Day 294 wee trip to the hospital for a knee X-ray 🏥

Today is a new day 💕
I may have shared this before but it makes me smile!!! Not made banana bread this lockdown yet 🍌 🍞
Believe in myself ♥️
I am enough 💕
I try very hard to own my own bullshit
I am very in tune with my awareness these days
I really love this. Found it on a FB called Highland Style. Perfect words, beautiful colours and so very Scottish ♥️
This is so very true… material things mean nothing
I have realised that my stuff means nothing

So off out with the dogs is a dry cold day but pretty dull. A bit like my mood with stomach cramps kicking in. Joy.

Thought I’d take a pic of a new gate… well a very old gate but don’t think I’ve done this one before
I love it when these three walk like this by age. Calaidh 5, Bhruic 4, Freya 3 from right to left
Took spooky tree pic from front and then both sifted. It’s a sad wee tree today. Looking a wee bit sorry for itself… yeah I know… symbolism and all that 😬🤨
The girls got a wee run in the woods
Wee poser!
A bit of serious pee-mail checking going on here!
That was fun!!! Home now

What a lovely drive to the hospital today up across to Paisley over the Glennifer Braes. There was lots of snow up there and views all over Glasgow from the top. Even on a cold dull winters day it was beautiful. You know I would have taken photos if I could have stopped. Covid rules say go from A to B and check miss little goody two shoes…..

A wee mod to Abbie the camper while waiting in the car park. Was getting too much light on the stereo… no more 😬

It’s very difficult for me to arrive 5 mins before my X-ray appointment…. she who leaves early in case of a random tsunami or something along the way. Got into the hospital with 15 mins to find the department, which is pretty good for me. Looking for signs for Radiology…. yeah ok now I know I’m going for an X-ray but the letter says Radiology so you assume Radiology… by this time you genuinely have forgotten there’s another word you could be looking for. Ask for directions from the main desk for Radiology…. manage to follow them and get to the X-ray reception and the penny drops with a resounding clunk….. ahhhh course maybe follow signs for X-ray department rather than ask. Daft though eh?! I’m too early. The letter says don’t come until 5 mins before. So she in bright Orange hoody and crazy coloured bobble hat just wanders around… nothing to see here…. so obviously waiting to go in. I break the rules and head in 10 mins before the appointment.

Straight through to the wee changing room

Then walk of shame on paper goonie (with cuffs shown in pic… random… across a few corridors to a different X-ray room because they are so busy. Thankfully everyone I pass is actually in a hospital bed half asleep so probably are not remotely interested in me in my socks and paper goonie… thankfully tied at the back so my rear end wasn’t hanging out. 🍑

I head into the X-ray room and the nurse chats away. Not a word do I hear. Nothing. Try as I might… nope. Eventually have to say sorry, I can’t hear a thing. She was only asking my date of birth and address.

So after some very gentle manipulation (I would call this more man-handling) compared to the Osteopath yesterday I’m now in some contortion that allows her to X-ray the knee. Lying on your side with hips perfectly aligned but bottom leg bent with top leg over it and higher up. Then DO NOT MOVE…. 😳😬

Then that’s it. She goes to get my clothes, boots and bag to save me having to walk through the corridors. Nice….. a bit late really and sure in COVID times she shouldn’t really be touching my clothes as much for her sake really?!

Home nowin front of the fire. I lit all the candles at 3.15pm and I plan on very little movement from now on.

That I can do.

Stay safe everyone 🔥🔥🔥