Day 307 the Osteopath says we are winning so I took the day off to celebrate 😆

Up at 7.15 this morning, shower and hair wash ready for my busy morning.

It has snowed overnight but it’s very wet slushy snow
Abbie the camper was also a bit snowed over

I had the guy coming to buy the VW T5 rear seats just after 9am 💺💺💺 so that’s them away. We all had masks on and he gave me the money in an envelope so all very COVID aware which was good. His parents were born on Barra which is our favourite island in the Outer Hebrides so was lovely to have a quick chat about that and show him Abbie. He offered us the chance to camp on his land if we ever needed as they own a Croft up there. Hmmmmm might just bear that in mind then?!?! (As we get the ferry planner out……)

Covid lifestyle
A very good reason for decluttering and selling things we no longer need

I then headed off to the Osteopath via the chemist to pick up my prescription for my shoulder pain. Ibuprofen and Omeprazole. The ibuprofen will reduce the tendon inflammation and the Omeprazole is to protect the stomach lining from the ibuprofen.

The Osteopath said this morning that we are winning!

My knee is doing well and the slight pain I feel is nothing compared to what it used to be. He did some work on it to ease a muscle that runs from the outside of the hip to the inside of the knee.

Then onto the shoulder and he was pleased the mobility is increasing and so doesn’t want to see me back for another fortnight. He did sneak two cheeky “manipulations” in there when I least expected it. I mean come on, tell someone we’re winning 5 mins before you crack something in their back and then in their neck. I thought we were done?!?!? I never saw that coming…..

This is so very true.

Thinking about the above I’d never have thought I’d still be battling with my emotions all these years after I first went off sick. Yet I have achieved so much. It’s not where I expected to be AT all but it’s actually quite a lovely place to be on the good days.

Some more homemade lentil soup for lunch and off out with the dogs. As my lovely Gran would have said “it’s that fine rain that soaks you!”

They were filthy after a run in the muddy woods
We were all dripping by this point!

I did one of those head bang movements here and the water just poured off my woolly hat. Sodden!!! (I re-read that…. a very random statement but also very true!)

A little bit of negativity in my otherwise positive post today but honestly…. in the middle of a pandemic…. why would our Prime Minister put so many people at risk to come to Scotland today? Such an utterly ridiculous and political act that is so unnecessary. I don’t believe for one second there is anyone up here who’s life is not complete because Boris Johnson has not visited. I suppose I stand to be corrected.

And here he is. There are a minimum of 7 people that he has put at risk just in this photo. (I assuming 2 pilots and one cabin crew and the 4 guys at the car). Stay at home, save lives, unless you are Boris Johnson. We can’t go anywhere yet he can come all the way to Glasgow?!?

I have to distance myself from politics and the news etc at times because it does get a bit overwhelming but I did promise to report on COVID.

My lovely wee 80 year old friend had her vaccine this morning and all is good. She was in and out in 6 minutes. Said she never felt a thing and she is still alive. she was actually really happy to have been able to get it and got all dressed up for the occasion!! Bless.

Funny how we do that now. Lots of people are making an effort when they have to go out for something as we don’t get a chance. My osteopath wouldn’t recognise me with the mop of messy hair that I walk about with all week….. He’s only ever seen it washed. It’s the only thing I go out for!

Thought important to share this….

I think battling with your own mind every day brings a deep seated exhaustion.

I am tired today. I have my feet up now and I’m gonna read my book and have a nap I reckon. That is ok.

I’ve had some amazing comments on my blog in the last few days and I just want you to know how much that means. Thank to everyone who read this far!

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️