pram sometimes at the incredulity and injustice of it all. Just because someone has a differing view. I need to reign that in pretty sharpish. I went to bed in a proper grump for no reason whatsoever.

So yeah, I hear you, stay off social media. Agreed but I get so much of my motivational input from social media, that’s why I use it. I need to learn to skim by things I disagree with and not hit some internal “wazzo” button that turns me into a raging loony. It means nothing. Move on and forget about it. (It’s still there for now but you knew that right?!)

So I was going to be up sharp and maybe out for a walk or steps with Team RH online then upstairs to make some Pawsitive Solution calls…. I have knee and shoulder exercises to do, crochet to rip out and decide what to do with it and the housework definitely needs thinking about. The doctor called about my knee X-ray which was clear… talked to me again about the importance of losing weight… I KNOW!!!!!!

Ok…. I know I’m overweight, I know I need to exercise, I know I need to eat healthy but I am tired. I’m tired of walking, tired of wanting to exercise and not doing it, tired of deciding what’s for eating….. woah…. check me. A bit of self indulgence there eh?!

I needed to read this

I have been here before… many times. I didn’t want to come here again but here I am. I’ve survived 100% of the days so far and I will survive this. This too shall pass.

It may be so but I prefer to moan to anyone who will listen 😉

So I’ve sat up at my desk this afternoon with the window open and the sun beating in on my face and just breathed. It felt so good. So warm, so like summer.

It’s obviously freezing outside so don’t panic thinking we have some heatwave the rest of the UK don’t!

I’ve done very little, I’ve looked through my motivational photos and tried to let them all sink in. I’ve ripped apart the cream and white crochet disaster and I’m going to pick another project to work on for a bit. I’ve done my Osteopath stretches. (Thanks for Craig for the motivation there!) I’ve written this. Now I will be calm. Today can start tomorrow and that is ok.

Stay safe everyone 💜💜💜

Day 303 beautiful and fureeeeeeezzzzzing! 🔆❄️🔆❄️🔆❄️🔆❄️🔆❄️

What a rubbish nights sleep…. didn’t help that Mr tossy mcturney was lying next to me.

I was looking for covid updates this morning and was horrified to get more UK COVID-19 news from the New York Times. They are actually reporting how bad the UK stats are and that the UK has the highest death rate in Europe. Why is that not widely reported here? Why are the press hiding that. It’s shocking.

Was a relief to get up eventually. No idea why we slept so badly but I’ve certainly not got up in the best mood…. should avoid the news!!

Then to add to it all I decided to do some more work on the blanket…… I realised that all the recent work I’ve done yesterday was wasted as I’ve been using the wrong cream wool….

Hard to see! But the right hand strip is white instead of cream.
I sunshine sooooo obvious. I was gutted. Will have to rip the white back but that will be another day. 🤯

So moody baws here needs to cheer up. My neighbour Holly messaged about a dog walk at 10am me that was just the tonic as I’ve not seen her in ages and it’s a beautiful day. Cue the photos…..

A cold street
Looking wintry!
That a beautiful morning… I can already feel myself relax
Calaidh’s off
Wow 🌅
A very random pineapple head?!? 🍍
So beautiful 🤩
Leo the cockapoo heading up the hill
I loved this (maybe it’s the gate?!)
Follow the Leo
The view over the Bigholm towards Lochwinnoch. Pic doesn’t do it justice
The view behind us almost more stunning than the view in front
Leo and Calaidh posing!
The old golf course is such a great place to walk with the dogs!
Leo and his ears!!! What a cutie!
It’s a beautiful day!
Calaidh had a great time exploring
Gimme the stone Leo…. 👀
Heading home
A wee festive combo Christmas tree and Holly covered in snow
Spooky tree
Came home and Craig had the fire pit on so I’ve sat outside most of the day
Our view from the fire pit – the back garden looks beautiful in the sun ☀️
Back to the up the ladder cuppa with Claire! Just noticed the moon above her head!

Came in after 3pm and had a shower and am now super cosy in front of the fire wrapped in a warm blanket.

I plan on not moving. Maybe food… that’s all.

Stay safe everyone 🔆❄️🔆

Day 302 no counting steps or calories just crochet stitches and sheep 🐑 💤💤💤

Well it was a beautiful day today and I only saw it from the window!

It showed up that my windows need cleaned again… I mean, come on….. 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️

After a lazy few hours I went upstairs to make some more Pawsitive Solutions calls and oor Craigie now has 7 calls booked for next week and 1 for the following. With a day and a half of work I have got a busy Craig for 3 full days next week…. win, win! Just shows you that people still need help. Was so lovely to talk to everyone today. I was on the phone to one of them for half an hour! She was just my kind of person!!

So yeah this is going to be a fairly boring blog as this afternoon I got my crochet out, sat on Grans chair and let the sun stream in on me…… was lovely.

The wee blankie is coming along. I might actually sell this one when it’s finished. I may run out of wall before it’s finished 😱😱😱

One of the Gateside Hookers (my crochet group!) sent me a pattern for a dog bed that I am seriously tempted! The wool is £15 a skein and you need two or 3 per bed. With a 25mm hook!

Obviously if I did this I’d have to make it a weeeeeeee teeny bit bigger!

So speaking of the pups, Craig was watching the football this afternoon and Calaidh was hiding in beside me as I crocheted. She’s a wee sensitive soul…

She’s hiding between the seat and the wall… wee poppet 💜

So by this point…. it’s just before 3 and I feel really tired. I could go for a a walk in the sun or I could do a Suzanne Robichaud hypnotherapy session. Open to receive /Law of Attraction Guided Meditation. I’ll post the link below!

Suzanne Robichaud guided meditation

Needless to say….. I woke up about an hour and a half later!!! I love the sound of her voice. A lovely nap upstairs on the spare bed with no interruptions. Just bliss. I have counted my blessings all day.

I think this was written just for me

Stay safe everyone 🧶💤🧶

Day 301 a beautiful day if a wee bit low mood ☀️😔

It’s always makes me laugh how the day after a big milestone comes… day 300 done and dusted and on we plod.

I’m a wee bit sad today. A bit teary.

And yet it’s a beautiful day. As I type that I feel the positivity. I feel the change of mood. Focus on nature today rather than reasons for low mood. It could still be the aftermath of the kinesiology toxic clear out this week or just the fact that I actually have to WORK today. Steps back in shock and horror. 😱😳

We have decided to contact our clients in waiting to see if any of them need a Zoom call to help set them on the correct path.

We cannot resolve the issues over the phone but we can maybe help buy them some peace in the short term. So calls it is for me today from the office with a view!

Had a lovely zoom call with the ladies from “Finding Calm Within the Storm” last night. There were 17 like-minded women in the call listening to a presentation on the Compound Effect which is positive changes made easily.

There was all sorts of advice to make time for yourself, consider meditation and yoga and walking in the fresh air as much as possible. We cannot give from an empty pot.

I think today I had big plans of all the new things I had to try and fit in…. and instead I actually did Pawsitive Solutions work all day and you know what…. I really enjoyed it. The chatting to people, trying to help them out. It felt good. I ended up working from 10 until 3pm and then took the dogs out just as the heavens opened and it started to snow. Wet and cold snow which didn’t come to anything.

Thankfully the clouds seem to be moving away as I walked

It all brightened up into the most lovely sunset. We walked just over 3 miles so I got the exercise in too. Pretty pleased with that.

I would like to document that this dry stane dyke is about to go…. seems the only thing holding it up is the hedge now. I see a degradation since we moved here. I will continue to monitor and report back 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️😆
There’s a gate in here too!
Socially distanced dogs. All held by the one hand!
The water level is back down again
Sunset over the burn
A spooky tree for my spooky tree lovers
This is an old gate
Strange shaped cloud
Heading home
Zoomed in on this cloud like a thumbprint?!?
A lovely but cold evening

We have the Gateside Inn takeaway coming tonight so that’s something to look forward to and I’m guessing a lazy night in front of the tv in store for us. I’m ending the day much brighter than I was.

Stay safe everyone 🌅🌅🌅

Day 300 since we locked down in our house due to COVID-19 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🦠💉

From yesterday’s Inauguration – Amanda Gorman gave a speech as the youngest ever inaugural poet.

300 days….. wow. This means I have been writing this blog for 292 days now. Every single day for 292 days. Imagine I had left this all up here in my head?!?! I may have self combusted….. 🤦🏻‍♀️🤯

So looking back 300 days I’m not sure any of us believed that here in Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 we’d be back in lockdown again. Albeit this one is very different… there are WAY more people working here than there were in the first lockdown. I suppose we know how to protect ourselves with masks, hand washing and hand gel and businesses have had time to prepare through the year so more businesses have stayed open.

This time there are shops that seem like they shouldn’t be open but hey… ours is not to question why.

We just have to stay home and save lives.

This is where I am today… in the hall car park over the road from the house. Could pretend to be more exotic but sadly no….
Certainly this week has felt like hibernation in our house, we’ve not been motivated for anything much

Sadly Coronavirus is still out of control with yesterday seeing THE highest recorded death rate so far.

Again while not pretending that I could do any better than the UK Government, you would like to think that we would have had this under control a bit more by now. 300 days after our first lockdown and we have the highest number of deaths.

How bad is this?!?! The whole of the UK is just riddled with new cases right now and I knew there was talk of a second wave but I guess personally I underestimated what that might mean.

So here we are again. All dog behaviourist and puppy training work has been postponed, we have no income and we are staying home. In February 2020 when I was made redundant through mental health, I would never have believed that I would still not be out working by now. But it’s ok. We can’t go anywhere or do anything so other than food shopping and random online shops there is nothing to spend money on anyway.

Thankfully while we know more people who caught COVID-19 this time around, we are still very lucky not to have had any serious illness or death in our family as a result… and dare I say, still to have not caught it ourselves.

Spotted walkies from the window of the van!

Just to prove I am actually sitting out here. A change of scenery does you good.

So in today’s news I had to negotiate my way around a bad accident at the Beith Bypass/A737 junction… AGAIN… this morning on the way to the Osteopath. The again being the accident and not my negotiation around it. It’s a dreadful junction. A driver doing a u-turn in the junction (I mean why would you?!) was immediately charged with dangerous driving as he sent another van careering onto the grass, through a fence and into the trees at the side of the road. No one at the scene had masks on as that’s not our first thought yet. Obviously the police did but a prime example of why we shouldn’t be on the roads. She says…. out on the road…

Back to the Osteopath…. I was lucky enough that he managed to achieve the manipulation in my neck and back that wouldn’t budge last week and I’m pleased to say he snuck them up on me…. all of a sudden I’m in a funny position and then crack…. didn’t see that coming?!?! He’s recommended a course of Ibuprofen for my shoulder as he reckons the tendon is inflamed. It feels like he is working on muscles that have been crying out for attention for years. I have more exercises to do to help strengthen this week.

On another note (and reason for osteopath in the first place) my knee is coming along fine and the doctors called yesterday to say the X-ray was clear so good to hear there’s no damage.

And then…. the fuel light came on and is there a petrol station anywhere near?! Only Tesco in Kilbirnie so had to head there and had a wee wander round the store.

So it’s 5pm already. I came inside as it was surprisingly cold even with the heater on. I have a zoom call with a lovely bunch of ladies today. A group called finding calm within the storm. I’m looking forward to it. Support in difficult times.

So I guess we only have 65 days until the next milestone and I’m sure that will pass quickly. I wonder where we will find ourselves then?

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

Day 299 the inauguration of Joe Biden, 46th President of the US, 20th January 2021 🇺🇸

Feel it’s important to cover the US presidential election as it’s such an important day in the history of the world. To be fair there’s not much else to think about other than COVID just now.

This will be the first inauguration where the former President will not be in attendance. Our 45th President Trump is currently winging his way to Florida showing a total lack of respect that we’ve come to expect from him. (now I must say here again that I have good friends who support Trump so these are purely my opinions and it does not make me love them any less!)

Trump says he will be back…. We have to wait and see what happens. He’s been impeached again and will have to stand trial in the Senate for inciting crowds to descend on the Senate building at the start of January. He’s done so many bad things that he needs to face punishment. We’ve been watching the Rise of Hitler…. not much fun but VERY interesting and the similarities to the rise of Donald Trump are terrifying.

Anyway…. I will move on for now. I’m not in the best headspace today but that’s ok. These are tough times.

Always see the positive
It’s no wonder at times like these
Finding your tribe is very important
I have some orange 🍊 essence that always helps lift my mood
It’s always lovely to be nice to people
I may have driven to the Little Coffee Caravan for an Oat Latte.
The view as I drank my coffee and ate my cake!

I also popped to the Co-op in Beith and we have some pizza and snacks so we can sit and watch the Inauguration. These photos are all taken from the tv as we watching it live.

Yum pizza!!!
Kamala Harris VP-Elect and her husband Doug Emhoff
President-Elect Joe Biden and his wife Jill
Socially distanced inauguration

Lady Gaga sang the Star Spangled Banner. Wow. I cried…. ok so I’m an emotional wreck today but that was something else. She was amazing.

The first African American and Asian American women being sworn in as Vice President

Then Jennifer Lopez sang and yup again a few tears. They should be so proud of their performances.

Joe Biden being sworn in as the 46th President of the United States 🇺🇸
The 46th President of the United States Joe Biden

“We will get through this together”

“America had been tested and we’ve come out stronger for it”

Says it all.

A prayer for the 400,00 Americans that have died as a result of COVID-19
The flags represent the Americans that have died as a result of the pandemic 😷
This shows the socially distanced press for the inauguration

History made today and we were very lucky to be able to watch it and be a part of it. And not one mention of the last one by name.

Tomorrow is day 300 of COVID-19 in the UK. 300 days since Craig and I were first “locked-down” so better getting planning a biggie…. from Scotland’s second lockdown.

Stay safe everyone 🇺🇸🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🇺🇸

Day 298 Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 announces lockdown extension to mid February 🤦🏻‍♀️😣 another month to go🥴

It’s funny I have visions of us back in the middle of the war gathering round the wireless as we all rush to social media to find out what the latest announcement is. The Scottish government seem to love a Tuesday about 2.30pm. So yeah lockdown has continued until the middle of February and I can’t say I’m surprised.

Up until now people could fly into the UK and walk straight out the airport and never look back. It’s no small wonder we have higher numbers. Also the desperation of the UK Government to “give us” Christmas.

I would like everyone to take some time to think about how shocking this actually is. We are an island. We could have been as strict as New Zealand.

And there’s the dark coloured UK. We’re even less than the States?!?! I watch my Fb friends living their lives. My friends in Melbourne at a cricket or tennis match, side by side, extended family and I wonder how we could have got it so wrong. I don’t envy the job of our Government in the slightest and I’m not saying I could have done any better than them. I feel very ashamed that we are top of the list. I’m feeling lockdown now….. I want to see family and friends and I want to travel in my van. Instead I have to stay here because other people keep mixing and spreading it. So as sad as it is I understand the need for the extended lockdown, doesn’t mean I have to like it.

I miss hugs. 💔


So anyway, little miss misery guts has been ok today. Ish. I was in bed for 9 last night, clean sheets and shower before bed. Lovely! I slept right through until after 8am and I mean properly out for the count. If I could bottle this I’m sure there’s people that would pay!!! Would help me start to generate an income… just realised puppy training delayed again. Hey ho.

Now seems a good time to show Freya curled up on my foot. Wee sweetie. She’s looking after her mum 💕

I had Kinesiology online at 10am. Was a deep rooted clear out of toxins etc this morning…. I’m not even gonna try and explain it but I needed it and the chat with Shelagh always helps to ground me. She says I’ll be tired today but not sure I’m any more tired than I always am these days and I might fee a bit yucky in the coming days as my system gets rid of all the stuff that was stuck. How many men are reading this and wondering what on earth I’m babbling on about?!?!

For anyone intrigued about Kinesiology…. Shelagh is available for online appointments and believe me… it works as much online as it does face to face. I cannot recommend her highly enough. Don’t think I would be where I am without her support in my journey.

Enhanced Wellbeing

I’ve included the link for anyone who might be interested. Go and have a look! 👀

I then went out for a walk WITHOUT dogs….. met my neighbour without his dog too?!? Made me laugh as our dogs would have a go at each other normally. Was nice to pass calmly! Novelty without dogs and yes seems a waste but Craig had them out a big walk just before I went out. I needed some air.

It’s quite a dull day but there was no wind at all.
I liked these trees 🌳 on the skyline… also sheep! 🐑
This dry stane dyke is full of ferns
So intricate

So this afternoon as a glutton for punishment I sorted out loads of paperwork and have loads to burn. I’m looking at my pension paperwork and clearing out what’s not needed and trying to determine what is. Check me, 48 going on 65…. it doesn’t hurt to be prepared. I have just realised that I don’t have a pension just now while I’m not working so that’s something to look into maybe. Another day when I need something equally riveting to do. 🙄🤦🏻‍♀️😬😆

So I hear myself. A bit meh. It could be worse I guess.

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

Day 297 supposedly Blue Monday but we all know that’s not a thing?!? Right??

I could not wake up this morning. Dead to the world. Out for the count. As comfy as…. even writing that just now I think…. hmmmm bed….. yeah, yeah, yeah!

I follow “Dare to be Happier” on FB and they shared this

So yeah today is apparently the most depressing day of the year. Christmas is over, the weather is still dark and miserable, it’s still another 2 weeks to pay day for those of you lucky enough to still be in paid employment (I’ll come back to that… tax man issues 😡) most people are trying to stay fit and healthy but the diet is boring and the exercise excitement is wearing off…. but Blue Monday is not a thing. It’s not a reason to be down. Every day is a fresh day a fresh start as we only get one shot at life. Every day is there to be taken and lived to the full. Yeah ok I do hear myself…….. 🤦🏻‍♀️

So shall I tell you how I spent my day?!?

  • Hoovering with a very clogged up hoover so did very little real actual hoovering…. could have, should have cleaned it all out. Instead just got annoyed and phoned mum for a chat!
  • Trying to contact the tax man about my £458.38 bill….. mr tax man did not want to answer the phone to me because he was very busy so after running through the “why are you calling” switchboard he decided that he could not deal with my call today then hung up… not to be deterred I tried again and this time got through to a real person after about half and hour, only to find that of course, my outstanding tax was valid. He does not care that my ex employer miscalculated the tax or that I cannot work yet and have ZERO income right now. He needs his pennies paying. While I sound annoyed I do get it but come on…. goanie gees a brek?!?!? It’s ok though as I can pay it up and not as a one off so I just need to add that to the list of things to remember to do for the next however long. Be as well just paying it and getting it out the way. Which I already knew on the first place I guess. 😬
  • I then decided to try to set up the Memorial Hall internet banking….. one the same day as a call to the tax man, I hear you say?!? Yip…… not sure why but I figured it couldn’t get any worse. 😬 only took a few hours to set up and even then I’m not sure it’s fully working yet. It’s 4pm and I am losing the will to live. 😣 but we will get there!! I dragged Rachel the Treasurer into it today too and after a 20 minute call with the bank they have to print a form and send it to her that she could not download or print in the house. She has to wait for it, fill it in then send it back and eventually when the hall finally opens after covid she may have access….. yay!
  • And finally putting out an advert for my new Pawsitive Puppies zoom call…. which is both necessary and terrifying at the same time. It’s me taking the next step in my new life. Change is not easy but you have to take the step. I love doing the calls. Advertising them is scary. Nothing is as painful as staying stuck….

What a fun way to spend the day eh?!? I made myself blue by the stuff I decided to do…. it needed doing sometime I guess.

I have managed a mere 1,399 steps so far. Wow. Yet still I need to sleep!!! Another lazy night in front of the tv for us I reckon.

Yes I hoped it would go better than it did… it needed doing….
I have to look a weeeeeeeee bit harder today

Tomorrow is a new day and I hope that i feel slightly more alert than today. There will be no tax man or bank to face so that’s positive already!

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

Day 296 reflective, lazy Sunday 🚶🏽‍♀️🐕‍🦺🦮🦮🧘🏻‍♀️

I love a good sober Sunday morning reflection. To start my day as positively as I can. Not gonna lie it’s 9.49 and I am exhausted…. the days are getting slower and our nights sleep is getting longer but hey that is not a bad thing. We are truly resting and I love it!

Particularly true at this time. Trying to stay informed without the overwhelm of COVID anD American politics
By far the best way to spend a rest day
Now this can be very hard work but also very powerful. When I speak my truth I will be calm 💕
Very much so
Now I’ll be honest this made me giggle… I hope that I inspire people by being the queen of discussing my imperfections!
I will always live in the moment from here on in

As you can see a super positive start to the day…. but let’s be clear…. I did not want to walk the dogs today. Not in the slightest, not even a teensy wee bit. So even I want to punch “little miss positive” in the face at times. I know exercise is good for me… it doesn’t mean I want to do it. But I did. It was that or watch football 😳😆

It’s a strange day, cold but not too cold, wet and damp but dry and sunny… all depending where you look!
On the other hand… blue sky
What’s not to love…. the sun above a gate 🙄😬🤣
Lovely skyline but very dark
Over the hill and it looks like this!
On the way to Barmill
Freya and Bhru in the field as Calaidh and I walked on the road. Calaidh very sooky today
I liked these colours, looks like a gloriously sunny day
A wee picturesque shed at Browns Pressure Washers
The light makes all the colours so vivid!!
Looking forward to feeling the warmth of the sun soon
I did this as 3 separate shots so you could see the difference in light
Heading home… a wide angled shot gets the dogs in easily!
Kinda the same as one of the first pics but I love the stillness of it!
The clouds are coming over now and I’m home just as the heavens open

So it was a lovely walk, was worth the effort it took. It was raining when I went out and raining when I came home but dry when I was out. That’s got to be something to be grateful for?

I’m still tired but I had some food and am now ready for another afternoon doing precious little. I’m going to post this now as I know there’ll be nothing else happening and it means there is truly nothing that I have to do. Except hang a washing…. and other stuff I’m sure I’ll find but is not remotely exciting.

Enjoy your Sunday folks. Put your feet up. Light some candles…. I can recommend it!

Thank you all 🌈♥️

Stay safe everyone 🕯🕯🕯

Day 295 10k steps and then nothing… at… all. Life in lockdown 2021. 🚶🏽‍♀️😴

Funny how January always seems like the longest month. I saw another one the other day that said welcome to the 84th day of January🤣
I love this reminder that every day is a new day
And as if in answer to that first one… exactly, we should not be in any rush
Must continue to work on this in 2021 but I’m actually getting there!
Love this! 💕

So Claire and I had a date for dog walking at 9.30am this morning. And boy did it rain. Claire does not like rain. We got very wet! It stopped for a bit but only when we had our backs to it of course.

This shows the burn through the week!! Today is bottom right… no wee island for the dogs to play on! Didn’t let them down there today.
The other side of the bridge… Bhru is impressed!
A very swollen burn
We went as far as the old railway bridge
Check the blue sky that comes out the minute we are home a bit bedraggled… and I seem to be some kind of unicorn?!?
It’s important to have rest days and I may decide to have another one tomorrow.

I’ve spent the rest of the day crocheting and looking for some camper van accessories. It’s been a lovely lazy day. The fire and candles are on. We had La Dolce Vita pizza for dinner which goes against all our healthily eating plans but hey…. it’s lockdown and it was very, very lovely.

Always be kind
😬🤣🤣🤣 now it’s the highlight of the day!!

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

Day 294 wee trip to the hospital for a knee X-ray 🏥

Today is a new day 💕
I may have shared this before but it makes me smile!!! Not made banana bread this lockdown yet 🍌 🍞
Believe in myself ♥️
I am enough 💕
I try very hard to own my own bullshit
I am very in tune with my awareness these days
I really love this. Found it on a FB called Highland Style. Perfect words, beautiful colours and so very Scottish ♥️
This is so very true… material things mean nothing
I have realised that my stuff means nothing

So off out with the dogs is a dry cold day but pretty dull. A bit like my mood with stomach cramps kicking in. Joy.

Thought I’d take a pic of a new gate… well a very old gate but don’t think I’ve done this one before
I love it when these three walk like this by age. Calaidh 5, Bhruic 4, Freya 3 from right to left
Took spooky tree pic from front and then both sifted. It’s a sad wee tree today. Looking a wee bit sorry for itself… yeah I know… symbolism and all that 😬🤨
The girls got a wee run in the woods
Wee poser!
A bit of serious pee-mail checking going on here!
That was fun!!! Home now

What a lovely drive to the hospital today up across to Paisley over the Glennifer Braes. There was lots of snow up there and views all over Glasgow from the top. Even on a cold dull winters day it was beautiful. You know I would have taken photos if I could have stopped. Covid rules say go from A to B and check miss little goody two shoes…..

A wee mod to Abbie the camper while waiting in the car park. Was getting too much light on the stereo… no more 😬

It’s very difficult for me to arrive 5 mins before my X-ray appointment…. she who leaves early in case of a random tsunami or something along the way. Got into the hospital with 15 mins to find the department, which is pretty good for me. Looking for signs for Radiology…. yeah ok now I know I’m going for an X-ray but the letter says Radiology so you assume Radiology… by this time you genuinely have forgotten there’s another word you could be looking for. Ask for directions from the main desk for Radiology…. manage to follow them and get to the X-ray reception and the penny drops with a resounding clunk….. ahhhh course maybe follow signs for X-ray department rather than ask. Daft though eh?! I’m too early. The letter says don’t come until 5 mins before. So she in bright Orange hoody and crazy coloured bobble hat just wanders around… nothing to see here…. so obviously waiting to go in. I break the rules and head in 10 mins before the appointment.

Straight through to the wee changing room

Then walk of shame on paper goonie (with cuffs shown in pic… random… across a few corridors to a different X-ray room because they are so busy. Thankfully everyone I pass is actually in a hospital bed half asleep so probably are not remotely interested in me in my socks and paper goonie… thankfully tied at the back so my rear end wasn’t hanging out. 🍑

I head into the X-ray room and the nurse chats away. Not a word do I hear. Nothing. Try as I might… nope. Eventually have to say sorry, I can’t hear a thing. She was only asking my date of birth and address.

So after some very gentle manipulation (I would call this more man-handling) compared to the Osteopath yesterday I’m now in some contortion that allows her to X-ray the knee. Lying on your side with hips perfectly aligned but bottom leg bent with top leg over it and higher up. Then DO NOT MOVE…. 😳😬

Then that’s it. She goes to get my clothes, boots and bag to save me having to walk through the corridors. Nice….. a bit late really and sure in COVID times she shouldn’t really be touching my clothes as much for her sake really?!

Home nowin front of the fire. I lit all the candles at 3.15pm and I plan on very little movement from now on.

That I can do.

Stay safe everyone 🔥🔥🔥

Day 293 snow ❄️❄️❄️ and homemade meals! Yum!

I was up with the alarm at 7.40 today as I had the Osteopath at 9am in Dalry.

It’s actually quite wet snow! But the dogs were loving it.
Abbie the camper all ready to go in the snow

So the Osteopath started work on my shoulder today. I’ve had tension in my shoulders for as long as I can remember and there’s actually something quite satisfying to hear a professional tell you just how bad it actually is. He explained the muscles in that my shoulder and arm that felt solid and should be quite soft. He then uses a word that sounds really lovely and sweet… he’s gonna use a bit of “manipulation” and have we talked about that before?!? Eh no……. approaches with trepidation….

So it would appear that manipulation is code for “I’m going to move a part of your body… (in this case my neck?!?!) into a position that it’s never ever been in before and then I’m going to twist it really hard and fast until it cracks”

And then…. be slightly disappointed that it’s too stiff even to do that manoeuvre TWICE!!

So we have to keep working on other muscles to allow said area to release a bit more before performing said required manipulation. Oh good…. that’s something to look forward to then. 😳😬 roll on next Thursday………… 🙄

In all seriousness it’s not sore just a bit terrifying as it’s so unlike anything I’ve ever had done before. Had a chat with mum and as she said, this could be what I’ve needed all along. I’m looking forward to getting it fixed with as few manipulations as possible. 😆

So back home and out for an almost 10k step walk with the puppers. Of course there are pics!

She’s taking a photo again…. smile and it’ll get it done with faster
It’s actually snowing heavily but the flakes don’t show up
A gate, a spooky tree but more importantly the dry stane dyke covered with snow ❄️
A very, very old gate
These trees are so black yet covered with snow on the branches. Photo doesn’t do it justice.
Actually took the time to do the 3 separate paw prints in the snow!! Freya top left, Calaidh bottom left and Bhruic on the right. They have ice grips built in!

Their wee paw prints were all over the place today as no one else had been out much 🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾

The burn has way more water in than it did yesterday. Freya wouldn’t even go down!
I feel I would not look out of place in Russia with this hood up?!?
One final gate on the way home

So I’ve been up in my “office” since just after 1pm working on a Pawsitive Puppies advert to put out. Then did my physio exercises like a wee angel/saint and then had my monthly tapping group with Shelagh and the girls!

There were 6 of us today and it was an emotional one as I was feeling really teary. We talk it through how we’re feeling then do some work around an issue that we can all relate to. As usual after this I could sleep for a week! So lovely to be able to see each other at a time when we can’t go out anywhere and to realise that we all have similar issues with lockdown.

Those of you been rambler readers for a while may remember that I’ve suggested how nice it would be to have someone cook me meals and deliver them to my door? Cooking and meal prep seems to be one of the hardest things for me to concentrate on.

Et voila… (French now?!?!? there you go!)

Our neighbours have started the Gateside Gourmet Kitchen…. home made meals delivered to the door ready to heat up…. and calorie counted!!!! What more can you ask…… let’s face it, I’m never gonna want someone to eat it for me….. 🤣🤣🤣

So we had the salmon tonight. Lovely!!

Tomorrow we have takeaway booked from the Gateside Inn. First time since before Christmas! Can’t wait for that either. Thanks to all my neighbours for helping feed me!

Craig and I have a puppy call tonight at 7.30. It’s one that I could probably do myself but the lady had some questions that I thought I might not be able to answer so this is a Specialist puppy call!

Yesterday saw the highest CoVID deaths in the UK ever at 1,564. Such a sobering thought and all the more reason to keep staying at home.

To add to it all they’re not reporting a new strain being found in Brazil.

Summarising the new Scottish rules from this coming Saturday

And in other news…. Mr Donald Trump became the first US President EVER to be impeached for a second time.

The historic moment the 217 votes needed were achieved.

2021 is definitely trying to take 2020 on and come out the winner…..

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

Day 292 what a drookit day with rain on top of the ice 🥶

I was wide awake at 6.26am. We live on a main road albeit a B class road and I’m very aware that it’s so much busier during this lockdown that it was the last time. There were a stream of trucks, tractors and cars this morning that got my mind moving. I tried the whole “I love my bed, I am super cosy and love to sleep” but actually I’m reading a really good book just now so that won.

I got all cosied up on the couch…. with my book, a coffee and zero dogs. And relax…….

My peace was shattered just before 9am with lots of licks and puppy kisses and that was just Craig…. jeez I am funny….

It was pouring this morning and we got soaked to the skin on the dog walk. Watching hubby stride it out you’d have no idea that there was ice on the roads. I must need new boots 🥾 with better grips!

Not sure the pic does it justice but the rain was so cold and wet… yeah I know…. rain is wet. gran would always say its that rain that soaks you…..
They’re all having fun in the burn!
Rabbit in headlights?!?!

What a lovely lazy day after a warm shower and into clean comfies…. coz that’s how we roll these days…. and sat reading, watching Schitt’s Creek which is our new binge watch of choice!

Mum sent me this today – lovely words ♥️

So there was another Scottish lockdown announcement today with tighter restrictions to try and stop the virus from spreading further…. 6 new rules.

So I’m not gonna lie today has been the laziest of days obviously other than dog walking. There is so much that I could be doing today but I’m not. I finished my book and am not crocheting (once I stop writing the blog obviously). Just one of those days when rest and relaxation is needed.

Sums up my day!

I haven’t talked much about this but I get worked up when people don’t see the same side of things as me or when things go “wrong”. Strangely this can be abiut differing political views (not that I’m even that political!) or when we feel like things are constantly breaking and need fixing. It’s blown out of all proportion maybe because I have precious all else to worry about. I needed to see this one above. I should print it out. It takes the fire out of my anger. Let it go.

Back to relaxing…. 😁

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

Day 291 kettlebells with a breadboard 😆, stretches, dog walk, poop scoop and a puppy call on a lovely freezing cold sunny day 🥶❄️🔆❄️🔆🥶

Another long lie in our lockdown life. 9.15am before we even thought about getting out of bed 🛌 🤦🏻‍♀️🤣

Another lovely morning in the life of the 3 puppers 🐶🐶🐶

So I ramped up the dog food this morning after some of our puppy food training yesterday. If you replace 25% of your dogs meal, 3 times a week with green, red and yellow foods, studies show it may help to reduce cancer in dogs by 90%! Wow.

Now we feed our dogs a very healthy diet as it is but we cut open the packets of human grade cooked food and serve it twice a day. We don’t change variety often enough.

This is today’s breakfast!
Not gonna lie… the leafy greens didn’t go down that well 😆

We just need to look for other foods that they do enjoy. They love tender stem broccoli 🥦 peppers etc. How easy is that to change? Replace 25% of their meal, 3 times a week? You soooooo know I’m on a mission now to see what else I can give them. Meal time should be enjoyable to prepare and not seen as a chore to whap food down in front of them just to tick that box.

We’ve also had lots of tennis ball fun this morning.

Bhruic (who seems to be feeling a bit brighter today!)

Only another 392 photos taken to get these ones. I will delete them. It’s like I need to confess to an addiction…. 🙄😬

It’s now 10.50 and my head is filled with a million things I “should” be doing…. my heart is filled with the need to rest. I keep reading that rest is ok and that is my mantra 🤣

I’m sure we all find the same but when you really have all the time in the world it’s hard to know how best to fill it. I could do Craigs gym workout or walk the dogs or do both, I need to do a poop scoop (perfect day in the frost…. solid!) or I could do more puppy training. I could wash the bedding or I could sit here writing this.

So…. the decision was…. Craig’s Gym workout which was kettlebells with……a breadboard. Yep you heard it here…. last week I used nothing and I was in agony… today I ramped it up to a breadboard. Not the easiest thing to use but it was heavy! Nothing compared to the 20kg that Mr A is swinging about our living room 😱😱😱😱. I am totally peched oot with a breadboard that’s maybe a few kgs 🤨 I’m not sure he’ll be able to walk tomorrow morning?!?! 😆

We let the dogs in during the stretches!!!
Bhru sitting between my legs as I stretch!!!

We did a good almost hours’ worth of proper stretching today. We have both seized up a bit, me more so than him but it was good to get a proper trainer-led stretch done. Despite the furry interruptions!

After lunch I took the dogs out. What a beautiful day. Absolutely stunning again given the pouring rain we’ve had for the last few days. Yes that means photos…… 😉

Off we go!
GATE!!! The clouds are lovely!
What a difference a few days make!!!
The clouds started so come over but all wispy like

I just love walking in the sun. I see the beauty everywhere. I have so many photos that I can’t possibly share them all. I’m lucky too that I didn’t fall the 3 times I slipped on black ice! No mean feat walking 3 dogs on the ice with blinding sunshine in your eyes…. but I would take this weather every day.

And just like that the day is almost done. I have a puppy call with clients at 6pm for a hour. Remember to tell your friends!!

Sadly Scotland’s COVID-19 deaths surpassed 5,000 today. There is talk of our restrictions continuing which doesn’t actually surprise me at all.

I have my feet up relaxing for a bit. No show without Bhruic!

Stay safe everyone 🐶🐶🐶