Day 296 reflective, lazy Sunday 🚶🏽‍♀️🐕‍🦺🦮🦮🧘🏻‍♀️

I love a good sober Sunday morning reflection. To start my day as positively as I can. Not gonna lie it’s 9.49 and I am exhausted…. the days are getting slower and our nights sleep is getting longer but hey that is not a bad thing. We are truly resting and I love it!

Particularly true at this time. Trying to stay informed without the overwhelm of COVID anD American politics
By far the best way to spend a rest day
Now this can be very hard work but also very powerful. When I speak my truth I will be calm 💕
Very much so
Now I’ll be honest this made me giggle… I hope that I inspire people by being the queen of discussing my imperfections!
I will always live in the moment from here on in

As you can see a super positive start to the day…. but let’s be clear…. I did not want to walk the dogs today. Not in the slightest, not even a teensy wee bit. So even I want to punch “little miss positive” in the face at times. I know exercise is good for me… it doesn’t mean I want to do it. But I did. It was that or watch football 😳😆

It’s a strange day, cold but not too cold, wet and damp but dry and sunny… all depending where you look!
On the other hand… blue sky
What’s not to love…. the sun above a gate 🙄😬🤣
Lovely skyline but very dark
Over the hill and it looks like this!
On the way to Barmill
Freya and Bhru in the field as Calaidh and I walked on the road. Calaidh very sooky today
I liked these colours, looks like a gloriously sunny day
A wee picturesque shed at Browns Pressure Washers
The light makes all the colours so vivid!!
Looking forward to feeling the warmth of the sun soon
I did this as 3 separate shots so you could see the difference in light
Heading home… a wide angled shot gets the dogs in easily!
Kinda the same as one of the first pics but I love the stillness of it!
The clouds are coming over now and I’m home just as the heavens open

So it was a lovely walk, was worth the effort it took. It was raining when I went out and raining when I came home but dry when I was out. That’s got to be something to be grateful for?

I’m still tired but I had some food and am now ready for another afternoon doing precious little. I’m going to post this now as I know there’ll be nothing else happening and it means there is truly nothing that I have to do. Except hang a washing…. and other stuff I’m sure I’ll find but is not remotely exciting.

Enjoy your Sunday folks. Put your feet up. Light some candles…. I can recommend it!

Thank you all 🌈♥️

Stay safe everyone 🕯🕯🕯