Day 285 a really good day! You heard it here. No anxiety, loads done. It’s all in the title….. 🤭🙄😂

Wow. What a great day….. very full, lots of achievements and a lovely sunset to boot.

We’ve been watching Vikings and had a Viking-fest last night on tv so I expected to be dreaming about it. But no, out for the count….. and we had the dogs in with us as their room was still full of furniture but I slept like a log.

Until 7.50am when Bhruic fell off the bed and tried to hang on by my hair…. Never a dull moment in this house. 😉

The most important news of the day is that this rambling sloth did a gym workout with hubby this morning….. an actual workout. Honestly it’s been a very long time since I’ve done anything like that. His gym have gone online so we did a kettlebell workout. Me without a kettlebell obviously which is why mine was just a workout 🤣🤣

We had a quick coffee and then did an online food shop for delivery at 10pm on Monday night…. that’ll be fun waiting up for that 😁

Then took the dogs for a walk. It’s a beautiful day…. very cold and frosty and pure blue skies!

Not a breath in the air
The path in Spiers school grounds was just like glass!
Was so lovely to have a good walk in the sun

We have been so lucky with the weather this year so far. There’s hardly been a cloud in the sky for days.

We then came home and had lunch…. all logged on My Fitness Pal. I feel positively saint like. 😇😇😇

We moved the furniture back into the spare room (after yesterday’s carpet cleaning) so I spent a good few hours pottering about getting that all back into place.

Then had some puppy calls to make and booked a couple. Boom.

Then spent the next few hours moving all Pawsitive Solutions clients pushed out by level 4 by a further 2 weeks due to lockdown rules. Everyone is being so kind and understanding. I guess there is nothing else anyone can say. The main thing is we constantly keep in touch with them so that they know we haven’t forgotten their booking.

By that time there is the most beautiful sunset!

Stunning 🌅

Early dinner (all logged… will stop telling you that tomorrow I promise…. to be fair it will have probably stopped by then anyway!)

We’re now cooried up in the living room, candles lit and settles down for the evening.


So finally a blog without a moan of any kind. It’s been a while. It was a really good day.

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️