Day 291 kettlebells with a breadboard 😆, stretches, dog walk, poop scoop and a puppy call on a lovely freezing cold sunny day 🥶❄️🔆❄️🔆🥶

Another long lie in our lockdown life. 9.15am before we even thought about getting out of bed 🛌 🤦🏻‍♀️🤣

Another lovely morning in the life of the 3 puppers 🐶🐶🐶

So I ramped up the dog food this morning after some of our puppy food training yesterday. If you replace 25% of your dogs meal, 3 times a week with green, red and yellow foods, studies show it may help to reduce cancer in dogs by 90%! Wow.

Now we feed our dogs a very healthy diet as it is but we cut open the packets of human grade cooked food and serve it twice a day. We don’t change variety often enough.

This is today’s breakfast!
Not gonna lie… the leafy greens didn’t go down that well 😆

We just need to look for other foods that they do enjoy. They love tender stem broccoli 🥦 peppers etc. How easy is that to change? Replace 25% of their meal, 3 times a week? You soooooo know I’m on a mission now to see what else I can give them. Meal time should be enjoyable to prepare and not seen as a chore to whap food down in front of them just to tick that box.

We’ve also had lots of tennis ball fun this morning.

Bhruic (who seems to be feeling a bit brighter today!)

Only another 392 photos taken to get these ones. I will delete them. It’s like I need to confess to an addiction…. 🙄😬

It’s now 10.50 and my head is filled with a million things I “should” be doing…. my heart is filled with the need to rest. I keep reading that rest is ok and that is my mantra 🤣

I’m sure we all find the same but when you really have all the time in the world it’s hard to know how best to fill it. I could do Craigs gym workout or walk the dogs or do both, I need to do a poop scoop (perfect day in the frost…. solid!) or I could do more puppy training. I could wash the bedding or I could sit here writing this.

So…. the decision was…. Craig’s Gym workout which was kettlebells with……a breadboard. Yep you heard it here…. last week I used nothing and I was in agony… today I ramped it up to a breadboard. Not the easiest thing to use but it was heavy! Nothing compared to the 20kg that Mr A is swinging about our living room 😱😱😱😱. I am totally peched oot with a breadboard that’s maybe a few kgs 🤨 I’m not sure he’ll be able to walk tomorrow morning?!?! 😆

We let the dogs in during the stretches!!!
Bhru sitting between my legs as I stretch!!!

We did a good almost hours’ worth of proper stretching today. We have both seized up a bit, me more so than him but it was good to get a proper trainer-led stretch done. Despite the furry interruptions!

After lunch I took the dogs out. What a beautiful day. Absolutely stunning again given the pouring rain we’ve had for the last few days. Yes that means photos…… 😉

Off we go!
GATE!!! The clouds are lovely!
What a difference a few days make!!!
The clouds started so come over but all wispy like

I just love walking in the sun. I see the beauty everywhere. I have so many photos that I can’t possibly share them all. I’m lucky too that I didn’t fall the 3 times I slipped on black ice! No mean feat walking 3 dogs on the ice with blinding sunshine in your eyes…. but I would take this weather every day.

And just like that the day is almost done. I have a puppy call with clients at 6pm for a hour. Remember to tell your friends!!

Sadly Scotland’s COVID-19 deaths surpassed 5,000 today. There is talk of our restrictions continuing which doesn’t actually surprise me at all.

I have my feet up relaxing for a bit. No show without Bhruic!

Stay safe everyone 🐶🐶🐶