Day 286 tired from all yesterday’s happiness!

Auch that’s unfair to say, I am fine today just not bouncing off the walls with energy and excitement and love like I was yesterday. I’m tired today.

I don’t have the same focus and direction as I did yesterday so I find myself with a bit of free time and there are LOADS of things I could be doing but none of them really enamour me. I’ve only managed a mere 2,445 steps so far and it’s nearly 4pm.

On the plus side we did another gym workout this morning! This time which resistance bands. It’s good for us to have something like that we can do together. I have to say that yesterday’s kettlebell workout (without the actual kettlebell remember!) has killed my legs. I can hardly walk downstairs!! That shows just how out of condition I am but I’m really pleased that I’ve started something. I don’t think I’d be doing it without Craig so…… no pressure but I need him to keep at it and to drag me with him.

I had an Osteopath appointment this morning for my knee.

The village hall car park was covered in black ice!

The roads were surprisingly busy when I went out. I do think there are way more people working than were before on lockdown 1.0…. the osteopath obviously being one of them.

Good news is that he’s pleased with progress on my knee. While I may not have the strength to run from now on (that made me strangely sad yet I’ve never been a runner?!) I have built up additional strength to stop the pain all the time. It comes and goes but so much less than it was.

So today he moved to my hip to try to generate some additional movement there and my right shoulder and arm. Going back next week for more work on them. Knee has been discharged for a month! Still have to do the exercises though. Why does that feel like a chore?!? I have more time now that I ever had in my life and still I can’t fit them in to every day……. #lazy

Back home in time for lunch. Some lentil soup which was just what the doctor ordered.

Came upstairs to do some work and booked another puppy call for next week! Then Craig and I had a Zoom call with Lorna from Pawsitive Solutions just to talk about lockdown etc.

Since that ended at 2.30 I’ve been faffing…. thinking about all the things I “should” be doing and yet not having the inclination actually to do any of them. I should go out a walk…. but I’m not going to. I’m gonna write this and we’ll have an early dinner again tonight.

We started watching The Serpent last night, showing in the BBC iPlayer. It jumps around a bit date wise but stick with it. Really good. It’s about a guy in the mid 1970’s who drugs, robs and kills people but gets away with it for years. Based on a true story.

That just reminded me that last night at 9pm Craig interrupted viewing to put on Sky News sadly reporting on Trump supporters storming the US Senate to try to interrupt proceedings. Trump lost the Georgia election which would see him outnumbered in the Senate, or at least Republicans outnumbered.

I have very good online friends who are Republicans so this is not meant to be a dig at what they believe, just to say that I’m so very sad that it’s the last thing the world needed right now.

So, so very sad. We watched Trump live on Twitter tell his followers that they were right to be upset at the outcome of the fraudulent election and he understood why they were doing this but to go home. They were only there because he’s been telling them to do it for ages.

Even more sadly reporters said that the activists were spouting all the lies that Trump has been throwing around since the election was concluded in Biden’s favour.

What was this guy thinking when he stood up here?!?!

Trump has been banned from Twitter and FB and there are calls to try and get him out of office before Biden’s inauguration.

Rumours are he’s headed to Scotland flying into Prestwick on 19th…. Nicola Sturgeon made it very clear that the travel ban applies to him as well as everyone else. She said he hoped he “travelled” out of the White House as quickly as possible.

This was from a FB page called Be Happy based in the US

My main aim over the next few days has to be to keep some positivity in these negative times. It’s hard to feel joyous when things like this are happening. It’s easy to say don’t watch the news but this is history in the making.

We’re gonna go and watch another Serpent now.

Oh I got a new hat today from Black Yak. I love it! I did try to crochet one like this once and it did not turn out the same….. at all….. 🤣

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️