Day 289 Exercises (who, me?) and crochet 🧶 where did the day go?!

I was wide awake at the back of 7 this morning which is unusual for me these days but I was sooooooooo hot. Perspiring gently or sweating like a beast. What I should say and what I actually mean in that order!! 🥵

Interesting given that our bedroom still has no heating and it’s a shock to the system when you’re not under the covers. 🥵🥶

So I got up and came through to read a new book that I have….. Flat Share by Beth O’Leary and have a nice coffee sitting under some blankets.

I got the dogs up first so that level of relaxation is not always possible when you’re being jumped all over in morning excitement. So I mirrored some of their energy and thought I’d get some steps done early. I was listening to Team RH Fitness’ Baking El who walks for an hour every morning and you can step and listen to her chat. I didn’t think my new watch was recording steps properly (it was… just delayed…..) and she was talking really heavy diet stuff so that annoyed me so I decided to sit down again! Funny the things that bug us?!

Then decided to order a book on Audible….. oh my god?!? How hard is that?!?!?! I could not download a book on Audible no matter how hard I tried….

So I settled down with my book, the dogs and my coffee. If only I’d just done that in the first place. 😩

When Craig took the dogs out for a walk I decided to do his gym workout from yesterday. I’d missed it when I was on a puppy call.

Before 12am I had done 120 squats, 120 side leg raises with bands and 150 boxing punches with bands, 80 forward lunges, 60 sit up/stomach crunchy things (that I was really bad at!) and 45 half press-ups. Once more is was perspiring gently/sweating light a beast…. delete as appropriate. 🏋🏻‍♀️ Not half bad for someone who hasn’t done any exercise other than grudgingly walking for years.

It does feel good. I feel a bit stronger after a week. I’m still not controlling my calorie intake to the letter but I’m eating a lot better than I was and certainly not emotionally overeating for a change. I opened a bag of crisps today and instead of scoffing them all I only ate 30g….. 😂🤣

I then did my physio stretches and actually enjoyed doing them as it was a great stretch after a workout.

I got a text from my neighbour this morning asking if we could “use up some Quality Street” …….. no….. sorry, but really no!

I had a cold shower after that and even turned it to freezing at the end just for that extra cold shock. 🥶🥶🥶

Since then I’ve done very little of any real substance. I got the crochet out for the first time in ages and worked on some old squares I’d done and started some new ones.

Cheeky Bhru having a good look!
Bhru watched the Rangers game with her dad while I had a lovely FaceTime with mum and dad

I’m so aware that the COVID-19 numbers are atrociously high and have been all week.

We actually had over 1300 deaths yesterday here in the UK. That’s 1300 people that died as a result of catching COVID, they were here in the morning and gone by nighttime… I do try not to think about it too much but at times it’s hard to avoid. I have relatives and relatives of relatives that have it now. They are all doing ok and feel like they have an exhaustingly bad flu. It’s got so much closer and this lockdown is the strictest that I have been through any social distancing and lockdown.

I thought about it today and realise how we lucky we are just being told to stay home and we’re not in the middle of some world war and being called up to fight. I miss seeing my family and friends but we have to stay apart just now to keep everyone safe.

Stay safe everyone 💜💜💜