Day 303 beautiful and fureeeeeeezzzzzing! 🔆❄️🔆❄️🔆❄️🔆❄️🔆❄️

What a rubbish nights sleep…. didn’t help that Mr tossy mcturney was lying next to me.

I was looking for covid updates this morning and was horrified to get more UK COVID-19 news from the New York Times. They are actually reporting how bad the UK stats are and that the UK has the highest death rate in Europe. Why is that not widely reported here? Why are the press hiding that. It’s shocking.

Was a relief to get up eventually. No idea why we slept so badly but I’ve certainly not got up in the best mood…. should avoid the news!!

Then to add to it all I decided to do some more work on the blanket…… I realised that all the recent work I’ve done yesterday was wasted as I’ve been using the wrong cream wool….

Hard to see! But the right hand strip is white instead of cream.
I sunshine sooooo obvious. I was gutted. Will have to rip the white back but that will be another day. 🤯

So moody baws here needs to cheer up. My neighbour Holly messaged about a dog walk at 10am me that was just the tonic as I’ve not seen her in ages and it’s a beautiful day. Cue the photos…..

A cold street
Looking wintry!
That a beautiful morning… I can already feel myself relax
Calaidh’s off
Wow 🌅
A very random pineapple head?!? 🍍
So beautiful 🤩
Leo the cockapoo heading up the hill
I loved this (maybe it’s the gate?!)
Follow the Leo
The view over the Bigholm towards Lochwinnoch. Pic doesn’t do it justice
The view behind us almost more stunning than the view in front
Leo and Calaidh posing!
The old golf course is such a great place to walk with the dogs!
Leo and his ears!!! What a cutie!
It’s a beautiful day!
Calaidh had a great time exploring
Gimme the stone Leo…. 👀
Heading home
A wee festive combo Christmas tree and Holly covered in snow
Spooky tree
Came home and Craig had the fire pit on so I’ve sat outside most of the day
Our view from the fire pit – the back garden looks beautiful in the sun ☀️
Back to the up the ladder cuppa with Claire! Just noticed the moon above her head!

Came in after 3pm and had a shower and am now super cosy in front of the fire wrapped in a warm blanket.

I plan on not moving. Maybe food… that’s all.

Stay safe everyone 🔆❄️🔆